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Overall Arcadia High School is a great school too attend . There is such variety of class that is offered there. Also the teachers always set time aside for students whenever need be. There are also certain things that Arcadia High could work on. The lunches at the school could be improved and there should also be less discrimination amongst students, though there is very little. The community itself a great place
I was a student at Arcadia High School for four years. Throughout those four years, I connected with teachers and peers that I never thought I would have. Most of my teachers were exceptional, and strived to make sure their students succeeded. Our principal was also amazing, and wanted to make sure that people enjoyed coming to school every single day. I never personally ate school lunch, I always packed my own. The lunch was good my freshman to junior year, but was not very good my senior year. All of our clubs are amazing, and I was a member of several. Our FFA club was one of the most active. Most of our sports teams are very successful, and very inviting to new members. Overall, I had a great experience at this High School, and I believe that they have prepared me for college.
My experience at Arcadia High has been life changing. From the day I moved here I knew I was welcomed for who I was. A young girl who lost her mother at age of 16, with moments of life changes. A school fulfilled of love and peace and pride in one another. I have no reason to see change here.
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My overall experience at Arcadia High School has been good. All of the staff are very welcoming and social. They will go out of their way to help you with anything you need. They want to make us better people as well as better students. One thing that I think Arcadia needs to change is how well the students get along. I know this is a hard task, but there is a lot of bullying that goes on behind closed doors that I don't think most staff members realize. Although bully is an issue, I believe Arcadia High School is a very welcoming school!
The school offers many after school activities through sports, music, and gaming. We have many athletic activities offered as well as many non-athletic activities. They school offers a accapella group as well as a gaming club. There are many other clubs that appeal to ample amount of students interests.
Arcadia offers a unique learning environment due to the teachers employed. You feel welcome to each classroom you feel an individual comfort level between the students and the teachers. They offer creative homework lessons to help students to further understand what they are learning. I wouldn't choose this school again due to the students in attendance. I was not into many of the out of school activities that other students were involved in due to my involvement in sporting activities.
They all present a comfortable classroom environment, and make every student feel equal. They present you with all the tools necessary to be a success in their classrooms.
It is a very safe school.
Food options are pretty good, there are two options and a la carte.
Students are very involved in clubs and activities. There isn't very much diversity because the school is located in a small Midwestern town.
We have an amazing athletics department. My only complaint is that we don't have a swim team or a hockey team.
College prep resources were great for people who wanted to stay in the area for college. I was lucky enough to be familiar with admission processes, so I was able to be my own resource for college preparation.
I am attending a prestigious college for engineering and I thought I was well prepared until I saw how far behind I am in academics. Not nearly enough math, science, engineering, and programming classes.
The parents aren't very involved in policy decisions, it's pretty much just the school board.
We are supposed to have a fruit or vegetable on our plate before we sit down and eat.
We have a lot of extracurricular opportunities at this school for many students to participate in.
The school administration and school-wide policies are at most helpful
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The academics here in this school are great that we have very little students dropping out.
There have been some students being sent to the office for their behaviors and things like that.
We may have a few bullying issues and stuff like that, but the health and safety policies at this school are great.
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