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I love Arabia, it challenges students to do bigger and better. Not only that, but the uniform leaves little room for bulling based on appearances.
i like how some teachers tried to prepare us for school however i would like to see the math and science departments do better with finding qualified teachers that are there to stay. also, they should get rid of the police officers they had posted in the school, they tend to disrespect students and treat them like animals.
My experience at Arabia Mountain for the past 2 years has been quite the journey. Not only does Arabia challenge me to be my very best, but it also molded me into the person I am today. Coming in as a freshman, I was lost and didn’t know what my goals were. Now, i have a clear vision on what i want my future to be like. According to my experience, there should be nothing to change about Arabia.
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Arabia Mountain is one of the top engineering high schools in the Dekalb county are. It will surely prepare you for college since the work load is about the same and the courses are just as rigorous. There are some good teachers here, but most of them are kinda laid back, while there are others who prepare you for life and really get you where you need to be. Our clubs and activities are actually really good. We have pretty good sports teams and everyone gets along really well.
I liked my teachers. Arabia Mountain High School is a top rated school because of their dedication to ensuring all student success.
This is a very excellent student where the best and the brightest go to achieve and bring home positive results
I like the academics at Arabia. We are expected in some way to teach ourselves and help each other, but a change I would like to see is the amount of teachers that care about their job. Don't get me wrong, we have great teachers but we have some newer ones who as if they don't really know what to do, or care.
I love how successful Arabia was for me from the opening of the school in 2009 until I graduated 2015.
If you are a hard worker or regular student ready to be challenged for the rigor that college has to offer, Arabia is the perfect school for you or your child.
It is a very challenging academic institution ,as every class you will take is either Accelerated or an AP class. If you are an over achiever, this is definitely the school for you.
This school is a pretty good school. I enjoyed my high school experience. The school is nice and spacious. The sport and club facilities are also very nice. Many need to look into hiring more qualified teachers.
The time I was at Arabia I had an amazing experience not just with playing sports but with the teachers and their ability to prepare you for college. The teacher went out of their way to make sure you had all the tools and information to prepare you for college.
Arabia is a good school that offers a lot of opportunities for students leading up to college. The classes are rigorous and teachers are very helpful. From being able to take college classes and do technical work in high school it really helps. In addition, the clubs are a great way to have fun and network your skills at the same time. Our sports teams are very good as well, especially our football, baseball/softball, basketball, soccer, cheer, and band. We have a high graduation rate. Pep rallies and trips are fun. So join the RAMS where we are Raising Academically Motivated Students.
I am currently a junior at Arabia Mountain and I have enjoyed every year at this school. Having no homework at this school is very rare but some assignments are due by the end of the week, the next day or two days after the assignment is given. Our athletic teams such as football were pretty good this year. There are many clubs that your child can do if they do not like any sports also. I think this school prepares us for college so that we would not stress as much.
Arabia Mountain High School is very great school. There many things that I like about the school. I love how the academics are very rigorous and how the classes prepare you for college. I also love how the teachers are always there to help. Especially, if you are struggling with a certain topic. It is also great that Arabia is equipped with everything you need to be successful. There is only about one thing I would change, which is the cafeteria food. I believe there should be more available options students should choose from for lunch. Overall, Arabia Mountain High School is a very safe and excellent school and is one of the top high schools in its district.
My experience at Arabia Mountain has been great. Being at Arabia gave me the upper advantage than any other senior at others schools. I have received a lot of difficulty work, but it wasn't to stress up out, it was to strengthen us and make up better. The best part was the great staff. I had a awesome relationship with the principal and all my teachers. I loved it!
At Arabia Mountain High School , it is true that at this school we are raising academically motivated students. Being at this school has prepared me tremendously for college. The only thing I wish they would change is finding math teachers and actually listening to what students have to say and take our words into consideration.
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AMHS is a great school. The classes are rigorous, but we are a family and we have fun. Although we are fairly new, we are now excelling in sports. Our football team have been the region champs for the last two years. Our baseball team wine region last year and so did our girls softball team. We learn a lot while having fun.
My overall experience has been a relatively been a good experience. The core classes have been challenging which provides a great learning experience and helps develops a good work ethic.
Arabia is academically awesome, and they have helped me improve so much in these 5 months. One thing I would change about this school is its diversity.
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