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It is very academically rigorous and the teachers are very willing to help you in any way possible. The sports are very well managed at Aragon and we offer many AP classes and arts and science electives.
Very diverse high school and has some cool elective courses you can take (for example a wood shop class and a cooking class). Also has great sports teams and a variety of clubs you can join. Easy to get involved with extra curricular activities. Plus, has a lot of AP class options that you can take for college credit.
Aragon is a very academically rigorous school. Many students are extremely grade focused but most participate in multiple extracurricular as well. There are clubs for every interest and the sports teams are very competitive and the training is intense. Aragon will prepare you extraordinarily well for college.
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I did not enjoy my time at Aragon. The staff made no effort to help the students because they often just dismissed students if they came to them for help. The school's policy on mental health is a complete joke, they do not take it seriously, and students are looked down upon for setting up things like 504 plans.
Aragon High School was, at it's clearest, a school that readies you for college. That was the job of Aragon High School, and it did its job very well; I consider myself in much better shape for college than I was four years ago. However, Aragon's job was clearly not to create a loving community of students and staff, or to provide all-star extracurriculars, or to help students discover their passions. If it was, then it failed this job in all counts.
Aragon's a really diverse place- there are definitely individual groups, but over time people tend to unite and become a community. Once you get settled, it's an awesome place, and the people become awesome, too.
I loved the positive environment, however it is a very competitive school. Overall, the academics are outstanding as well as extracurricular opportunities and the atmosphere around the school.
Throughout my four years, I have done very well with my academics and the teachers are very understanding. I love the teachers at Aragon and they are always open to help all their students. One thing that is very serious at our school is bullying and our dean handles it very well and makes sure that there is not bullying in our school. In addition, our sports are very good and we have many talented athletes.
I truly did enjoy my time at Aragon because I was able to meet so many new people with diverse backgrounds and interests. Aragaon did a great job of connecting me with other people and giving me the opportunity to succeed. The only problem is that our administration takes very little action and when they do, its usually unhelpful.
I attended Aragon for my last two years of high school. Many of the teachers were very helpful and wanted their students to succeed. However, the environment was a bit toxic and most students cared only about the grades they received, not the content they were learning.
Aragon is a great school with good teachers who want to see their students succeed. Aragon is a place where people of different cultures and backgrounds come together and learn from each other.
the safety is shockingly horrible and the amount of drugs involved with the school is overwhelming. if the system they go by were changed and teaching styles were changed the school would be more of a highlight in my life.
The teachers are great, very friendly and open to working with students. The administration was also very accessible. The few downsides include low parking availability and bad food.
Aragon is great for academics. However it is mostly STEM oriented, and many students think it is crazy not to be on a track to enter STEM. This stigma against the humanities is not very prevalent, but it does exist.
I give my former high school a 4 out of 5 rating because it was inclusive and welcoming. They were always trying to find new activities to share with the school during rally days and other school events, they tried and succeeded to make it a fun environment. I formed forever lasting friendships there with some of the best people I have ever me, we watched each other grow and become who we are today.
There has to be some improvements within the teachers. Out of all the 4 years I spent there, I only have 2 teachers that I was very fond of and helped me for college
The teachers are helpful and easy to talk to. I feel that the things I learned are actually relevant and applicable. In addition, while the atmosphere is competitive at times, it fosters healthy competition. In my experience, people are very supportive of other peoples' achievements and very open-minded.
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The atmosphere at Aragon is one of competition. You are taught to get good grades rather than to learn. I’ve had a handful of good teachers but most of them have seemed relatively uninterested in helping students grow intellectually and as people. As for the students at Aragon, many are ego driven and self centered individuals. Students act the same and dress the same- if you don’t fit the mold, good luck. Overall Aragon’s main focus is sending kids to college. If that’s what you want, great! If it’s not, it’s shoved down your throat anyways. If you voice this, the community is judgmental and expects you to all of sudden change your mind. The student body is unsupportive, disconnected, and lacks enthusiasm. There is no emphasis on community, values, or integrity outside of acdemics.
Aragon has very strong academics. There’s an AP class for every interest with varying work loads. The teachers are all very invested in their students academically as well as personally. No matter the problem, you can always talk to a teacher about it and get the help you need. The one thing that Aragon definitely lacks is school spirit. With so many leadership classes and the like, you would think the school would be more spirited than it is. Students don’t care about school spirit, and leadership’s attempts at changing that are feeble at best.
The swimming pools are great, and the staff well prepared. The location is very safe and parking is available for students that commute.
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