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Amazing community with large amounts of opportunities. However, it's not very diverse so there is some cultural ignorance. Highly competitive both in academics and sports. The teachers are absolutely amazing!
I really liked the environment. Arcadia is a big high school yet it had many naturalistic features such as gardens and plants.
Courses and environment are very rigorous which drives students to work harder. The atmosphere is very college-focused, allowing students to reach out for more opportunities and information for college.
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I really liked my experience at Arcadia High School, being that I got so much out of the organizations that I joined(and I could have participated in so much more). Academically, the classes are difficult if you choose to take AP/honors courses, but the teachers are really there to help you. Almost everyone is involved in some sort of organization on campus because most are interested in getting into college.
I like that all the teachers are very well-prepared to teach the students and help them to get ready with colleges. I also like how the teachers can tolerate the competitiveness of the Arcadia students. Not only that, most of the teachers are willing to reach out to students and help them privately, which is very useful for stressed-out students I am just a bit with some of the AP teachers that don't do anything to help students prepare for the AP exams.
Arcadia is a great school with lots of focus on academics. Most of the teachers are really great at communicating but there are a few where I felt like they were not doing as much as they could to help the students succeed. There are plenty of opportunities available for students to stand out such as clubs or AP classes. Overall I had a good experience at AHS (graduated in 2017), I wish I would have been more involved though.
From the great teachers to amazing friends, my overall experience at Arcadia High School was incredible. I learned so much, and all my teachers were extremely helpful, many staying in during lunch to answer any questions I had. The students are also very kind, and it's easy to make new friends within the community.
Good School, with lots of opportunities. Don't get overwhelmed by the attitudes of others, and don't get sucked into the comparison game.
What I liked about Arcadia High was the atmosphere. I could walk inside and feel safe while attending my classes. The teachers that have taught me were quirky and had their own unique way of making learning entertaining. The programs there are impressive and have the variety to fit anyone's interests. In addition to school programs are the numerous amounts of clubs that one can join, each having their own flair to set them apart from each other. Overall, the aspect I found the most appealing about Arcadia High was its guidance. I have already brought up the teachers but the other faculty such as the counselors and coaches provide tremendous aid to students. Whether it be telling students advice for college or just walking around campus and greeting the students with friendly faces, a big number of the adults at this school can bring an optimistic feeling to you any day of the week.
It was a rough journey but it helps you to be determined and perspective. A lot of clubs and teams and the music program is one of the best in the state
It was very fun! i would improve on the food. everyone here is very friendly. arcadia really prepares students for college.
Very academically strong and competitive. Lots of Asian students that are very self-driven. It's a great environment with plenty of good influences for students. Teachers I had were passionate and caring. Highly recommend.
Good academics and lots of strong sports teams. The only downside is the lack of diversity, as the student body is made of dominantly Asians.
Arcadia High School was a very competitive environment that really put the minds of students to the test, and that ultimately prepared for them to succeed in their future endeavors. I personally felt this way as well, and through my struggles I ultimately emerged as a mature, strong person. The idea of being left in the dust, as well as being behind my peers really motivated me to study hard and keep up with them. The teachers knew this, and they reinforced this idea of really preparing students for their post-grade school career, and that is what makes this high school truly shine.
I like the opportunities that Arcadia High School provides. There are a variety of classes and a variety of subjects. The school can well prepare a student for top notch colleges.
Arcadia High School was definitely not what I would consider the "typical high school experience" - people often attend the football games solely to watch the band perform. It is very academic based, which would sometimes lead to an extremely competitive atmosphere. However, being in that type of environment allowed me to become a stronger student, as I had to learn how to manage my time well to fit my school work as well as my extracurriculars.
There were many things I enjoyed about Arcadia. There were plenty of spirit weeks and other "fun" activities to participate in throughout the school year.
Most AP Teachers (especially the English, Biology, and Social Science) don't teach. Knows that students took the surrounding after schools and knew the material already.
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While the high school is very large, it is very diverse and filled with activities for anyone to join. Teachers and staff are very friendly and will prepare students for college and their career choices in the future.
Amazing staff, facilities, and resources! Although the homework load can be demanding and the atmosphere is very competitive, I have been pushed a lot and as a result I strive to get good grades in my classes. I feel prepared for the pace of college.
The academics are top-notch, and the teachers are mostly amazing! They really are willing to help you out when you need it. But the people are clique-y and I never found a solid group of friends. However, we do have drama, dance, and music departments for all you artsy folks!
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