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Arapahoe High School Reviews

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The school is mostly knowing what is going on.
The school is big with sports, and many kids are out for sports.
This school is very supportive.
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Since it is a small town school, the teachers know the students well and try to help them succeed. Most of the teacher are very nice and let you fix your grade if you need a one on one with them.
There is no school nurse, but the members of the counseling office are there if needed.
Some of the teachers graduated from AHS themselves, and their returning to teach there says a lot of about the quality of education they received and want to give their own students.
Arapahoe is ranked in the top 1000 high schools in the nation. Why? Because of the academics. Couldn't be better.
After Mr. Booth left, we were worried about the next principal being able to maintain the high standards he had established. However, Mrs. Pramenko has done an outstanding job and the high expectations are still there.
Between Key Club, photography club, art club, and all the rest, the extracurriculars at AHS are outstanding
I loved it at Arapahoe. Getting involved in as many clubs, sports, and activities as I could make my experience really worth while. It has really paid off in my scholarships as well.
There are lots of sports available, but since there is a no cut policy, it gets crazy with the numbers of athletes participating. Cross country is a good example with 100s of students involved. The care/coaching is good. The equipment is okay.
Arapahoe is a great school! But there are a few things that could be better. It's a really big school, but it has a lot of things that helped us with graduation and scholarships.
The Arapahoe teachers are some of the best. We're lucky that they decided to teach instead of working somewhere else.
The only drawback at Arapahoe is that it doesn't have its own football field. As is typical for large districts, the high schools all share one. Otherwise, even though the school is older, it is an attractive and comfortable place to be.
Even with a new principal this year, the core experience for students has remained consistent. The administration and policies are firm, but reasonable, and the kids don't abuse them or push the envelope in any unusual ways.
There are always activities the students can participate in. Drama, Key Club, sports galore. It's a wonderful place, albeit challenging, for the students who go there and invest themselves in the offerings.
Arapahoe ranks in the top 1,000 high schools in the nation, according to recent surveys, and the academics are why.
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AHS has had an excellent year all but two sports went to state (volleyball and cross country) Speech Team and Quiz Bowl have also done well.
I have never had an issued with safety at this school nor have I heard of anyone else having one.
This last year my school received new nutrional regualtion from the government. This resulted in a sharp decline in the quality of the food provided.
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