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I have had a genrally good experience as a student at arapahoe, however I beleive that students are timid to engage in conversations especially in controversial ones. Teachers seem biased at times. However the academics are excellent given you apply yourself...
My high school experience here for the most part was very positive. The teachers were amazing and always eager to help struggling students. I met many of my good friends here and was able to be a part of the choir, the schools yearbook staff and the cheer team. One rh No I think the school could improve in would be the counseling department. More specifically, helping students that are struggling with their emotions/depression/problems at home or with friends, and more.
Quality school filled with caring people. Fighting is practically unheard of on campus. Most teachers are nice and know what they are doing, and some go the extra mile to challenge students in a really positive way. (The food is pretty bad though, that's why all the businesses across the street thrive.)
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I loved the teachers I had and the administration really cares about the students. The counselors are all great and I was VERY prepared for post graduation. I am very thankful for this high school experience.
I love that this High School provides a very flexible school schedule allowing students create a schedule that works for them. I also feel that there are a great number of excellent teachers at this school.
I loved the community and all the activities and encouragement surrounding the school. I would change their ways of security involving students mental health.
Arapahoe High School is a place where you will learn new things, meet new people, and have a great high school experience. The teachers are unbelievable, they are not only helpful in the classroom, but help you outside of class as well. Overall, if you want a school that prepares you for the outside world while letting you flourish and have fun, Arapahoe is the place to go.
I have really liked attending Arapahoe High School. Overall the teachers are experienced in their fields and care about their students. Arapahoe is a competitive school and students are expected to work hard, but it is also a very fun place to be. There are so many clubs and sports that I can hardly keep count and there are plenty of electives to choose from.
I think arapahoe is a great school with a lot of potential. If the school could find a way to focus more on individual needs rather than whole group/classroom goals then it may be even better.
In my fourth year at Arapahoe, I can say that I love many of the teachers and students. I also have found that the school has a lot of cliques and inequality between the students that makes it hard for me to leave a great review. There is little to no diversity and I feel that the school has prioritized sports over education.
Arapahoe is one of if not the best high school in Colorado because of the amount of options they have. We have over 15 different sports teams, more than 50 different clubs spanning from rock climbing to speech and debate, and many opportunities in classes during everyday school. We have been designated a "Blue Ribbon School" by the U.S. Department of Education. All the teachers and staff have a very high expectation for every student, pushing them to be the best they can be. Teachers make it their goal to not only teach the criteria, but also life skills and important ideas to help students once they reach college and beyond.
I like how rigorous the academics are at Arapahoe and how all of the teachers were willing to help the students. I would like to see some changes in how the administration interacts with the students.
Arapahoe is unlike the rest. A teacher with a bad attitude, no sense of humor, or a lack of empathy would stand out here. Each teacher is passionate, supportive, energetic, wise, and they actively seeks to understand the issues/wishes of students. The student body is respectful, driven, energetic, talented, driven, spirited, and connected. Clubs are numerous and unique and the learning opportunities far outnumber most schools. There are classes for jewelery, yoga, scuba diving, weight training, diving, culinary, social dance, law, woodworking, and more. The staff strive to create a positive and safe environment and are always talking or meeting with students and staying after school to help with an event/club. The building is clean, functional, and decorated. There's not a resource you cannot access nor is there ever a time when you can't get help. Students' physical, social, mental, and educational needs are always met. I wouldn't trade my 4 years at AHS for the world, I'll miss it.
I like that Arapahoe provides many opportunities for its students. Arapahoe could do a little better with teacher placements. Some of the teachers do not want to be teaching and therefore should not be teaching. The science department has the best teachers by far!! The teachers are amazing!!
At Arapahoe I have been on the varsity dance team for all four years. It has brought me such a positive and incredible experience gaining life long friends and memories.
I love Arapahoe, I have enjoyed all four years here and it will be hard to leave. The teachers are great and they really helped me get ready for college. The sports are very fun and involved and the coaches work well with each person on the team.
Arapahoe is a very academically rigorous and competitive school. This can be seen in the culture in and around it. Grades are the number one priority for the majority of the students attending, and evidence of this is seen daily. It is a very well respected school and has plenty of resources for you. There's very little diversity in the student body, but part of that just stems from the location. Overall, Arapahoe challenges you enough academically so that you know you'll be prepared for the next step in life.
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It is very academically focused and rigorous, but it was tough, and it felt like it was not worth it. There needs to be more focus on other things than sports and work. It was kind of overwhelming at times. It did prepare me well for college life, and I did have some good times there, and meet some amazing people, but I felt my experience was subpar, and could be improved.
I loved my time at Arapahoe! I am currently a senior and I have only good things to say about my experiences here. The people in the school are so nice and the teachers have the students best interest at mind. I wouldn't trade my time at Arapahoe for anything.
Teachers are awesome and genuinely care about the kids. Counseling department is great and works very hard to help and answer any questions.
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