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Arcadia is a pretty decent school. The food could be a little better, however. They also should consider more classes to prepare us for college.
I went to Arcadia for four years and I am surely going to miss it. I miss it already. The school is a great school for academics.
Academically, Arcadia High School is the best in Accomack County. The teachers, all of mine were great, prepare you for your future even though teaching is based on SOLs that not one college I applied to looked at or even asked about my scores. Parent involvement at the school is not very high so clubs and sport teams do not get much assistance in way of help with fundraisers so therefore the clubs and teams are unable to raise huge amounts of money. Overall the four years I spent here were good ones.
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I really like that at Arcadia High School we have many clubs and sports, participating in these clubs has helped me gain confidence and look forward to trying new things. The teachers really care about you and make sure you are on track. However, the auditorium should be remodeled soon.
Being a senior I can say that I have loved my time as a student with Arcadia High. The staff is one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
Arcadia is the 3rd high school I've attended and I have to say it is by far the worst. So many things need to be improved.
I would like the school to change with how things deal inside the school. Academically the school is horrible, the teachers have no respect, and the school is not seriously.
We have a good academic program designed for kids interested in college but if you are not really sure what you want to do it becomes a problem. I am interested in college but also wanted to take some computer classes. Taking one of the badger computer classes messed up my Honors English that I had taken Freshman and Sophomore year. When I signed up for computer, the class was only offered at the same time so I had to take a regular English class so I was unable to take the college English I had planned on for senior year. It is just very hard for a student to take a variety of classes when unsure of their interest. Strictly set up for academics, business or just general studies and hard to get a variety of each.
Overall I think the students and teachers are very accepting of everyone. There are of course some personality conflicts and occasional fights will result but they are quickly ended by faculty.

I do not consider myself in with the popular crowd but never had an issue with any of them either. We just have different interest. I hang out with a small crowd which actually is a very diverse group. Since this is a rather small community and a very diverse community at that, we have all grown up together and learned to just love everyone without seeing someone's race as an issue.
There are different clubs and sports after school but I am mainly involved in the drama club which I love. We stay after school starting in October. We prepare for school competition starting off which we put a lot of work in to and then after that is over, we start working on the musical which involves students and teachers just having fun but still a lot of work too. Towards the end of the year we have a renaissance fair. This club, the teacher and the students involved are my favorite part of this school.
I have had a pretty great time at this school. I am not athletic so I don't really get into any of the games and things like that at this school. Sports are a very big part of this school and that is where most of the crowds are but my greatest experiences have been with the drama club.

We have competed in many school plays and I have enjoyed every minute of it. We also do a musical every year in addition to the plays we perform. The musical not only has students but includes former students and also teachers. It is a whole lot of fun!
I have had several teachers that have stayed after school to help me and other students with subjects involving math. They are there to help us but you have to ask for the help.

I have really enjoyed working with my honors English teachers. Do not need the extra help in these classes but the teachers really make the classes enjoyable.

I also stay after school for drama club and the drama teacher is extremely motivated and puts her all into this club. We have even tried to have our own renaissance fair at the school. Have not had a big community turn out for this event but we have tried every year and it is at least a lot of fun for us. She has even taking a bus load of us to a fair in Maryland which we enjoyed.

Overall I have experienced some of the best teachers I have every had at A.H.S.
People here are pretty accepting of diversity. We have had people from all over come to this school and after a few weeks they are just like any other student. We have had students from Haiti, Germany, Japan, and Kazakhstan. Students are also accepting of sexual differences also, it is extremely rare for a student to be picked on for their sexuality.
The scheduling process is extremely easy. The workload is ok. Some teachers give a lot others give a good amount. Our curriculum was just changed to a ten point scale, but before it was a pretty demanding scale which made students strive higher than a 70 to pass a class.
I feel pretty safe here. I honestly don't believe that anything bad would ever happen here. I don't know if I feel that way because of where we are or because of how well our security is. All in all I feel safe here.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are great. The students that participate in the sports or the clubs are very committed to what they do. They all care and they are all competitive. Our wrestling team for example, we are a family, we teach each other and support one another even though it is an individual sport. Our clubs and organizations care about the students they represent and do their all for the group.
My experience here was pretty good but it wasn't great. We have parents who are extremely supportive not just for their students but for others as well. Others just want to see their kids shine brighter than everyone else. The feeling of other parents and teachers supporting a whole club or team is great. I just wish that we had more of it.
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Some of the teachers here put their all into their work, but some of them don't seem like they are. Some of them are engaging and really get into the lesson and then others just teach from a textbook. The teachers that I have now, for the majority, care a lot about their students and the lessons they teach. Most of the teachers that I have had in high school don't use real world examples when they teach. All in all, you've got your good teachers and you've got your bad ones.
The main issue was that a lot of the health and safety policies were old and out dated.
Students are very active in extra curricular activities such as sports, band, and other school events. However, they are limited because the school does not receive a lot of funding.
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