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At Arapahoe I have been on the varsity dance team for all four years. It has brought me such a positive and incredible experience gaining life long friends and memories.
I love Arapahoe, I have enjoyed all four years here and it will be hard to leave. The teachers are great and they really helped me get ready for college. The sports are very fun and involved and the coaches work well with each person on the team.
Arapahoe is a very academically rigorous and competitive school. This can be seen in the culture in and around it. Grades are the number one priority for the majority of the students attending, and evidence of this is seen daily. It is a very well respected school and has plenty of resources for you. There's very little diversity in the student body, but part of that just stems from the location. Overall, Arapahoe challenges you enough academically so that you know you'll be prepared for the next step in life.
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It is very academically focused and rigorous, but it was tough, and it felt like it was not worth it. There needs to be more focus on other things than sports and work. It was kind of overwhelming at times. It did prepare me well for college life, and I did have some good times there, and meet some amazing people, but I felt my experience was subpar, and could be improved.
I loved my time at Arapahoe! I am currently a senior and I have only good things to say about my experiences here. The people in the school are so nice and the teachers have the students best interest at mind. I wouldn't trade my time at Arapahoe for anything.
Teachers are awesome and genuinely care about the kids. Counseling department is great and works very hard to help and answer any questions.
I took a Psychology class with Jeff Corson and loved it!! My brother also enjoys their sports program.
Great education with incredible teachers and college prep but no diversity amongst the students. Went here at the time of the shooting and it is now much safer although I am sure there are still some politics in the administration.
I transferred to Arapahoe the last semester of my sophomore year. Before Arapahoe, I was a very poor student with Ds and Fs in all subjects, even slipping a year behind in math. I didn't participate in the community, or any clubs. I was far from a model student, but Arapahoe changed all that. I earned a 3.9 last year and took an AP class, volunteered with reading partners and worked with an elderly couple setting up christmas decorations and shoveling their driveway. I learned sign language in sign language club, and will be a member of Link Crew, a student run organization that helps freshman adjust to high school life. I never thought this would be my reality, but Arapahoe changed me. I'm very grateful, and I've never been more excited for my future.
The school has many opportunities to try new things and befriend different people. Most of the teachers there care about student learning and offer extra time out of class for students to really understand.
I have had an interesting time at Arapahoe high school. The teachers, academics, clubs/ activities, and traditions are wonderful. The only downside is it's a large, competitive, and clique/group oriented school which can make it hard to find the right "group". I wish the people here were nicer and less clique like. Overall Arapahoe is great the school just needs a bit of a personality check.
Coming from my perspective as a student that goes to Arapahoe Highschool. They push 4 year colleges way too hard on students. The post grad teacher had told my friends that because she wanted to go into cosmetology and her brother wanted to be a flight attendant, that it was UN-realistic and they wont make it very far in life with those skills. So they basically are saying that students that don't go to a 4 year college are not gonna make it in life. It really is annoying and UN-professional, I get they can talk to students and help them but students shouldn't be bullied into going to a 4 year college. College isn't for everybody. I got called in to do my post grad meeting, when I went, I told the teacher I didn't need it, because I am attending concured enrollment outside of arapahoe to get a degree out of high school. But she continued to push me to continuing the meeting, after arguing with her I finally left but she called my parents telling them I didn't attend my meeting.
There are great teachers and classes at Arapahoe. The security really makes people feel safe, and all students are encouraged to follow their passions and join clubs and sports they love. Off campus privileges are great and allow students to practice responsibility while spending time with friends. But the administration is very tight-fisted with the choices of clubs and individual students, and give a lot of structure, but not always a lot of respect.
Arapahoe High School was a great school and well prepared me for my college career. While I used to hate the arena scheduling process, I came to appreciate the experience as college schedules are built in almost the exact same way. The classes prepared me for my college ones fairly well; however, college classes are hard to prepare for because different universities teach and expect different requirements. Overall, I am thankful for choosing to attend Arapahoe High School and do not think any place could have prepared me better.
Arapahoe High School is a well resourced school in a great neighborhood. There are dedicated teachers and kids leave ready for college or whatever lies beyond.
I liked the culture at Arapahoe. Compared to other schools, we have a very loving and accepting group of people. The teachers are invested, care about what they are teaching, and teach well (of course with some exceptions).
Arapahoe High School, provided me with a high school experience unlike any other. The faculty shows unwavering dedication to their students and their success, not just as students, but as individuals. Great academic opportunities for those who seek them out. Some opportunities are not as available to students such as mental health and college prep. Lots of pride for sports and school spirit flow through the halls.
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Great staff, good student body. Off campus is a wonderful privilege. Sports are big here and will put you at the top of the social pyramid
The people there are great however they focus too much on athletics, therefore, their academics gets pushed to the side.
My experience with Arapahoe High School is that it is a strong environment in which students can grow to their desired level. The teachers are engaging and supportive, and the classes prepare you for college and lifetime successes. Friendships with not only students, but also teachers and staff,are long-lasting and meaningful. I would highly recommend Arapahoe High School to any prospective student.
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