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The community at Arcadia High School is very involved in the students academics and sports events and as well any other school related. Arcadia is a calm school and we don’t have any high ratings of the administration . The school is diverse and we are all respectful towards each other .
It’s a wonderful school with wonderful teachers who are understanding and very helpful when students have questions.
I always felt extremely safe at Arcadia High School. I had great relationships with all my teachers and was never afraid to speak up or ask for help. I was involved in many school activities and volunteering opportunities. My overall experience was amazing and I encourage anyone considering Arcadia to definitely go there!
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My experience at Arcadia wasn't the greatest, but it was fun. I'm really gonna miss the teachers and just the Arcadia lifestyle because it was easy and it was safe.
Arcadia high school was very enjoyable the four years that I attended there. The teachers were kind and encouraging and I got a very well rounded education there. I'm very happy with the fact that they had so many languages to study when most schools only have two or three. The only thing I would change is adding on a few more staff. Many of the students there are motivated and want to take classes that either get filled up too quickly or are no longer continued.
My favorite thing about Arcadia is The Spirit of Arcadia Marching Band. Not only is it a great band, but the members are very inclusive. There has never been a moment where I felt left out or estranged from the other students at this school.
I was not very challenged, but the atmosphere was okay overall. I wish there were more opportunities for the students in terms of career and taking education beyond the classroom. A lot of the teachers were not very passionate about their subjects and you could tell. The bathrooms were not all clean or functional and when StuGo went to admin to fix it, they were shot down.
Overall, Arcadia High School gave me a great high school experience. The students there are very diverse and are kinder than many other students from other schools. The teachers are all very nice and reachable if a student may need help. The setting of the school is also nice as some of it is outdoors, which is perfect for Arizona.
Arcadia is a great school. There is a lot of different classes to take if you are interested in a specialty. Students can also take classes for college credit.
The school is really great for students and a great environment to be at. Knowing that it has a good reputation makes me comfortable going to this school.
Arcadia was the best school I have ever gone too. The staff was really nice and helpful and they students were just as nice. I personally loved their dance program and how everyone in dance was like a family. I think the school is amazing in everyway and there is nothing that I would want to change about it.
This is my first year in Scottsdale Unified District, so far I love my classes. The teachers are great, I am in all honors classes as a freshman. There is a lot of homework but Arcadia high school is preparing us for university level. I am glad I chose Arcadia High School!
Attending Arcadia High School is truly a once in a life time experience, and I'm not just saying that because you only get to go to high school once. I can say with confidence that by far, the past four years I've spent there have been the best ones of my life. I've met so many great people, and I've got to witness many great things. Being at Arcadia High School has definitely helped me to be the person I am today. Not only has it helped me as a person, but also educationally in the most outstanding way. Every teacher at this amazing school is extraordinary in their own unique way. Along with that, they're all just phenomenal teachers- hands down. Every one I've had has done all they could, and more, just to make sure their students succeed. They listen to your needs. They're here for you. In all honesty, Arcadia High School is one of the best high school's out there, and I am so grateful and so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend that school.
It was a great experience! Amazing teachers and athletic department, would not have wanted to go to any other school!
The teachers were okay, but the students are absolutely terrible. The teachers don't really care if you fail or pass.
My time at Arcadia was good the teacher would help you and are very kind. One bad thing is there is racism in this school but that's every school right! Once the poc club went to the republic club (filled only with white people)to debate about black lives matter. Instead of a friendly debate they made fun of us.
The teaches are always interested in the well-being as well as understanding of the students. They always make efforts to enrich the students' knowledge on social matters as well as matters related to the subject taught. However, I would like to see a more diverse environment concerning teaching as well the race of the students involved in this school. Arcadia high school consists of an almost all-white personnel as well as an all-white student body and it is quite obvious that the aforementioned student body controls most of the school. I would like to see more diversity achieved.
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there are great events but they are not always supported very well by the community
depending on the teacher depends on the quality
The school is very strict on bullying, rarely ever does the school have to address these problems.
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