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Arbor Preparatory High School Reviews

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Arbor Prep is a wonderful school. It's primary purpose is to get students prepared for college. There are many AP classes and Dual Enrollment opportunities. My school has recently been accepted to participate in Early Middle College, a program payed by the school allowing students to take college courses. The building is small, so everyone knows of each other and can have closer relationships with friends, and we are well-known for our varsity girls' basketball team. AP is also very diverse- there are many African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. The teachers sincerely care for the students and love their jobs. I would absolutely recommend my school to parents and middle schoolers in the area.
My overall experience at Arbor Prep was average. The teachers did ok, and some did the bare minimum. Now as a college freshman, I feel as if they should have done more to prepare us for college. I attend a four year university, and majority of the things taught or what teachers said would be taught, were false. I would have appreciated having a real life advice instead of telling students what they think would make them feel better. I met a lot of great people while attending Arbor Prep, however the overall college readiness that they preach about, really is not as true as many may think.
Arbor Prep has high goals for its students, but the principal is a bit disorganized. This usually shows as the families recieving news later than what is ideal.
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At Arbor Preparatory High teachers do there very best to equip students on what to expect when you go off to college. They don't settle and they push students to achieve there academic goals. School culture is okay, its better to get involved in extracurricular activities. Sports team are good. I enjoyed my four years at this High school. Very Structured.
I had a great experience at Arbor Prep throughout all my four years. I have always had one on one time with teachers when in need of extra assistance, which i love. I believe it prepared me well for college. Overall I had a great four years.
Arbor Preparatory High School is good in academics, but inconsistent in teachers as they leave every school year. In the three years I have attended, we have cycled through three principals and multiple teachers.
Arbor Prepatory is an awesome school to attend. They have great teachers that makes it easy for you to connect with and not be afraid to ask questions. Furthermore, Arbor Prepatory does give out sometimes difficult work but they only do so to make us be ready and prepared to go to college.
I have attended Arbor Preparatory High School all 4 of my high school years. I am currently in my senior year and it is going fine. Although there have been many changes throughout all four years from dress code to administration. I just wish thing were more consent thought my years in high school. The new administration seem to be in the race for the long run so i'm sure things will continue to get better from here on out.
It would be nice if more students started clubs. Overall, it's a great environment. I think the teachers care about the students, and the students are motivated to attend college.
It helped me a lot and achieve my goals! The teachers were great too, whenever I needed help there were always there for me.
I really enjoyed being in this high school as we had great teachers, great staff and a great facility to learn in and it balanced out everything by being in a safe surrounding as well. I have a group of friends that we all consider to belong to the motto of friends for life even though we off to pursue different goals at different colleges and trade programs.
Going into my senior year at Arbor Prep, I already know that I will be prepared for college. With the help of some highly compassionate teachers and a staff that's always looking for what's best for you, you will always be pushed to show your highest potential. If I could change one thing about Arbor Prep it would be more consistency in the teachers because some teachers will only stay for a year and then leave. The teachers that have been at the school for a while tend to be the better teachers overall.
I was apprehensive my freshman year, but since then I became involved in student government and student council and have love the remaining three years.
In that time I have won 4 district championships, 4 regional championships, 3 quarter finals, two semi finals and one state championship in women's basketball
My experience at Arbor Preparatory High School has been tremendous and rewarding. Although Arbor Prep is often criticized for its small population and small building "for a high school", it offered a great diversity of students as well as a higher level of education. Looking back, I am extremely thankful that I have attended this small, but easy to navigate high school that offers college courses in which I took part in. It has greatly benefited me and made my life easier during my first two years in college. Aside from the academic part of Arbor Prep, they also offer a variety of sports in which I also took part in. Playing sport at Arbor Prep has taught me patience, hard work, and team work. Overall, Arbor Prep has been great and deserves a 4 star. It could get a 5 star if they just give quality foods and not cold hot dogs or cold hard pizzas.
My experience was probably better than other high school experiences. The teachers are great there. They try to help you the best they can and they are able to talk with you about whatever you need. Their teaching strategies fluctuated to fit others' needs. And they taught me how to be ready for college.
Arbor Prep allows you to master skills in Math, English, etc. And when you are struggling, you have teachers who want to help. Overall this school gives me a strong chance to succeed.
It seems like a lot of work we do now is just busy work. Not much work we get helps us learn about the subject. Majority of the teachers are great and I would not want to have it any different. It's a small school which is nice because it's easy to learn where everything is at. Lunch seems short and we aren't allowed to be on our phones during this time, which is kinda dumb considering it's our only time we get a break. The school is good, but like every other school, there are improvements that could be made.
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Arbor Prep is a school that will challenge you mentally , and prepare you for the life after the high school. It gives off a sense of community due to its small size. Sometimes it is hard for students to build relationships with teachers, because it seems that new teachers are being hired every single year. Arbor Prep is good school that molds children into young men and women that are able to function in an ever-changing American society.
Arbor is a great stepping stone for students wanting to go to college. The academics are amazing and the staff are generally helpful and nice. The only bad thing about the school is that they sometimes treat the students as small children. Rules are rather strict, we can't leave or get up during lunch, we have to wipe the tables down, wear uniforms, no phones, no PDA. The staff also tends to be kind of like a revolving door. Many teachers come and go every year- sometimes in the middle of the year- so there isn't much stability there. Overall I enjoyed my experience at Arbor Prep, although it may not be for everyone.
The academic preparation for college is almost second to none. I just graduated, and my college classes seem easier than my high school classes! However; I can only give this school three stars, because the dress code is very strict and there is no swim/football team. Also; the school is very small, so if something embarrassing happens to your child, almost every student in the school will hear about the event. (There are about 300-400 students enrolled in the school and there are only two hallways).
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