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I think the school is a great environment for learning and growth. The workload was helpful in a sense of getting students ready for college because it the student is prepared to take on large amounts of work without issues and use their time wisely. The only issue would be getting information out more effectively such as educational programs. Also, it would have been better to have things like scholarships, college picking, and such talked about a lot earlier than in the senior year.
I enjoy attending Arabia Mountain High School. I have the opportunity to select a pathway of my interest and all of the classes are accelerated. They have many clubs you can join and sports you can play. There are also numerous ways parents can be involved. Overall, I believe I am prepared to take the next step to college.
I entered the school when I was a freshman and I had an idea that it would be the greatest experience ever. It wasn't like that entirely now that I'm a senior getting ready to graduate. The courses are extremely rigorous and time-consuming. It doesn't help that you have seven classes in total with the chance of having homework in all seven of those classes. The diversity is poor, so you don't really have an idea of what a diverse college may be like. Some of the staff doesn't seem to care of the well being of the students at all based upon the workload that the shove down the student's throats every night. Simple mistakes are made when it comes to the grading system and work that a student spent all night working on comes up "missing" as soon as they turn it in. Teachers will either give you a zero flat out or claim they lost it and make you do it all over again. The real potential for students is overlooked unless you're one of the lucky ones that receive the most attention.
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I have been there for three years so far and it is unlike any other public high school in Dekalb county because they give accelerated classes that teach students on a higher level. The school looks great on a college resume and in my opinion you have a better chance of getting into a more colleges just because of the name and reputation. No student could ask for more.
My name is Afolami Adebayo I am a Senior at Arabia Mountain Highschool. In my years of being here I have realized how much this school is getting me ready for college due to the amount of workload and challenging quizzes. In overcoming such challenges I have gained the knowledge of being ahead and gaining a great study habit in my lifestyle for college life.
I like how it prepares you for college and some of the teachers are very challenging . I am also very very tired almost all of the time due to the heavy workload.
I attended Arabia Mountain High School for my last 3 years of high school. The school has very good academic programs and prepare the students for the pathways that they have chosen. There are several pathways to choose from. For example, you may choose a business, nursing or engineering pathway. One thing I like about Arabia Mountain is the internships that are available during the school year and over the summer. This allows the students opportunities to apply what is learned in the classroom and gain experience simultaneously.
If I had to choose to change one thing about Arabia Mountain High School, it would be to have the counselors reach out to the students more and help with applying for scholarships. This should happen during the students' entire high school career and not just before graduation.
I like that the staff push the students to excel in academics. Staff are genuinely concerned. Clubs and organizations are a good fit for the anyone interested. Opportunities to come out of my shell.
Attending Arabia Mountain High School is one of the greatest decisions I ever made. Arabia Mountain is a clean, spacious, and environmentally friendly school with great academics, varieties of clubs, and extracurricular activities. This school was built on a nature preserve to not only have a beautiful learning environment for the students but to help students understand the purpose of being eco-friendly. Arabia implements EIC which stands for Environment as an Integrating Context. It is a service learning project that is done each year through different subjects to inform students on problems that can arise by not preserving your environment. Arabia Mountain also has college readiness which is determined by your prepatory seal. Moreover, they advocate different ways to advance your learning such as dual-enrollment and advanced placement courses. In general Arabia is just the better option where you can buckle down and learn but have fun at the same time.
At Arabia Mountain High School you'll be very challenged. The school isn't like most high schools, you have to keep up with a certain gpa in order to stay in the school, Although that may seem difficult, you will have the time of your life. 4 years have one by in a snap of a finger. People you will never forget and you would be thankful because Arabia preps you for college.
Arabia mountain high school has prepared me for life after college . It has taught me time management and how to make decisions that will benefit you in the future
I liked my high school. It was very challenging because it is truly a college readiness school, it really prepares you for college. If you can survive the workload at Arabia Mountain, you can definitely survive college.
My experience at Arabia Mountain High School was average. The teachers aren't experienced enough to actually be teaching a class. The overall problem with the teaching styles was that most knew the subject, but did not know how to explain in a way most students will understanding. Events on campus were mostly boring, the football team wasn't the best; most students just went to the games to see their friends rather than supporting the school. The curriculum was not the hardest, but it is best to study frequently or you could face expulsion. The school did prepare the students for college in regard to massive loads of assignments and having to do them with limited help from the teachers. So I will say that this school does prepare students for the independent nature of college. Overall my experience at this school was decent, it wasn't the best school, but it wasn't the worst either, just a decent medium.
Arabia Mountain High School is a overall great school. The teachers are good and the school is very clean. My only warning is that the school work can be difficult and overwhelming. But other than that, I enjoyed my time at Arabia Mountain High School.
Great school. The work is challenging and rigorous. Teachers and other students help motivate you to do your best. There are many athletic and academic clubs to choose from and basically every student is involved in some extracurricular activity. All of the sports teams are pretty good and win games or advance to state/ regional competitions or meets. The bathrooms are clean and the building is well kept.
This is a uniform school. It is very strict on this concept. Academically, it is okay. There is has been shortage of staff though, only recently.
I had a great time at Arabia Mountain High School. I believe that I received a quality education in an environment that can really garner success if you try. My largest complaint with the school is that certain opportunities are difficult to learn about unless you know the right people. However, this could also be considered an important lesson for a child to learn since networking is an important skill to learn for life.
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Arabia Mountain High School was a great school in that it is the first and only environmentally friendly school in the state of Georgia. The school has career path programs students can choose to do from culinary arts, engineering and even agriculture. The school has a greenhouse in the back where it grows many plants and also has a garden in the back for planting produce and composting. The school has been accredited as the best new school in Dekalb County, Georgia. I have enjoyed my experience because it gave me a new perspective of the environment that I never knew about. I learned through the agriculture program more on caring for plants and animals as well as how to build my own compost pile for gardening. I took a trip to North Dakota through the LEAF program by the Nature Conservancy (a company the school is involved with) and gained knowledge of invasive species and rebuild fences for the buffalo population in the area.
Arabia Mountain was a great school for me to attend. Most of the classes were informative and challenging, while still being doable.
The thing i like the most about Arabia Mountain High is the learning environment. As well as the way the staff helps students get ready for college and the next big step in their lives. Arabia Mountain High School is indeed a school for the best who wants the best out of themselves.
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