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The environment at Arcadia high school was very friendly, I was glad I attended high school here. The teachers stayed on track of students work to make sure no one was falling behind and also spent numerous hours after school and worked students into their schedule if they needed extra help. The library offered numerous resources for projects or just basic help with finding books. The school safety was top class, all doors were locked and you had to have ID to be able to come into the school if you were not enrolled after classes started. There was also a school resource officer available as well as security walking the halls.
My experience at arcadia high school was unpleasant. The work we did was pointless and didn’t prepare me properly for college. The curriculum wasn’t of any relevant knowledge and the styles the teachers taught in were insufficient.
I really enjoyed it. I never had a bad teacher, they always inspired me to go above and beyond. One thing I was not crazy about was the athletic program that was only payed attention to was soccer football and baseball
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The school doesn't have a very safe feel, there are metal detectors, and there are regular fights. The sports teams however, are top notch, they are extremely competitive and add to the school spirit. The food is average and the same can be said about the teachers and facilities.
Some of the teachers there are truly open to connecting with students. This helps a lot with the atmosphere and feeling you get while being in class. One thing I would like to see change is the administrations focus on learning outcomes and less about the "rules" of the school. I feel like this would create a better learning environment overall.
High school was amazing. I had a “High School Musical” feel when I went and participated in extracurricular activities! The teachers are so loving and genuinely want to see everyone succeed. Gina Relyea is my favorite. I wouldn’t change a thing about where I graduated from! I’m proud to be a alumni Titan.
This schools have a couple of good teachers, but overall the environment is prefty poor in my opinion
My teachers are interesting and create interactive plans. They work hard for our education and care. There are many activities to join.
The teachers were all very informative and committed to the students and making sure that each student succeeded.
I had a great experience at Greece Arcadia High School. The teachers I had were great and very knowledgeable of their subject. There were many individual groups throughout school, but our school community was able to come together even in the toughest of times, for example, when our principle passed away from breast cancer. Even years after her passing, the school still comes together to support her, along with fighting cancer. I was more of an introvert and did not have many friends, but overall, I received a great education at this school. If I could change where I attended high school, I would choose to stay at Arcadia.
I think Arcadia is what you make of it. If students don't care, they won't get a good experience. But if students work hard and try, they'll get exactly what they need. Teachers are helpful but some aren't as nice as others. And when there's a problem administration takes forever to address it. Counseling was great! They really care about every student. Clubs and sports were awesome, but very underfunded. But I'd say overall, Arcadia was a great place to be and prepared me for college.
I loved attending Greece Arcadia High School. The general environment was always welcoming and the staff was always beyond supportive. Getting ready for college and all the difficulties with that, I felt a great sense of support and guidance here at Arcadia.
There is so much going on at this school and the school offers many many programs.
Teachers always respond to emails and are very available to meet with Parents.
It's a good school; the teachers always respond to all emails.

The teachers are very engaged in the student's success.
I would visit this school at times to say to some of the teachers I had during my time at this school, but I would not want to redo what took my all to get through.
depending on the teacher and the way of learning you feel more comfortable with, you will either get through that class no problem or you'll struggle the whole way. my experience with the teachers I had during my time at arcadia high school was I needed extra help and I usually got it during after school hours.
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I feel that there should be better sex education.
safe but not that safe
There are many athletics. There is drama club and math team, but no debate or Student council. There is also GSA
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