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My experience at Arcadia High School is between average and good. Since Arcadia High is known for being academically strong, you would expect the teachers to be good. However, that is not the case. Most of the teachers on this campus don't teach, and students are constantly complaining that their teachers waste time doing other things that don't help them learn. So you're probably wondering, why does Arcadia score so high academically? It's because the majority of the people in this city are rich, so they hire tutors for their students so that they can excel in every subject, which basically means that people at Arcadia High are paying their way to get to college. As a sophomore at Arcadia High, I feel that our school is a bubble. We have been robbed of our 'high school experience,' and many of us don't get to experience many of the things that typical high schoolers get to experience.
At first I was apprehensive to attend a school with such as large student body, but I soon got used to it. And I fell in love with it. Arcadia High School is academically challenging and we pride ourselves on our scholarly excellence and drive. Our sports and clubs have become more diverse and inclusive, and our theatre department and academic teams win awards annually for performance and skill.
Arcadia High School is an incredible educational environment that fosters academic, social, political, and personal growth for all students, regardless of need, gender, race, or beliefs. The resources and facilities available to students are incredible and the faculty and admin do their best to show they truly care.
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Super clean school, tons of school spirit, has sufficient money to provide resources of all kinds! Can be a competitive but they do it because the want you to succeed! I recommend 100%!
Overall, Arcadia High School has been an amazing place to be for the last four years. Aspects such as academic excellence help foster a competitive spirit. The student body is exceptionally kind and welcoming. There are a wide variety of activities and clubs a student can join, ranging from the basic Inter/Key/Leo clubs to even a badminton team. The amount of possibilities provided at Arcadia High School help set students up for the future.
As a senior at Arcadia High School, I am glad to be part of the school community. The faculty are very kind and willing to help me in any way to ensure that I am on the right path to college. The campus itself also provides clean and open spaces with state-of-the-art facilities so that students are comfortable both in and out of class. I am very thankful to be a student here at AHS.
Great competitive environment for any student aiming for success. Diverse student and multiple opportunities to get involved in clubs, sports, performing arts, etc.
I loved AHS the staff was super friendly and helpful. The campus was clean and most of the facilities were new. One thing I would change is that the quality of the food was lackluster.
I think the curriculum was very rigorous which helped prepare me for college, however, the stress from the difficult courses and load of coursework sometimes became overwhelming. Overall, the school was clean and modernized.
Excellent school. Excellent curriculum. College-focused. Students go to prestigious schools. A diversity of clubs. A variety of extracurriculars.
I had a pretty decent experience at Arcadia High School. Generally, everyone is really nice and extra-curricular programs receive decent funding. The academics are pretty competitive, so often, students find themselves stressed, but it does train you well for the future.
Arcadia High School is great academically. Most of the teachers prepare the students very well for AP exams and college but there are some that make students avoid certain classes. The competition from other students is intense and we don't have enough counselors to completely address students' concerns. However, I'm always proud to say that I'm an apache because I went through Arcadia's high standards and came out on top. I probably wouldn't have achieved so much if not for the push I received from my peers.
Arcadia High School offers many great opportunities for parents and students. The school is very diversified and the teachers prepare students for college very well. Additionally, the school offers over 60 clubs and teams for students.
Arcadia High is a highly competitive school, excelling in the academics, music programs and many academic teams. Majority of students at least take 1 AP class in their high school career. Students are taught by teachers, preparing students well for college. This year, it was ranked as one of the best school districts to teach locally and in the state.

One of the flaws is that because it has a good school district and safe neighborhood, it has been desirable to live among many wealthy Asians. Thus, the diversity of the school is predominately Asian. It also affects the sports team, such as the football team. However, the cross country team is highly ranked within the state and nation.
Highly competitive, everyone is stressed out, classes are much harder than most other districts, a lot of pressure to do well and take hard courses, school is 70% Asian, most teachers do not care about the students or class, etc. So far, I am doing well with 4 APs/Honors but it seems as if only a few people will make it while the others fall behind. There are many problems where teachers teach directly out of the textbook or do not explain concepts clearly. The school lunch is fair and is considered above average compared to other districts. You will most likely be looked down upon if you have more than one or two B+s. My advice is to work your hardest and always stay on top of your game. If you slack off, you will fall behind. If you need help, find it, you will get the concept eventually. Pace yourself and seriously don’t procrastinate.
Arcadia High school truly prepared me and put me on path for college. The teachers were always helpful and willing to spend one on one time with me during their lunch or after school. I do with the school had more diversity and placed bigger emphasis on school spirit.
Heavy workload is basically college prep, but the culture of allowing cheating and teachers that take tests off the internet leads to a tough school for an honest student. Passively encourages cheating to a degree.
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I really enjoyed the academic opportunities provided, but the student culture towards higher education needs to change. Many freshmen get the idea that they have to take all the AP's available and join every single team or club in order to pad their college resume. This is very stressful for a couple of 14/15 year olds and they need to have some time to themselves to develop their friendships and family relations.
The facility in itself was very safe and well constructed. However, the culture was a bit too intense for a high school. For me, the majority of my teachers from the science department were not helpful whenever I asked for questions, and even more so, due to the majority race of Asians attending the school, it was tough. A lot of our values towards other students were based on what college he or she aimed to attend or their GPA and SAT scores. The student culture was always a competition and seemed like a "survival of the fittest" mentality.
Arcadia High School is an extremely privileged and well built facility that offers countless resources and opportunities to its students. The school itself has been newly constructed to offer two gyms, an amazing track, a swimming pool, an amazing performing art center, a library, and a cafeteria. There are so many clubs and extracurriculars that it is extremely easy for anyone to chase any type of passion and get involved. However, the academics are very vigorous and competitive, causing high pressure and comparison among students. Oftentimes, to score above average in exams or classes or tests is the same as scoring the average of your class. The pressure and work amount is extremely high, which places a lot of stress on a student to succeed among their successful classmates and get accepted into a good college.
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