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The Arab City Schools district is blessed with teachers and administrators that have the student's interest at heart.
The truth is I feel like I’m under a lot of pressure and stress at this school. I know in a way it’s so you’ll be prepared but I have had so many breakdowns and I just want out. Maybe I’m having a bad life if maybe not who knows. The school it’s self is fine the students inside can be rude to other students and teachers.
Arab High School is an overall wonderful school system. The people and the community are very supportive, creating a great atmosphere. It's a safe place to learn, grow, and expand your own horizons while preparing for the next step in your life. The teachers care about each individual student, and they are always willing to lend a helping hand. The sports, music, and club organizations exceed expectation in both quality and variety making it easy to find your own comfortable place.
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Arab High School is a great school that is very academic based. Here at Arab High we are heavily involved with student athletics and do many things to support our teams. The only thing I would complain about is the fact that Arab is a very small town which opens the door for favoritism, especially when the staff wants to be on good terms with the parents of specific students. If you are okay with getting past this, Arab is great school system that requires hard academic work from its students.
Arab High School is a facility that strives for excellence and an environment that is safe. It offers a lot of extracurricular activities and classes that will help students perceive what their dreams are made of. Arab High School has shown me many things that I never knew I could be capable to do.
I love the teachers at Arab High School. I wish that they would do away with homework because some students have jobs after school. Having homework results in not getting enough rest.
I like how this school encourages success and has many faculty members to support you. they encourage indifference and thankfully no school uniforms. however the tenure plan they have leaves teachers as being lazy and making classes boring and dull.
My overall experience at Arab High School has been great but there are a few things I would love to see changed. Arab has offered so many amazing opportunities to be involved as well as provide everything a student needs in order to succeed in high school as well as college. The only thing I would love to see changed in this school would be a wider variety of classes based on students' needs.
Amazing school with amazing people. My child just graduated and it was great! The adminstration and teachers actually CARE, which is not the case at all schools. The only people who complain are the ones who get into trouble.
I recently graduated from Arab High. Let me just say that it is a GREAT school. Our administration cares about students and ensures we have a safe environment. The teachers took time to help me. We had a lot of fun activities, but also worked hard academically.

Our facilities and sports programs aren't the best, but they are as good as they can be.

Arab High School is a wonderful school. The teachers go out of their way to accommodate. The administration and counselors are always willing to help. I cannot recommend this school highly enough.
Arab High School is a phenomenal school. The administration and teachers are wonderful. This is one of the top schools in the state!
Exceptional educational experience! I loved going to Arab High School, it truly has everything to offer its students including extracurricular activities and sports for everyone! It truly is a special school with some amazing faculty!
Arab high school is one of the best schools I've ever been to. As much as I've never cared for the food or some of the teachers and subs, I'd probably recommend others to go to this school over most others in the area.
Arab High School is one of the best college readiness schools around Alabama. The teachers challenge students to help them succeed and encourage them to do their best.
Arab High School is one of the top ranking academic schools in Alabama. Our teachers follow a general curriculum and us real world circumstances to help out. Scheduling is very precise for those of the students who choose to follow it. Depending on the class the workload of it can vary. Special study options usually only consist of mainly short tutoring sessions and a couple of teacher helping out when possible.
Arabs social scene isn't much different than most schools. Arab has a decent amount of student involvement for the most part. When it comes to peer pressure, it's all talk and no actions, whereas there is a lot of peer pressure here and a lot is said but nothing is done. Acceptance of things like religion, sexual preference, and sexual orientation is great, very few people bully or don't accept others over this.
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Arab High School has an overall decent variety of clubs and organizations, many vary from large to small. This school goes all the way to make sure your the best at the club you joined. The only thing I would change about the school would be that either the club prices drop in general or people on free/ reduced lunch, on food stamps, or just can't afford extras should have special price ranges or be aloud to do payment on it though out the year.
Honestly I don't regret coming and going to Arab High School. Overall, I love the students and teachers that I've had and have. Yes, students will vary from kind friends to bullying liars, but I have made some of the best friends I'll ever make in my life here and I've also met some people I've learned to not trust and ignore (good life lesson for the future). Teachers also vary, some may love their students and coddle them, some may love students and push them for their best, others may not care about their students and just not bother with them, and a few hate most students and want them to fail at life. Honestly overall, both the students and teachers have taught me many things both good and bad at this school, so I definitely don't regret coming
Most teachers generally care about and help out the students, but then again there are quite a few that abuse their power as a teacher and some don't even know or even care about what they are teaching. I personally haven't found many teachers that care about students from 9th through 11th grade. It's seems that they only truly help students and care what happens to them in 12th right before they graduate and leave.
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