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Well, this is my third year in AHS so I am currently a junior. In the past 2-3 years in AHS, I tried to join clubs and activities to increase my volunteer hours and my leaders are all friendly to me. They would set up fun games for us to play and create presentations to teach us new knowledge about our club. Students there love to help each other and so does my classmates. The only problem is that it may be a quite a challenge to get to know a person really well because we got to move fast from class to class. There are not much of a time for us to sit down and talk with those who we are not familiar with especially for people who are shy.
This school is such a competitive environment, and if one is not careful, can lead to a wrong attitude about learning in general. That said, opportunities are there for anyone looking–there are clubs for almost anything.
Everyone is competitive here. It's difficult to stand out, but you will always be pushed to be the best version of yourself.
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Arcadia High School right now is a very interesting experience, as I have not attended any other high schools, but I have attended other middle and elementary schools out of California. The environment is very competitive, and there is this toxic environment around the students, but I surrounded myself with some of my closest friends, and they negated all the toxicity. Most of the teachers really care about their students, and they give their best effort to make our education worth it.
has an amazing band program there :D had a lot of new changes, it basically looks like a college now that i recently graduated .-.
I really enjoyed my time at AHS. I feel I was able to express myself without needing to be stifled in terms of my views as a student. All of the teachers I’ve had have been extremely welcoming and caring. I like that they knew each student was different from another. There was no comparison constriction.
It was fun but stressful. Far too much competition and APN is probably the only thing that made it worth all of the stress.
The school is not very diverse because of the abundance of Asians. There is a very competitive vibe at this school, and the teachers give out difficult tests and assignments. However, because of the heavy focus on academics, there is almost no school spirit and sports is not a big thing here.
Regarding academics, AHS culture has pushed students to push themselves, which I think is positive because that's how students are able to see how much is too much, as well as learn skills to balance school work with home life and make it work. Food however is a problem because all the lunch food is dry and overpriced. I always bring my own lunch because it's a better alternative than to spend $5 for the vegetarian option, which is a dry piece of bread/ tortilla, almost solid hummus, about 5 celery sticks and 5 carrots.
They had an amazing theatre program that I was a part of all four years of my high school career. It helped me build confidence as well as many social skill necessary for my future.
Would like to see more diversity and more opportunities for low-income students. It would be amazing if teachers all taught similarly so that one student would not get an easy teacher while another has to suffer through that same class just because they have a different teacher.
The people are very welcoming and the teachers know what they are doing. There is an endless about of extracurriculars to participate in. I wish we would get less homework.
I had a great experience throughout my four years, with consistently amazing teachers who taught their subjects well and got along with their students. Although rigorous, the academics were a strong point and prepared me for AP exams and college. I made a lot of friends and built strong relationships that I know will last into the future.
It's a tough school to enter and most students are not prepared, nor are they warned before hand. Heavy competition.
I liked how people are all very excepting of and helpful to each other. They also strongly value education.
I had a great time here. This school is highly academic and the sports teams aren't the greatest so I hope that this school will fund the academic teams more than the sports teams and put their money into teams that actually win national championships and state championships. Other than that I had a great time learning here and was perpetually challenged in classes and it has prepared me well for colllege.
generally, Arcadia High School is a place for studying. It gives massive opportunities to people who are hard-working.
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Very competitive, people are fake. APs are big. Assume everyone is a snake. Many teachers copy their assignments from the internet. Some don't teach and expect you to learn from the textbook only. Food is terrible.
This is school is not the most spirited or interactive, but it definitely gets made up for in the academics category.
I graduated from AHS is 2013 and overall, it was a difficult but rewarding experience. It's a highly competitive environment but prepared me extremely well for college. In college, I felt far ahead of where my peers were and I has some kind of exposure already in HS. However, I think it’s important for students to know and remember that high school, what you do, and how you perform does not dictate the course of your entire life. English was not my first language and I come from a first generation, low-income background and I struggled through all four years but I ended up transferring to UC Berkeley two years after I graduated AHS. There are a lot of students who come from affluent backgrounds so do not compared yourself to whether others are academically, socially, and economically. Take advantage of the many extracurricular if you can and enjoy your time!
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