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Arabia Mountain High School is very great school. There many things that I like about the school. I love how the academics are very rigorous and how the classes prepare you for college. I also love how the teachers are always there to help. Especially, if you are struggling with a certain topic. It is also great that Arabia is equipped with everything you need to be successful. There is only about one thing I would change, which is the cafeteria food. I believe there should be more available options students should choose from for lunch. Overall, Arabia Mountain High School is a very safe and excellent school and is one of the top high schools in its district.
My experience at Arabia Mountain has been great. Being at Arabia gave me the upper advantage than any other senior at others schools. I have received a lot of difficulty work, but it wasn't to stress up out, it was to strengthen us and make up better. The best part was the great staff. I had a awesome relationship with the principal and all my teachers. I loved it!
At Arabia Mountain High School , it is true that at this school we are raising academically motivated students. Being at this school has prepared me tremendously for college. The only thing I wish they would change is finding math teachers and actually listening to what students have to say and take our words into consideration.
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AMHS is a great school. The classes are rigorous, but we are a family and we have fun. Although we are fairly new, we are now excelling in sports. Our football team have been the region champs for the last two years. Our baseball team wine region last year and so did our girls softball team. We learn a lot while having fun.
My overall experience has been a relatively been a good experience. The core classes have been challenging which provides a great learning experience and helps develops a good work ethic.
Arabia is academically awesome, and they have helped me improve so much in these 5 months. One thing I would change about this school is its diversity.
arabia mountain high school is not an easy high school to attend and was not easy for me in the slightest. i am currently a junior and doing well but in the beginning it was a true learning experience because it taught me that i would have to be more mature and focused to succeed. arabia mountain is a school that has made me more focused,independent and definitely more studious. I believe it is currently preparing me for my future.
Arabia Mountain is NOT a school for everyone. The work is very challenging and must be willing to put in the work. The teachers are amazing and care about the students. There are a wide variety of clubs and sports you can join which we are leading in the county. The school is huge and it’s facilities are nice and clean.
I enjoyed my time at Arabia. It really taught me time management and how to kind of work on my own for college. I don’t really see anything about it that needs to change.
My experience at Arabia Mountain was amazing. They really do prepare their students for college, as many former students come back and say college was almost easy. There are many clubs such as FCCLA, FFA, and an International club. We also have many sports such ad football, basketball, soccer, golf, swim, and tennis. One thing I would like to see change within the school would be the amount of stress some students experience with the work load, especially if they are taking AP classes and are in clubs and sports.
I had a great high school experience at Arabia Mountain High School. This school has taught me how to manage my time and properly prepared me for college academics. I would not change anything that I went through during my time in high school.
The school gets you ready for the work load of college, especially in your senior year. Since graduating, I'm glad to see administration change for the better.
I think the school is a great environment for learning and growth. The workload was helpful in a sense of getting students ready for college because it the student is prepared to take on large amounts of work without issues and use their time wisely. The only issue would be getting information out more effectively such as educational programs. Also, it would have been better to have things like scholarships, college picking, and such talked about a lot earlier than in the senior year.
I enjoy attending Arabia Mountain High School. I have the opportunity to select a pathway of my interest and all of the classes are accelerated. They have many clubs you can join and sports you can play. There are also numerous ways parents can be involved. Overall, I believe I am prepared to take the next step to college.
I entered the school when I was a freshman and I had an idea that it would be the greatest experience ever. It wasn't like that entirely now that I'm a senior getting ready to graduate. The courses are extremely rigorous and time-consuming. It doesn't help that you have seven classes in total with the chance of having homework in all seven of those classes. The diversity is poor, so you don't really have an idea of what a diverse college may be like. Some of the staff doesn't seem to care of the well being of the students at all based upon the workload that the shove down the student's throats every night. Simple mistakes are made when it comes to the grading system and work that a student spent all night working on comes up "missing" as soon as they turn it in. Teachers will either give you a zero flat out or claim they lost it and make you do it all over again. The real potential for students is overlooked unless you're one of the lucky ones that receive the most attention.
I have been there for three years so far and it is unlike any other public high school in Dekalb county because they give accelerated classes that teach students on a higher level. The school looks great on a college resume and in my opinion you have a better chance of getting into a more colleges just because of the name and reputation. No student could ask for more.
My name is Afolami Adebayo I am a Senior at Arabia Mountain Highschool. In my years of being here I have realized how much this school is getting me ready for college due to the amount of workload and challenging quizzes. In overcoming such challenges I have gained the knowledge of being ahead and gaining a great study habit in my lifestyle for college life.
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I like how it prepares you for college and some of the teachers are very challenging . I am also very very tired almost all of the time due to the heavy workload.
I attended Arabia Mountain High School for my last 3 years of high school. The school has very good academic programs and prepare the students for the pathways that they have chosen. There are several pathways to choose from. For example, you may choose a business, nursing or engineering pathway. One thing I like about Arabia Mountain is the internships that are available during the school year and over the summer. This allows the students opportunities to apply what is learned in the classroom and gain experience simultaneously.
If I had to choose to change one thing about Arabia Mountain High School, it would be to have the counselors reach out to the students more and help with applying for scholarships. This should happen during the students' entire high school career and not just before graduation.
I like that the staff push the students to excel in academics. Staff are genuinely concerned. Clubs and organizations are a good fit for the anyone interested. Opportunities to come out of my shell.
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