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This high school is very friendly. The teachers are amazing and help the students achieve more out of their education.
This school took me in when I transferred. The faculty, staff, and students are more of a family than a school, which has made this school into a place where kids can enjoy learning. Everyone is so nice and helpful. It is amazing!
The teachers are just amazing! They are very helpful and understanding. They are there for you whether you need help on an assignment, or just someone to talk to. They are the kind of teachers you won't hide from if you happen to see them in the grocery store. You know them well enough to have a friendly conversation outside of school. They appreciate the students, and the students appreciate them!
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Our teachers and staff try to look out for bullying and act upon when seen. Our school is very small, about 60 students in the high school total. Our school doesn't have security or locks on our lockers. The students and staff at this school are very respectable and follows the safety rules. We all trust one another and have since I was little in elementary school. This aspect to my school makes me proud to attend school here.
There are many activities for all students to join in. FFA, FCA, sports, art, band, choir, and many more. Our students are involved in at least one extracurricular activity.
High school experience at this school is going pretty well. It is high school and of course is the time to grow up and learn about yourself. Doing so in this school has been pretty great. The staff and teachers all really care about every student. Being a small school it seems like it would be bad but it is really wonderful. My grades have always been in the A and B average, I am involved in numerous activities that the school offers. I would choose this school again because it is a small school that care a lot about the students.
The teachers here at Arcadia High School are the very best. All of the teachers are willing to help out the students. They encourage us to try to give 110% in everything that we do. The teachers are very supportive in our student's ideas and way of thinking. They are very active in our school and go to things things that they don't have to go to. Like games, banquets, etc.
We do not really have the best health and safety features in our school by any means. The school nurse comes once a week and checks to make sure everything is okay and does regular check ups once a year. I think our school could be a lot safer within it. We lock our school and that is about it but if someone wanted to get in they easily could.
I am in every sport available at my school and most everyone else is too. I believe that if we had better coaches our school would be a lot better at them. For the most part kids go out because its the thing to do.
For the most part our school is known as the 'goody' school for our area. Most of the kids in our school do sports and are very into their academics.People get very accepted here if they play sports. If the student does not play sports their are not very well liked in general.
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