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The atmosphere at Aragon is one of competition. You are taught to get good grades rather than to learn. I’ve had a handful of good teachers but most of them have seemed relatively uninterested in helping students grow intellectually and as people. As for the students at Aragon, many are ego driven and self centered individuals. Students act the same and dress the same- if you don’t fit the mold, good luck. Overall Aragon’s main focus is sending kids to college. If that’s what you want, great! If it’s not, it’s shoved down your throat anyways. If you voice this, the community is judgmental and expects you to all of sudden change your mind. The student body is unsupportive, disconnected, and lacks enthusiasm. There is no emphasis on community, values, or integrity outside of acdemics.
Aragon has very strong academics. There’s an AP class for every interest with varying work loads. The teachers are all very invested in their students academically as well as personally. No matter the problem, you can always talk to a teacher about it and get the help you need. The one thing that Aragon definitely lacks is school spirit. With so many leadership classes and the like, you would think the school would be more spirited than it is. Students don’t care about school spirit, and leadership’s attempts at changing that are feeble at best.
The swimming pools are great, and the staff well prepared. The location is very safe and parking is available for students that commute.
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I love attending Aragon High School. My favorite part is the diversity. You never feel alone. Always supported by the staff and fellow students. Lots of clubs and to get involved with. The academic part is stellar. I feel very prepared for college and beyond.
Aragon is a fun school with a lot of activities available to all. But highly competitive when it comes to grades.
I felt Aragon wasn't very good in making individual students grow. It just felt like they wanted us to get good grades so that they could say they were a top high school, not to better my education. I wanted to become more outside the box and unique, but it felt like we're just being built up to be shipped out to college, all the same. I recently transferred to Middle College, and I feel like I've had so many more unique opportunities to shine and become a leader, instead of just a follower or participant.
I like the community at Aragon it's very welcoming and there are various clubs for anyone to be a part of. There's a group of friends for every individual. The teachers are very helpful and willing to help you succeed in any way possible. The only thing I would suggests improvement on is the counseling department, they can be slow and need constant reminders to get stuff done.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere that was developed by hard working peers, helpful teachers, and kind faculty. Though the school lacks the spirit of neighboring institutions, I still felt as though I was a part of something, and the drive of those around me pushed me to better myself as both a student and an individual.
I learned much about the student life as well as the great relationships that you can gain with your teachers who are there for you when you need it.
Very Welcoming, and makes you feel apart of the family. At Aragon I can find help very easily and not be afraid of being judged.
I really enjoyed Aragon because of the variety of courses on top of the required courses. Also, everyone at Aragon knows how to act, kind and considerate.
Aragon provides a great education for students if they take advantage of what the school provides. The community of Aragon provides an inclusive environment that rewards students for hard work and individuality
I really loved the teachers of Aragon because they were challenging, but at the same time, they legitimately cared about the well being of their students. Sports was an extracurricular activity that I thoroughly enjoyed as well, and I recommend people to join a sport.
I learned about myself in relation to community and academics and grew because of that. I would not be who I am today if not for this school and the experience I had there.
As a senior I've had a great high school experience at Aragon; I've met so many great people and great teachers! There are so many student run clubs at this school, and the sports have amazing coaches. The cafeteria food may be questionable at times, so I bring my own lunch. Aragon is known to be a very studious and hard working school, so just be prepared for the workload if you're an incoming student.
Aragon provides a reasonably rigorous and well integrated program for students who care about their futures. These students are well prepared for higher education, training programs, and work. For those who don't care, it is a custodial experience.
If I could describe Aragon in one word, it would be "competitive." Contrary to the school stereotypes surrounding the San Mateo Union HS District, though Aragon may not be the most "spirited," it is definitely the most hardworking. The students are driven; everyone is motivated to "make it" to a 4 year university, and challenges themselves to do well in their classes, with some even giving up some of their summer to take Chemistry so they can take AP Bio sophomore year.

The sports are fantastic, with a large variety to choose from, but unfortunately, no dance program. However, the media courses such as Digital Photo, AP photo and video are interesting and challenging, and doesn't fail to disappoint.
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Aragon is a a great school if you are looking for excellent academics, top-ranked sports teams and a live social atmosphere.
I think my experience at Aragon High School so far has been great. The teachers really try to help you learn and care about you. They are always flexible for you when you need them, and they can also be someone you need to talk to even if its about problems at home. The people can be really welcoming too.
There are many different clubs in our school and they are open to everybody. It does not matter how much experience you have, your level of intelligence, your economic status, your race or your religion. If you have interest you are welcome.
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