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Good school. Lots of helpful teachers and staff. Overall clean and organized environment and a very strong sense of academic achievement.
Not much diversity but fun sometimes. Some teachers do not care about you succeeding and some do. Overall, it was an okay high school experience.
As a student at Arcadia high I like it . I wouldn't want to go to any other high school. One thing I really wished we had was school spirit. There are so many kids yet really only the seniors have spirit. Assembly's , spirit rallies, and football games would be so much more fun. I used to be in cheer and during foot ball games we would do cheers that the audience says with us. But when we did them no one said it back. Its lowkey depressing cause we are trying to hype up the crowd but nothing is happening. But I think students don't have the spirit because at Arcadia we really focus on academics .
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While I love the school and all the opportunities it offers, I do regret how academically competitive it is. This creates for a very toxic environment that it detrimental to students' mentalities. Overall, however, Arcadia High is a great school with hardworking students and faculty members.
My parents were drawn to this high school due to the high ratings and scores. Upon entering the school in the ninth grade, it became quickly clear that there were far more flaws than strengths, and those strengths weren't a result of the school. As a white (Persian) student, I felt isolated. Everyone around me tended to gather around people who shared their interests and experiences, and because I was a different race, it was more difficult to make long-lasting, trustworthy friends. Often in clubs, corruption overruled hard work. Students who were friends would band together to become officers. Most teachers don't put in nearly as much effort as they should, and the math department is completely in shambles. Teachers in math are so difficult than failing classes and taking them again over the summer is common here. The ratings, I eventually found it, are high because students who cannot graduate are sent to a nearby school (Rancho) to work and receive their diplomas.
Great High School! It has it’s faults but overall a very good environment. The teachers, facilities, and staff are all very helpful and considerate.
I really enjoyed my 4 years at Arcadia High and 13 years in Arcadia Unified School District. There were so many amazing resources and opportunities for me to pursue my different interests in extracurriculars and academics. Some of the teachers are not as great and involved as others, but overall provided me with a very good base going into college!
I like the teachers in Arcadia High, most are really awesome teachers. Also, the school offers a lot of AP course. There are also a lot of clubs, academic teams, and sports teams.
The teachers and staff are great and quite helpful. Students help motivate eachother through their competitive academic nature, and the staff makes sure to give them the tools necessary to help them accomplish their goals.
Arcadia High School is a very competitive school where students strive to perform to the best of their abilities. Although it is very competitive, the staff is friendly and helps the students succeed.
During my four years at Arcadia High School, I was challenged very academically. The students here take their education very seriously because they heavily emphasize the importance of getting into a good college. My favorite part of the school is that it has so many amazing opportunities and programs for students to join and really find themselves. I joined their Marching Band for four years and during those times, I was given exciting opportunities to perform in places I would never have dreamed of. Just this year our band flew to Florida to perform in the Outback Bowl halftime show! Their programs are very well funded. Students will have a chance to learn the true meaning of teamwork and consistency. Whether you join the theater department or a sport, you will have fun. Overall something to improve on or change is the attention of the student's well-being. Quite often, the students get so caught up in studying they become stress and forget to take care of themselves,
There are a lot of opportunities at this school. The music and arts programs are excellent and so are the sports programs. Sometimes the curricular requirements are overkill (no one needs to complete 70 plus homework problems in a precalc math class in one night) No joke
While the student experience can be overwhelmingly competitive and stressful at times, I feel that AHS has greatly prepared me for both college and post-college endeavors. Counselors are readily available with any help you might need, whether it's course selection or just college/career talk, MOST teachers are willing to help students whenever needed and genuinely care about students learning (there are a few, however, that honestly could care less), and students are ambitious and very self-driven/motivated individuals with many talents and knowledge of different disciplines in both academia and in the world. Only complaint I really have would be application and tryout process for many of the extracurricular groups/activities: you must be overly qualified, to a certain extent, or know someone on the group in order to even be considered for a spot at times, making for a somewhat unfair selection process.
Arcadia is your stereotypical majority-Asian school. It is a very competitive environment and unless you can use that competition to motivate yourself you won't do well. Most teachers don't really teach, they just give you material and expect you to learn it yourself. Every subject has one or two good teachers, so unless you're lucky enough to get them, it pretty much all self-studying. Most students also pay for tutoring outside of school. Every student is trying to be the president of every extracurricular activity so you really have to fight to attain these positions.
Arcadia High School was a high school experience I will never forget. Being a senior now it is sad to look back at everything I accomplished in theses past 4 years. I could never accomplished everything I did without the help from the best teachers and staff! They were always there for me when I needed help or even needed guidance. They play a huge part in how my high school experience went and I will never forget the amount of support they provided.
It is such a great school, with a large diversity and very friendly environment. It is highly competitive so it aids you in trying to work harder. The school is based more on student independence rather than teacher control. Most students learn to teach themselves and help other students around them in order to accomplish their goals. Overall, if you want to be portrayed as a studious and intelligent student, AHS is the school for you. Also, there are tons of clubs and activities for the large population.
The first daunting rumor you'll hear is how competitive we are. Ok, a lot of the students here are overachievers and very talented, but we're really competing WITH one another, rather than AGAINST.

If you are a college climber, then guess what buddy, I got good news for you: a lot of top schools in California absolutely LOVE Arcadia students like UCLA, UCB, and USC.

But if you're more interested in having a good student life, don't worry, I got the full high school experience at Arcadia. We have a multitude of clubs (>50!) that'll suit your quirky interests, like Affinity for Animals (WOW :0), Game Theory Club, Korean Club (and other cultural clubs), and Young Democrats/Republicans (for all my future p.o.t.u.s' out there ;) ). Furthermore, our campus is AMAZING. Many of the classes are held in newly renovated buildings, we have 2 gyms, a football field and track, a swimming pool, tennis courts, etc. The faculty really care about our wellbeing, and school spirit is top of the line.
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Arcadia High School is an extremely strong and academic school. Not only that the students are lucky for the amazing facilities but they have an ability to follow their hearts and include themselves in any club or extracurricular activity of their choice. If one just looks through the huge population they are definitely going to be able to find friends. From my personal standpoint, the competitiveness was sometimes overbearing and I felt incompetent to be there. Yet, my best friends whom I met in AHS and my theatre department held me up.
For any theatre kids out there!!! Arcadia Stage is the place where you are taught to be professional in the acting world. So if competing in theatre and even winning is your "Niche" then AHS is for you. Even going through all the tough times, I am proud to be an Arcadian Apache!
Something about Arcadia High School that stands out the most to me is the diverse faculty. There are so many interesting teachers that come from various backgrounds. It's always such a joy on the first day of the trimester, getting to know the new teacher. The dedication of the teachers is second to none. They are heavily invested in their students and give their full effort and time to ensure students retain material. I wouldn't be able to call myself a high school graduate if it weren't for the after school help I received from my teachers. Any parent who wishes to have their child's educational path to be groomed and ready for college, should strongly consider Arcadia High.
Arcadia High School is a great school located in a safe community. The school offers a variety of classes and plenty of electives including photography, food science, and screen printing. There are many clubs that students can take part in throughout campus that range from volunteering opportunities to different cultures. Most of the students are very competitive and care about their grades. The staff is kind and will answer the students questions. In my experience, how well you learn a subject depends on the teacher you get. There are many great teachers who explain in detail, but there are some that assign work without teaching what is necessary. Overall, Arcadia High School provides a safe learning environment for its students and prepares them well for college.
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