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I have attended here for 7 years from junior high to high school. Teaching staff are personable and top notch educators. They care about the student as a whole. Always willing to help even if they are no longer their student. It is safe despite its location, I have never been in danger here. Their sports programs are diverse and plentiful. Great coaching staff! Many field trips and study abroad opportunities within the school. A diverse student population.
Good teachers, some students are okay, food is occasionally good. Phenomenal arts and sports programs.
Aquinas is an amazing school where students can excel academically, in the community, and on a sports team. The teachers are very dedicated to their students. The culture and values of this school are second to none and help kids build and grow the type of person they want to become.
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Aquinas was a place where I could go where I knew I would get a quality education. Things were not perfect but the administration tried to fix the errors in the system there, acedemically and socially. I was apart of the minority at the school, and sometimes it felt like there was a divide and I definitely encourage for the coming years they should have a more diverse faculty and administration. Also I think there should be some shifts in the people in power at the school. Overall it was a better education than I would get at a city school, and I think they helped to be ready for college.
My experience at Aquinas has been exactly how I would have wanted my high school career to turn out. Aquinas offers a great balance of discipline and freedom. This is due to the strict academic and religious teachings Aquinas enacts, but also the gift the teachers give to us to be young adults, and have thoughts of our own to explore.
I have a problem with most teachers but Economics taught by arguably the best teacher, Mr. Scott Wise, makes my day.
Mr. Wise is an amazing teacher that truly cares about your academics. Most teachers don't treat the class like a college class which is really the only way to prepare you for a college atmosphere.
My high school career at Aquinas is an experience I'll remember for a lifetime. I'm involved in many activities and clubs at school. I participate in choir, band, theatre, and women's leadership. I've been the editor for the school newspaper for two years. I've also been inducted into National Honors Society and have taken two AP courses so far (AP World History and AP Composition). This year, I started a student directed women's a cappella group and am currently the resident music director. These experiences have taught me how to be a good leader as well as work together in a successful group setting. All of these activities are balanced on top of academics, which is very important at Aquinas. Since coming to Aquinas, my average has been over 95%, putting me into Aquinas' St. Thomas Club, for success in school work. I am thankful for my time at Aquinas and I believe it has prepared me in numerous ways for my future in college and beyond.
The Aquinas Institute has a strong focus on religion and prepares every student for college. The counselors really take care of you during the college application process and treat you like a close friend. We are mostly known for our athletic programs but our academics are just as good or even better. I have no complaints on the staff because everyone is trying to get the best out of you.
Aquinas was the best and worse of times. My favorite about Aquinas is having an eternal family there tha I know I can turn to. Although I love my school, I would like seeing te participation increase as I am on student council, I notice those things more than others.
I have had a great experience at Aquinas! I love all of my friends and they have prepared me very well for college and for our life outside of school!
I love the family environment that Aquinas continues to exhibit year after year. All students are able to find thag one teacher that they are able to talk to about their personal life, academic life, and everything in between. I wish that Aquinas would give more consdieration to the pricing of the food sold in the cafeteria during lunch, since the tuition bill and other fees are high.
Aquinas is an interesting school to be at, but the experience you gain by the end of your time there is well worth it. There is a dress code that can be a bit of a pain at times, but there are enough dress down days that it doesn't really matter that much. Most of the teachers there are truly dedicated to ensuring that their students succeed, and it creates an environment of people that are all working hard towards their own goals and helping others along the way.
Aquinas seems like the right school until you realize the only thing they really care about is sports. If you're a "star athlete" you're out first before anyone else and always get special treatment. It doesn't matter what anyone else has to say because if one of the star athletes says there aren't any cliques even if there are then that's how it goes. Teachers treat the student like children even when they are 5 days away from graduating. One of my teachers thought it would be best to put us in "time out" my senior year because one person asked a question and she didn't like it so we spent 50 minutes in time out instead of learning. All the teachers who enjoyed teaching or were considered the best teachers in the school left and it's not a surprise why.
It is coed catholic High School that has a very deverse student population. Felt it was a very good school for both academics and sports.
Aquinas is equal parts education and family! At Aquinas, you can turn to anyone to help you with anything. Whether you're having a bad day, or need help with your math homework, there is always someone there to help you.
This school had its ups and downs but in all seriousness i loved it here. I have made friends here that i still hang out with today. During my four years there the school was very heavy on sports and they still are so if you are into athletics this is the school to go to. They have shows for each of there arts program such as theater, music, visual arts, and band. The food could be better especially for what students and parents are paying for. The school is not in the best neighborhood but nothing terrible has every happened there and most students are well behaved.The school is catholic based so they do have mass once a month nut all religions are welcomed.
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As I journey my years at Aquinas, there are some good and bad times. I love the fact that the teachers treat you like family. Personally, I am very close with my teachers and they always are here to help me if I need it. I also like how the students are the main focus of the school. We always see the students taking control and initiative roles in school which I find amazing and interesting. It's nice to not have a bunch of adults control my daily life at school, instead my classmates make decisions. In middle school I had a difficult time fitting in and I was bullied quite a lot. It took me a long time to realize how to deal with my feelings and manage my depression, but I do believe my negative experiences have strengthened me as a person.Now I am no longer afraid to speak out my mind and my beliefs. I look forward in continuing my journey at Aquinas and excited to see where it takes me in the future.
I love how you can feel welcomed when you walk into the school and everyone here is very loving and caring. The teachers do not only just care about your grades, but they care about you as a person and they make sure the students are doing okay personally.
There could be more importance and attention paid to some extracurriculars but overall there is a good mix, and people really seem to enjoy what they do.
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