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Most of my problems have to do with the administration. Very incompetent and favor some students over others. In addition there are no sports there, but this is due to low demand. Some of the kids can be trashy but everyone is nice for the most part.
Arapahoe Charter School has provided me a number of educational opportunities that I may not have gotten at another local high school, and there are a small number of excellent teachers working there. That said, I have my qualms with it's poor administration, it's lack of sports (until this upcoming semester, with the start of Cross Country), and frequent disorganization. I do have hope that this school could live to it's full potential, and if I could give it a 3.5 out of ten I would.
I love how involved the teachers and staff are with the students. There is more communication with the family then with public schools and the special education teachers are phenomenal. Would highly recommend this school.
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Nothing to write home about they are trying to add more
I am happy with the quality of education my child is receiving and with most of the teachers, unfortunately I believe they have grown too quickly and it is greatly effecting the communication between staff and the quality of staff being hired.

The school itself and the Administrator seem to have a very positive attitude and do seem to care about the students although the current administrator does not seem to be as hands on or as personal with the kids as the last administrator was.
When our child began at Arapahoe, it was filled with quality involved teachers, but due to recent expansion adding 9-12th grade, the new teachers do not seem to be as knowledgeable and do not seem to draw from the teachers that have been there for some time.
Every thing is nice and everyone is helpful.
They make it known if something is wrong to the parents or teachers.
It's usually pretty easy to stay up on the top of the classes.
Most you can get is a few rude verbal comments.
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