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Arabia mountain is a good school. In the 3 years I have been attending this school, I have learnt may different things. I learnt what OEC was and i enjoyed it very much. I got to learn about nursing. In my second year at Arabia I got to attend the Science bowl Competition in Minnesota. I really enjoyed the trip and I got to experience another side of science that i have never seen before. I would like to see more help for the senior who are getting ready for college. More support and counselling.
Arabia Mountain High School is a very rigorous school. You have to be mentally prepared for the work and have good time management skills. The work can become overwhelming if you're not involved by doing things such as answering questions. The best way to get around is to always ask questions because the administration staff is really helpful.
Arabia was over all a good school, the academics was very excellent. The teachers was cool. I enjoyed Arabia, I never had any distractions in class, the school was oraganzied and made me feel comfortable. I'm proud to be an Arabia Alumni.
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I've been attending Arabia Mountain since the 9th grade and each year it got more challenging. The worst part was the heart break of seeing that one eighty-nine on my report card almost every year. But through it all I feel like I have expanded my knowledge and each tribulation greatly prepared and influenced my future. I now feel like I can conquer any and every challenge that is thrown my way because I attended the amazing and rigorous Arabia Mountain High School.
My years at Arabia Mountain High School was overall amazing with minor bumps in the road. The school is somewhat like a prison when it comes to dress code considering how strict they are on students. The school has wide range of personalities so you will be sure to find someone you can call a friend even among the staff. The teaching there is great the teachers work with and make sure you take something from their class.
My experience was very new, fun, challenging, and overwhelming graduating from Arabia Mountain. I learned so much and did so many things that prepared me for Georgia State. There were some times that were very dramatic, but all in all my friends nd family helped made this place a home.
My experience in Arabia mountain high school was very good. I've learned many different skills that I can later on use in my college years. The teachers are overall good. They teach you things according to the subject that will help you pass the tests and the class.
I have been attending Arabia Mountain since my freshman year and now I am a senior . I really enjoyed attending Arabia Mountain. My grades improved tremendously since then. I now have a 3.8 GPA. The teachers, staff, and students also makes the school fun.
What I like about Arabia Mountain High School is its ability to teach students in all different ways. Such as by going outside or drawing on the windows, you are always learning something new and exciting. Things that Arabia Mountain High School could improve upon is its excessive amount of work. I believe that the faculty and staff must be open-minded to what the students are going through and all the other extra-curricular activities that they have going on along with education.
Arabia Mountain took Academics very seriously and it showed in the classroom. This was something that I appreciated, it made me feel as if I was getting a truly good education. When I was attending the school, I felt as if I was learning at a higher level than many of my peers who attended other schools within Dekalb County. However, I did not like the uniforms that students were forced to wear. The school's staff was so strict about the uniform, that it made the school sometimes feel like a prison.
My experience at Arabia Mountain High school was unlike any other person's 'high school' experience. I got one of the best educations in one of the work school counties, I made tons of friends and had several experiences. There were days where I felt school was become either too overwhelming with the extensive workload, or too boring with the routine system. All in all it isn't the worst school to attend especially if the student wants to be prepared for college.
I loved my high school. I didn't get comfortable with it until my 11th grade year but that's only because I had difficult transitioning from my middle school. Other than that, Arabia Mountain main focus was our education. My principal cared about every student's future and encouraged us to do our best everyday. Arabia Mountain also gave students a variety of sports and clubs to keep us occupied between football or golf, art club or robotics and dance club and chorus, plus plenty more. Everybody had a place in that school.
Arabia Mountain overall is a great school to prepare your child for college. There are great staff and teachers that have your best interest at heart as well as making sure school is fun. Arabia Mountain welcomes children all over Dekalb county into this wonderful school. Uniform is worn here so everyone looks neat and as a unit . Arabia Mountain High school will have such great and high expectations for your child . Arabia Mountain High School are home of the rams !!
Arabia Mountain High School is a school that holds their students to a higher caliber. The school prepares their students for College and helps the students reach new heights in the student’s personal endeavors. Principal Swanson, the administration and the school’s counseling staff put the students in the position to be successful academically as well as athletically. Arabia Mountain High School is focused on raising academically motivated students.
My daughter just completed her freshman year at Arabia Mountain High School. The course load is rigorous, and it took her about 2 months to really get acclimated to the amount of work she has on a daily basis. Using a daily planner has helped her tremendously in getting and staying organized, which is a MUST at Arabia Mountain. She has been able to maintain the A/B Honor Roll while being active in 2 sports, as well as the AFJROTC. The administration and teachers truly seem to care about the students' well-being, in and out of the classroom. And I have never seen a PTSA as active and involved as the one at AMHS. If you want your child to be successful in life, then Arabia Mountain High School is the place for him or her!
I love Arabia, it challenges students to do bigger and better. Not only that, but the uniform leaves little room for bulling based on appearances.
i like how some teachers tried to prepare us for school however i would like to see the math and science departments do better with finding qualified teachers that are there to stay. also, they should get rid of the police officers they had posted in the school, they tend to disrespect students and treat them like animals.
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My experience at Arabia Mountain for the past 2 years has been quite the journey. Not only does Arabia challenge me to be my very best, but it also molded me into the person I am today. Coming in as a freshman, I was lost and didn’t know what my goals were. Now, i have a clear vision on what i want my future to be like. According to my experience, there should be nothing to change about Arabia.
Arabia Mountain is one of the top engineering high schools in the Dekalb county are. It will surely prepare you for college since the work load is about the same and the courses are just as rigorous. There are some good teachers here, but most of them are kinda laid back, while there are others who prepare you for life and really get you where you need to be. Our clubs and activities are actually really good. We have pretty good sports teams and everyone gets along really well.
I liked my teachers. Arabia Mountain High School is a top rated school because of their dedication to ensuring all student success.
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