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Arcanum High School Reviews

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I have gone to Arcanum since I have been attending school. The school is a very nice school. It is in a small town so everyone knows everyone. The teacher's are also very helpful.
I love this site, it has helped me find several scholarship opportunities for college. It has offered help with finding new ones and finding ones that fit the major I want to pursue.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time at Arcanum. The teachers, and administrators are great, and always helpful. Also, I have enjoyed my time with sports and clubs. However, if you want to be really involved in a club, students must ask what there is to do otherwise they may not do anything but go to meetings to hear the latest update. The safety and school culture are very calm and collective. Arcanum actually just got a police officer to walk around the school during the day to make sure everything goes smoothly, even though nothing ever happens. One thing that I wish could be improved at Arcanum is how prepared the students are for college. The students do not get many chances to go out and find the kind of career that they want to pursue. Other than that, they do prepare students for college by informing them about scholarships, due dates, and they have some spokesmen come to talk about specific colleges.
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We have anonymous bullying reporting. Our faculty is not tolerant when it comes to bullying. Our health programs are decent. But we promote abstinence which is stupid. We need to learn safe sex, not to have it.
Our music programs are pretty good for the size and talent we have. Unfortunately our band director is retiring so I don't know how it will be now. The sports are average. Some years we do great in this, then the next few years we'll do great in that.
It could be worse. A lot of it has to do with the age of students, but a lot of it doesn't. A lot of the students are entitled or rude to fellow students and faculty. But if you find the right group, its almost enjoyable.
Majority of the teachers really try to engage with students and try to be supportive and help us learn. The only complaint would be the students who participate in CCP, not all the teachers and staff are very supportive. They should be more understanding and supportive of our decision to take college-courses and try to save time and money down the road.
This school is very sectioned into groups and athletics based. Considering I do not like clicks and am not a sports person, I feel very left out of this school.
Some teachers are great and loved by all students. But there are quite a few who are hated by most students.
Our administration and staff really do their best to provide a great learning environment. While there are some things that I wish I could change, Arcanum really does have a high level of academic expectancy. Classes are tough sometimes but my ACT scores go to show that the classes have prepared me for my future in college.
I had the best of time in high school. Sometimes there was drama due to the small population size of the town but overall I think you'd have that anywhere you go. I gained a great education, lifelong friends, and the opportunity to be in a million extra curricular activities throughout my years.
I wouldn't rave over the school lunch but it was a normal lunch and everyone was always fed.
The school administration does everything it can to keep the students safe, protected, and educated. One thing we learned in high school was a lot about fairness and every teacher and faculty member kept everything as fair as they could from what I was allowed to see.
The whole town is very supportive of the athletics that occur and almost everyone that attends does one sport or another. It's a very small school so it is well adapted to students playing more than one sport. We had been granted a new school building in the 2010-11 school year and I think it has helped tremendously with the athletics.
I never once came across a teacher that wasn't willing to work with someone through any time of the day to help them learn something they didn't understand. The teachers have always taught things in a way everyone can understand, they always offered extra help to those in need for problems in class or in life, and they always have shown interest in students success in sports teams, organizations, community service opportunities and much more. If there ever is a discrepancy in grading the issue is always dealt with instead of pushed to the side.
The extracurricular opportunities are endless. Students can be on team sports, intramural sports, student teaching, community service, clubs and organizations, leadership opportunities in clubs, after-school activities, and many other opportunities to gain extra experience outside of the classroom.
Arcanum High School prepared me in a great way for college. The classes offered were challenging, rewarding and time-worthy. I would send my children to school there because if it was that decent when I went there, I could only imagine how much more advanced and educationally beneficial it would be by the time I would have kids. I feel like going into college I was able to maintain a steady GPA and I was able to pick courses that fit my schedule and abilities. Arcanum has been rated number two and number one in our district more than every year that I was attending high school there and I don't see that rate changing any time soon. We weren't babied in high school so I most definitely felt prepared for the real world and for college world of assignments, studying, and exams. I'm sure there are schools in the country or maybe even Ohio that are rated higher but for a small town, small county, I would place Arcanum as high up in the ranks as I could.
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This school is excellent in education, great in spirit and community, and superb in activities and involvement of everyone! It is just a great place to want to learn and grow in.
The teachers were always willing to help, during class, after class, after school, even during their lunch. The workload was decent and never overwhelming. There was always a way to find a tutor or a group the study with. The guidance counselor was always good with helping with this.
With a new building we have been given new technology and supplies. We are given everything we need to succeed here: support, supplies, and involvement.
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