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I’m a student, and personally I quite enjoy my time here! as an ap student, it’s quite wonderful to have teachers to form connections with. it’s a very personal school, where the teachers know your strengths and weaknesses and will always try to help you improve! having classes with all of my friends all the time is an added plus. I really wish they’d improve their fine arts program, as it is very weak, and does not allow for any student led contribution.
Aquinas is a great faith-based, school. The teacher-student ratio, provides a great oppurtunity for students to thrive. Over the last four, I have expanded my educational horizons, with the help of the amazing faculty. Along with a great education, the school also provides many different ways to be involved including campus ministry and a great number of different sports teams amd clubs. Aquinas High School is like a second home loved by many of it's students.
Good School. Nice teachers. Nice staff. sports are great. and student atmosphere is pretty good. good security. new building coming in look nice. upraise of technology use. dress code is a strict and lenient at the same time. material is taught good. Football games are definitely one of the most exciting activities.
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Attending Aquinas High School is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The academics are great, teachers are beyond exceptional, and the student body is extremely welcoming and friendly. Since the school is on the smaller side, it is easy to get involved and actually make a name for yourself. Over the years, it has become my second home and I am thankful for all of the opportunities it has brought me.
I appreciate the family oriented environment throughout the school and how close everyone is. The teachers really focus on preparing students for college and are always willing to give their time to help others. The faculty is very involved and productive when it comes to matters around campus.
It is quite enjoyable as an experience, and I encourage attending if you wish to have involved teachers and a healthy environment.
My four years at aquinas high school have been great. Although it is a small school of around 500 students, there are plenty of ways to have fun and be involved. The main focus here is college readiness, a harder work load, along with plenty of great extra curcicular oppurtunities will have any student ready to move on to college. The only complaint i have is the school run activities such as dances and other events. However, at Aquinas everyone is in a close knit family.
The education at Aquinas is systematic and mind-expanding. The campus consists of a tight-knit community of students, teachers and administrators. Our school is committed to academic excellence and to community service.
Exceptional education if you take advantage of it. You have to start out running so you do not get left in the dust. What do I mean by this? I mean that there is no time to slack off and you actually have to try to do well in all your classes. There will always be students who make it seem ok to do the minimum requirements, but you have to strive for more this can be good advice as well as a warning. Like I said you must take advantage of everything you can do at this school as small a school it may be they will not be on top of everything for you and what they recommend you do to prep for college and biggest piece of advice is to not be afraid to ask as intimidating as it may be. Also most teachers here are paid a lot less than they would be paid at a public school, they are here for the benefit of the students, do not be afraid to ask for help.
Aquinas has contributed to my life enormously, the teachers are great, students are respectful, there's love flowing everywhere.
This high school has given me an overwhelming amount of opportunities to grow. I have been able to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically with the help of this school. Because of the small knit atmosphere, I was able to spend my time with many people. I was also able to participate in many activities that I would not otherwise been able to. I was a part of band, drum line, ASB, and I managed Football and Softball.
It's a very beautiful campus with teachers that truly care about your future. Food is overpriced for tasting somewhat edible at times. The schools purpose is to teach you specific life lessons in which can be carried along with you throughout life. Also a very safe campus in which helps with the learning atomosphere.
We chose to send our children to Aquinas because of the strong Catholic Christian values that this school uphold. The teachers and administration provide strong support for academic and extracurricular activities which will better prepare our students to get accepted to a college of their choice.
Awesome that the school principal knows every student's name and is a partner in our child's education.
Great school! Small classroom size and very challenging curriculum. Great tradition in their football program. It is amazing to see the Aquinas community react to any needs of the school. The Performing Arts Center looks like a castle and will be treasured by the school once it is built.
This school is one of the best private Catholic Schools in the area ! My two older children attended and graduated from this school in 2010 and 2013. My 16 year old daughter is a student there now . Aquinas high school has given them a great start into their next chapter of life . The teachers there care about every one of their students and create personal bonds with them . The teachers are very communicative with us as parents whenever you have a question regarding school work and grades, they are very quick to answer.
Even though the school is on the small side they have everything that a public school has from every sport, club , dances, and many more activities . Their sports teams do very well, and are very competitive in their leagues and divisions . My daughters both cheered and played softball and my son played football and 🏀. I currently have two foreign exchange students that attend this school and they have truly become part of the Aquinas Family .
It was an amazing four years, filled with knowledge and Christ. I would change some teachers, but this is a minor problem.
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As I entered as a freshman at Aquinas High School, I was nervous but excited at the same time. When I started football practice in the summer, I was taught a hard work ethic, stay strong in my faith, respect my elders, and to keep a great attitude during it all. As the school year began in the fall I quickly realized that I should pack my own lunch everyday if I wanted some good quality food. This school has challenged me academically in so many ways. I went from averaging a 3.9 in Middle School to having a cumulative GPA of 3.5. I was clueless on what to do until my 2nd semester of Sophomore, that is when I started going to tutoring after school with my teachers and study a lot more to go back to having a 3.9 GPA. This shows that the school had the tools for me to succeed all along but I just needed to reach out and take advantage of it.
What I like about this school is that all the faculty and staff including the students all make you feel like family, and since it is a private catholic school they also help you grow in your faith. What I would change about it is that they faculty and staff should have a little fun and loosen up a little.
My experience at aquinas has been great for the most part. I have met my best friends of a lifetime here. The teachers push you to succeed and you'll have to try to fail to fail. Teacher to student ratio is small so it gives a better opportunity to build a close relationship and learn better.
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