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A.R. Johnson Health Science & Engineering Magnet School Reviews

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Being in A. R. Johnson altered the way I was preparing for college. Rather than just taking AP and honor courses on campus, I also took online and in-class college courses through the Dual Enrollement program, which promoted the trait of independence to my lifestyle, which I will need to succeed in the future.
A. R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet School is a prestigious school that offers a great academic learning experience open to students in grade ranges 6-12. In order to become a student you have to take a test before being able to attend the school. Johnson Magnet offers many opportunities such as clubs, internship, extra-curricular activities such as Youth Leadership and ACADECA. Graduating from A. R. Johnson would put you above other students attending zoned high schools. However, in order to graduate from Johnson you need at least 28 credits.
A.R. Johnson is a great way to get a headstart on a career in healthcare or engineering. It's location is a big advantage for healthcare students and the schools connections allows the engineering students to get real world experience. Almost all students leave Johnson certified in their respected field.
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I am in the class of 2018 and have been attending this school since 2012. I have never had any problems with any of the staff at this school as well as the students. The faculty and staff are very nice and it has rubbed off on most of the students. The competition here is fierce if you want a top spot in the class. Overall good school, Just need to fix a few minor problems and to find a way to fix student morale.
I have been a student at ARJ for 6 years now, this being my senior year, and my experience has been wonderful. I have received the education that I wanted, and was given all the resources to have a successful high school career. I feel as though my experience at ARJ, has prepared me for college, and I can't wait to see what happens when that time comes.
I have enjoyed my time at this school although there are some faults. Not all of the teachers are very progressive in their thinking and seem stuck in the past. However there are those that helped to guide me on my way and teach me what I need for the future.
It has been a very unique experience with all the rigour it has given me. I love the vibe and the feel of the school. It makes me feel cool.
A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet School is above an okay school, but below excellent. I feel that the school is more competitive than focused clearly on our education. They took away some classes that could have helped with both the engineering and health science track and replaced them with classes such as band and chorus. The change I would like to see is the discipline on students and teachers.
This school focuses more on the health care track than the Engineering. The people and activities there give off a fun atmosphere, but the sports are limited. The work is tough but it prepares you for college.
This school is generally ok. As a current senior going to graduate, I have experienced and witnessed many changes that will be occurring in the school. These changes seem to propel the school forward.
I felt like A R Johnson has prepared me for college more than anything. The academics part was more of a struggle to me because it's on a higher level and most of the time you end up teaching yourself the work. Overall I did have a great high school expgame reinvented here and learned about the health care track which I want to be involved in and I also received more than my required credits to graduate.
Great environment. Teachers really push you to work hard. I felt very prepared for college and now that I'm here, I see that I am more prepared than other students!
AR Johnson was a great school for its intended purposes. It stressed the importance of academics and education, however, they did not offer a variety of sports clubs. Other than that, it was a great school.
I think A. R Johnson is a great school for learning mainly in the professions of engineering and Healthcare but it opens the door to any possibilities in those fields of study. Though there are going to be tough times and difficult work and occasionally teachers the rewards and opportunities you receive are excellent.
Students do not have time for other activities only school. The school is too strict and relies on detention.
I went to ARJ to be challenged and I was. However, I don't think it was challenging for the right reasons. The work given to you is definitely harder than your average public schools, but a handful of the teachers that work there sometimes behave as if they shouldn't be teachers. Overall, I enjoyed the school and the lessons it taught me. But it differed greatly for the image I had of it before I began attending.
This school most certainly prepares all students to go above and beyond in our daily lives. Not only preparing us for college but also for life. Teachers are amazing and Students strive for success.The small classes and the fact that it starts in 6th grade allows students to have strong relationships with everyone in the school. Amazing school.
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Awesome teachers that are really dedicated to helping you succeed. If you plan on pursuing a career in healthcare or engineering you have to go here. No other highschool will have you more prepared.
AR Johnson is a great school that gives all of its students an equal opportunity at receiving the education they need to make their next step in life. You are given the tools that you need and you are guided down the right path. Whether you choose to take the engineering track, which provides courses such as graphic design and the pure foundations of engineering, or the healthcare track, with CNA, dental, and other courses as options, you are sure to be prepared for your future endeavors by attending this school. Friendly staff and administration make it their mission to set you up for success.
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