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Arcadia Valley highschool isn't just a highschool. It's a place to grow and learn with an environment full of students and very helpful teachers who want to see you achieve more than anything. It's a great atmosphere and I promise you, you'll love it just as much as I do.
The school isn't too diverse so everyone gets along. the ones who are diverse stay to there group and people don't usually talk to anyone out of their group. so, for that reason, there isn't ever much bullying.
There are some very great teachers, who do their job the best they can, and they care about the students (Ms. Bayless, Mr. Oberle, Mrs. Brunk). But also there are terrible teachers. teachers who gossip and spread rumors about and with students (Mrs. Turner), there are teachers who only care about their pay (Mr. Johnson and Mr. Barzowski), and the other teachers are a mixture of both, some better than others. the counselors are great and will help you as long as they have time and aren't busing helping someone else. the curriculum is alright. English does a good job at covering all that it needs to and even does extra, math can be really goo, but sometimes Mrs. Spitzmiller expects you to know random information without teaching it (overall she is a good teacher), Science is good but if you don't pay attention and study you might not make the grade (A lot of kids take it expecting to be able to pass without giving any effort), Spanish covers all necessary and more if you just ask questions and try, and you don't really have to try very hard to pass history. There is an average amount of work, but you do have to try on it or else you could fail. the scheduling class process is easy and efficient. The "popular classes" are mainly classes with "cool" teachers, and the "cool" teachers kind of suck. like they are only cool if you are a prep or really popular.
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it's not bad, because we don't need very many safety systems as a bigger school. I feel the school is safe enough as is, but it would be easy to just walk out of class and leave school.
If you try hard in your extras curricular activity, your coach or leader will try hard to help you succeed, but your coach or leader will only put as much effort as you do into helping you. Also, if you r try out for an extra circular activity, you have a really good chance you'll get into it.
There are a lot of terrible teachers. Not all of them, but the bad ones are terrible. I would do it all again, because it makes me realize I don't want to be like the staff that works there. About half of the teaching staff only seem to care about the paycheck and don't put any heart into their job. The principals can be a pain in the butt, but they are overall good and do care about the student. Ms. Bayless and Mr. Oberle put the most effort into their work.
I believe this school is a great place for kids. When I was growing up I lived in several other places and decided to bring my kids to this area because of this school. If I had it to do over again, I would definitely bring my kids here to raise them and attend this school.
Teachers at Arcadia Valley are very knowledgeable about their content area. They are always trying new approaching to get kids involved in learning. They are very fair and consistent with their grading. Teachers are interested in their students lives and go out of their way to make sure students are included. If there is a new student, teachers will keep an eye on them to make sure they are making friends and if they don't seem to be on their own, they will introduce them to other students that may have the same interests.
Bullying is rare in AV and when it is reported/caught, it is immediately dealt with. AV is probably one of the more safe schools in Missouri. Any invader would have to get through two locked doors just to get into the school halls and every teacher has had some training in stopping invaders from reaching students.
This school has academic, athletic and art clubs as well as various business clubs. The most popular ones are the sports clubs. Mu Alpha Theta requires a small fee and FBLA requires at least one class of a business type. All the administrators involved in a club explain any upcoming competitions that AV can participate in.
The small size of this school allows the teachers remember who you are and certain things you've done. This helps with recommendations and getting the help you need. One of my favorite experiences is when a senior teacher invited me to participate in the NA challenge, as a freshman. This shows that the teachers keep track of all the students they can.
We do not need a lot of security because we live in such a rural area. The school is very safe.
There are some things to do after school. The most helpful thing is tutoring in the library for math, English, and sciences. However, there is more. There are sports and a lot of clubs such as NHS and FBLA and SkillsUSA. However, you do not participate in them after school hours, only during the school day.
My school has pushed me to learn and be good at what my strong subjects are. I found out who I was in high school and what my aspirations are. I figured out what I am interested in doing for the rest of my life with the help of my teachers, parents, and peers. I would choose this school again because you have so many opportunities with college classes and help finding the right major for you. The one thing that makes this school unique is the counselors. Not only do they work with your schedule, but they help and support you with scholarships and career options and choices that fit you best.
I love my teachers. They are making my senior year a blast!
Our school has great athletics and has amazing traditions. i love being a part of all the traditions and community activities.
Most of the teaching staff at our school just teach to get the lesson finished; they don't teach us to help us learn.
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Our teachers care about us like our own parents.
I enjoy going to my high school. the programs offered there are directed at helping us grow as well rounded, hard working, and caring student. We are taught to always be honest and help others. No bullying allowed. Would rate my high school as one of the best.
We have a great student environment. Other schools and businesses think very highly of our school. I believe that we have great character. There are also many different opportunities here.
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