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My teachers are truly dedicated to helping me succeed and supporting me in and out of the classroom. The staff are passionate about their jobs and always bring so much energy and humor into the classroom.
I attened Arapahoe high school. This school is full of many toxic people. I had Friends and had a fairly normal experience. I was Lucky enough to not expierence the treatment many students experienced. There have been several suicides at our school many kids are bullied at harassed. Arapahoe is a very stereotypical high school. Much like ones society portrays in movies and tv shows. Yes there are some great things about this school. But it is very very toxic environment for young minds to be around
Arapahoe is an amazing school. Everyone takes care of one another. The teachers care about your learning. I personally feel very prepared for high education. Arapahoe has so many clubs and activities that you can get involved in, so everyone has a place. We are decent at athletics. We have great school spirit. The school is very clean and well kept, especially for being 50+ years old.
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Arapahoe is the perfect mixture of great academics and athletics. Its large but it feels like a small town. Love the community feel and what it means to be Warrior!
i loved my experience at arapahoe. it’s a very good community of people who love their school and each other. teachers are willing to help and are involved w clubs and sports. we have amazing school spirit, which makes all the sporting events super fun to attend
At Arapahoe High School, I had many teachers who were very involved in my academic development and took steps to help m e succeed. The clubs I joined were fun and helped to advance my interests. It is a very sport-oriented school, which works more for some than others. This school is very focused on helping students get to college.
I really enjoyed Arapahoe High School. I think one of the things that sets Arapahoe apart from all other high schools is the warrior spirit. The school truly is a family of students and faculty, always there to help and take care of one another.
Great education and teachers who care. Was not very diverse, mostly middle class white kids. Good variety of sports and clubs.
Overall I enjoyed my time at Arapahoe. There is a wide variety of clubs and activities and the culture and spirit of the school is very strong.
I loved the school and how the teachers actually taught us to think and think for ourselves. I was just disappointed with how administration handled difficult situations.
My son attended Arapahoe High School and graduated this May. As bad as I feel about posting this, Arapahoe High School is not a school any child should attend. The administration is by far the most unintelligent group of human beings I have ever seen and I used to work in IT. My son was not supported in any of his learning goals and was bullied constantly throughout his first year of school by upperclassmen. I would hope that you and your family refrain from attending Arapahoe High School.
3 Generations have gone here and all are successful. Great school and great experience! Kids come from all over to come here. Wonderful neighborhood! Best Highschoolin Littleton Public District
Love this school! So lucky to have gotten in. Every Teacher I've had has been wonderful! There so supportive and really care about each student. I've love all the classes I've taken and I'm so thankful for all the concurrent enrollment classes offered. I can't wait for my senior year to start.
I had a great time at Arapahoe. Although the community has had some rough times, I always felt included and valued. There were minor problems with coaching staff and student cliques but overall I enjoyed my time.
Before graduating from Arapahoe High School in May of 2014, I experienced a school shooting in December of 2013. I loved and was comforted by the staff, students, community, and Arapahoe tribe after that life-changing experience. The support that came out of such a tragedy inspired and continues to inspire me in the face of life obstacles, especially that of bullying. The only change I would like to see happen at such a wonderful school would be to take more care in the mental stability of the students, which would encompass bullying.
Arapahoe High School is one of the best schools to attend, because most of the teachers are caring, and the students, especially the students, are enthusiastic about showing their school spirit! A lot of the teachers bring something new to the table inside their classes as well! There are plenty of sports and clubs for everyone to participate in as well!! Overall great school and one that I have been happy to be a part of.
I really loved the school and I had lots of great experiences. I was able to learn what I really wanted to do with my life after high school while going to the school. The teachers are so very amazing and truly want to help you
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I've been an Arapahoe student from freshman year (2014), all the way to senior year (2018). I can honestly say that my time at Arapahoe was wonderful. The staff is content with the subjects they teach and are always willing to help both students and their coworkers. Although most of my experience was fantastic, I do have some downsides to the environment of the establishment. After the 2013 shooting, the school is losing some of what made the school great. They have put into place many new rules that have cut down student choice. Although it's for safety purposes, it makes Arapahoe almost like any other school in the district.
I really love the foundation Arapahoe teachers build for their students in order to set them up for a bright future. I would like to see change in the unity of students of all grades.
The teachers that I had were very supporting and fun. There were plently of opportunities to get involved. Once tradegy stuck they made plently of resrouces available for recovery. They worked hard to get us on track for college with great AP and honors classes, and concurrent enrollment options. Also helping us decide what we want to do after we graduate.
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