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It's a tough school to enter and most students are not prepared, nor are they warned before hand. Heavy competition.
I liked how people are all very excepting of and helpful to each other. They also strongly value education.
I had a great time here. This school is highly academic and the sports teams aren't the greatest so I hope that this school will fund the academic teams more than the sports teams and put their money into teams that actually win national championships and state championships. Other than that I had a great time learning here and was perpetually challenged in classes and it has prepared me well for colllege.
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generally, Arcadia High School is a place for studying. It gives massive opportunities to people who are hard-working.
Very competitive, people are fake. APs are big. Assume everyone is a snake. Many teachers copy their assignments from the internet. Some don't teach and expect you to learn from the textbook only. Food is terrible.
This is school is not the most spirited or interactive, but it definitely gets made up for in the academics category.
I graduated from AHS is 2013 and overall, it was a difficult but rewarding experience. It's a highly competitive environment but prepared me extremely well for college. In college, I felt far ahead of where my peers were and I has some kind of exposure already in HS. However, I think it’s important for students to know and remember that high school, what you do, and how you perform does not dictate the course of your entire life. English was not my first language and I come from a first generation, low-income background and I struggled through all four years but I ended up transferring to UC Berkeley two years after I graduated AHS. There are a lot of students who come from affluent backgrounds so do not compared yourself to whether others are academically, socially, and economically. Take advantage of the many extracurricular if you can and enjoy your time!
It is a very good school, but also very challenging. Which is a good thing, but often a bit too stressful. There seems to be pressures at the school regarding taking lots of APs and extracurricular activities. The culture of the school is to do everything
I feel that Arcadia HS has prepared for college. The courses are extremely challenging and for the most part the teachers are amazing. I don't feel there is a lot of diversity, which in part is the reason the school is very competitive. The counselors were very knowledgeable and helpful. Even though there were over 800 seniors, my counselor gave me individual attention and got to know me as a person. I know their recommendation letters are personal for each and every student. The athletics department is improving and becoming more of a focus than in years past. The administration is amazing, they were not only a authoritative figure but they really got to know the students as well. Overall my experience at Arcadia High School was incredible and I am proud to be a graduate from this school.
Arcadia High definitely has it's low points, like emphasis on participating in athletics, the arts, and extracurricular activities all on top of the rigorous academics. However, AHS also provides students with a well-rounded foundation and equips them with the skill and knowledge needed to get accepted by the prestigious colleges.
Most students at Arcadia are very competitive. Granted, there are plenty of slackers and knuckleheads who ruin things, especially in normal classes (non Honors or AP). The normal classes are very easy but they can get really troublesome when it comes to group work because most people won't do what they're supposed to. The academics are quite rigorous, but some teachers don't really do their jobs. Some don't even teach anything, they just tell kids to do work and give them tests which means the hardworking kids aren't prepared enough to take more difficult courses. The activities are great though. There are lots of clubs and programs to join and it's quite fun. The facilities are just okay. The kids are pretty clique-y, but they don't really bother each other. There are some bullies though, and the administration is kind of clueless and doesn't punish them hard enough.
My counselor, Mrs. Kim, was absolutely wonderful. She helped me to graduate early and leave at lunch so I could work to save for college. Teachers are good overall, and there are some really great ones as well. They are very strict about bullying and do not tolerate bad behavior between students, nor do they tolerate fights. They did mispell my name in several different yearbooks, my graduation program, and my diploma would have been misspelled if I had not caught it before graduation. Overall a good school with lots of opportunities to find your niche.
The school environment is pretty standard for a small town area. The classes are pretty easy and have little homework for the most part
Though the atmosphere is pretty competitive, Arcadia High School has very good teachers and good facilities. Our sports and academic teams are well coached and there usually aren't any major problems within the student population. However, because Arcadia is pretty competitive, it's hard attending school if you're not, for example, taking a honors or AP courses. This school is good for ambitious students and college climbers but stressful for others.
I loved my time at Arcadia, I met people from all walks of life and shared experiences with my peers. Arcadia is a place of opportunity and even though the food isn't great the teachers are the kindest most helpful people who want to see you succeed in life. I'll agree that Arcadia isn't perfect as our football program hasn't been doing so well in the last couple of years but that's ok cause we have the fighting spirit to win.
I loved Arcadia's school spirit. The school did so much for its students and made everyone feel like they had a place at school. The teachers were always there to meet the student's needs. Overall, I had an amazing high school experience.
As a recent alumni, I can confidently say that Arcadia High School does an amazing job at preparing its students for college. Every year I was at Arcadia High, I was provided with teachers that truly cared for not only my education, but also my well-being. In addition, I was easily able to plan each semester out with my counselor. Each class was very hands-on, which allowed me to have a very good understanding of each concept I was exposed to.
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Predominately asian school with very competitive and intense academics. Big classes, huge graduating classes and great college readiness. Many students here regularly get accepted to top unis/ivy leagues
Amazing community with large amounts of opportunities. However, it's not very diverse so there is some cultural ignorance. Highly competitive both in academics and sports. The teachers are absolutely amazing!
I really liked the environment. Arcadia is a big high school yet it had many naturalistic features such as gardens and plants.
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