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As a Latina at a school that has very low diversity, my experience is different from others who feel discriminated against. I always felt accepted and comfortable with my peers and had all the support I needed from my teachers. I think young people have to learn to accept that not everyone is against you just because of your ethnicity. But I do believe that the ambiance of the school needs to change in order for students to feel comfortable and accepted.
I really like Arcadia HS. I am a senior and I've been at AHS since Freshman year. The school itself is beautiful and clean and the neighborhood around it is very safe. The teachers are always supportive and really care about their student's education. The only thing I would like to see improved is more opportunities and resources specifically for minority and low-income students.
I went to Arcadia High School last year and it was good enough to attend, but I wouldn't recommend to a friend. The school has some really good teachers and staff, but a fair share of not so good teachers and staff. The change in Arcadia that I would like to see is less discrimination and judgments. The students attitudes need to change and the staff shouldn't have favorites.
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Arcadia can be a wonderful experience, provided you find your niche and have some common sense. The support system is horrible, but there are pockets of good people, like the College and Career Center Advisor Mrs. Metzler and a few of the teachers (Dukelow, King, Stark, to name a few). The biggest plus to Arcadia is probably the club culture and the community, so you can most likely find a club for anything you like and there's always lots of events and opportunities for community service. The sports and arts programs are pretty good, and have a tight-knit community within them. In terms of academics, the AP offerings are impressive but the advising system is awful, so I would do independent research into how you want to plan your high school career because it can get pretty messed-up if you don't know what to do when.
My favorite thing about Arcadia HS is the materials taught in class. While I might have had one bad teacher, the majority of the teachers know just how to explain anything for it to make sense. If you don't know something you can ask for help. I enjoyed my art class the most as it gave me room to work on improving my drawing skills over the past 4 years. Aside from the classes I enjoyed the friends I've made and got to know over my high school career.
I enjoyed the last 4 years at Arcadia. I made so many friends and I learned about my self before I went there. In middle school I was shy and now I’m more outgoing and nice. Thanks to Arcadia I learned about what teachers are going through and how hard is it to be a teacher.
At Arcadia High School i like how they have several different programs that fit in what area you best fit in. I am enrolled in a program called EVIT with is going to help me obtain my nursing assistant certification by the end of my senior year in high school. I've learned so much in this year, from writing a well done paper about the great Gatsby for english to every part of the human body.
Arcadia was once a great school. The increase in open enrollment (now 46%) has taken away from the 'neighborhood' school experience. The result has been a decline in such areas as test scores and student engagement. There is also now overcrowding as more students are enrolled to make up for the district's lagging enrollment in other high schools.
Arcadia is a good high school. Very knowledgeable teachers that will set you up for success. I rate it four stars because I've heard some bad things since I graduated.
Arcadia has a Championship winning marching band and award winning orchestra and symphonic bands. Next year the programs will be growing!
I liked how it was a safe enviorment , and all of the great and relatable teachers at the school. It was a fun 4 years at Arcadia.
Arcadia has great extracurricular programs such as dance, CMAS, band, and theater. You will for sure find a place to fit in.
My daughter loved going to school, she liked all of her teachers and never had a problem getting extra help if needed. every teacher and staff person i met was helpful and friendly
There are some really neat programs that the school offers that kept me want to be there such as the film program but besides that I had a miserable time.
I personally love the atmosphere and teachers at Arcadia. I hate the district admin tho.
Also lots of extracurricular options including CMAS, Robotics, Technical Theater, Band, and Dance. Go Titans!
I would like some students to respectful to one another. Overall the school is involved with the community hundred percent and they are involved with sponsorships and big fundraiser organizations which their are clubs so students will be involved.
I would like to see a change. Arcadia High School is not the school it was back in 2014 - 2017, the new principal is horrible in taking action and doing what is necessary. In one week, 20 students were suspended, most bathrooms are locked because too many are smoking, vaping, and etc. Too many ambulances and cops have come to the school because of alcohol poisoning, excessive fighting, and drug abuse.
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Arcadia has really good academics and opportunities for every student. The teachers are friendly and welcoming.
Arcadia High School was a very nice high school to attend. I had wonderful teachers throughout my junior and senior year. Those teachers really pushed hard to either connect with the students or were there to help the students pass. However, in the end it was up to the student to make an effort to pass. One change I would like to see for this high school would be to really help the students graduating understand how important it is to be ready for college.
Arcadia High School, although placed in a good area, is an average school. The students are becoming more obnoxious as the years go by and the staff and admin. are not all nice. In fact, the new principal, although can be nice, is putting an end to old traditions (i.e. Class chants) and ruining the fun of Arcadia. However, before the placement of the new principal, the school was better and a fun but safe place.
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