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Aquinas high school welcomes everyone in their community with caring faculty and teachers. It has many good clubs and activities for students before and after school.
I love the Community the school environment brings and how involved all the students and teachers are. Everyone is your friend and always helps out. Theres not anything I would change.
The school is very welcoming and has very friendly environment. The education is excellent and the teachers are always available for the students who have questions and doubts. The facilities and tools given to students are very modern and prepare you for your future.
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I have had a very pleasant experience during my time at Aquinas. The small population of students allows for you to build string connections not only to your peers but to your teachers as well. Everybody is very nice and very willing to help if you are ever in needs of assistance. Whether it be academically or about your personal struggles, staff is always willing to lend a hand to those who seek it.
My experience at Aquinas has been very beneficial for my college readiness. I have made beneficial friendships and connections to coleges.
My experience at Aquinas High School has been phenomenal. The environment and education go hand in hand which allows for students to connect with fellow classmates and their teachers. With a small number of 500 students it is easy to make friends and be part of the Aquinas community. Talent and intelligence are supported to bring out the best in every student.
My experience at Aquinas High School was amazing! It has a family aspect that helps everyone feel welcomed and supported. Throughout my years here I have grown in my relationship with God, learned life lessons, and made amazing memories. I can now say I am ready to go to college!
I enjoyed the small atmosphere. I also enjoyed most of my well qualified teachers who have a passion for what they do. If I could change anything it would probably be giving kids better support from the 9th grade with college so we can al, better prepare ourselves.
I loved that Aquinas High School was a private, Catholic school that was very centered on the growth of its students. It provided a lot of opportunity for students to not only grow academically, but in leadership and other key areas. The staff were very friendly, especially those in administration. Their outreach to the surrounding Catholic partner schools is also very notable. In recent years, there has been many renovations, and though the school is not in the most ideal location, its campus is one of the gems hidden in San Bernardino. If I were to be living in the area as an adult, I would love to send my kids to Aquinas.
From my experience, Aquinas High School excels in sports and academics. We have fine teachers, good administrators, and a harmonious relationship within the student body, which consists of culturally diverse students.
I love Aquinas! The teachers are so caring and I love being able to explore and grow in my faith. Best! Choice! Ever!
Football runs the school, if you are a player you will get away with anything. There are a lot of drugs. The kids claim to be gang members. Teachers and principle are very biased.
As a current senior at Aquinas I can say that the school is amazing with its AP and Honors courses, its small class sizes, and its helpful teachers. As well as multiple Apple-distinguished teachers who help guide students in using IPads and technology that is given. Also the school offers amazing clubs, extracurricular activities, and programs. Only downside is that with newer years, there are lesser classes. Also the administration in the school is ok. Though they seem like they care about the school, really all they care about is their own pride.
I personally feel that Aquinas High School is one of the best schools that gets students ready for College . Aquinas High School has prepared me for the future and all situations that may come my way.
What I loved most about my experience at Aquinas is the close relationships that have developed between students and teachers. The teachers always make ure students are being cared for and always make an effort to show their concern.
At Aquinas High School, the teachers care about success. They will make sure that the student can understand what is being taught and is able to recall that information. The teachers will keep you on the right track which I am eternally grateful for. Their mission statement being "Our Mission is to form, through education, young men and women as leaders in the light and the truth of the Gospel." They certainly did just that efficiently. For resources, they keep up to date with technology, being an iPad distinguished school for 3 years in a row. Campus quality ensues that they always keep buildings up-to-date. Overall I would recommend this school to other families. It is one of the better schools in the San Bernardino area and the quality is exceptional. The only thing that I would change about the school is the location. There are environmental factors, and have improved security since then. Aquinas is making the change to secure their students' futures along with their well being.
Over all my high school experience is going very well so far my faith in Christ has grown stronger as the days go by . My school has amazing teachers who truly care about there students future they help with so much ! The thing that I love about my school is that we are all like a family we help each other and motivate each other and I know that it’s not always perfect but we strive to get better . I’m truly thankful that God helped me to be at the school that I’m at right now . When I go to college I want to be able to make this would better it’s not going to be easy and fast but I’ve learned that we can get through anything with just a little faith .
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As a student-athlete of Aquinas High School I was able to experience a lot of things most kids cannot. I was a 4-time league champion, 3-time Pitcher of the year, 3-time First Team All League, CIF SS/ State Champion softball player. The experiences I had are once in a lifetime. Being apart of a team is amazing on its own but to be able to achieve and surpass goals is even better.
I grew up catholic and being able to go to school with people who shared the same ethics and faith was comforting. I was able to go on retreats and connect with myself and my peers and grow closer to God.
The small classroom size and student/teacher ratio was great because of the amount of support given to each student. You never felt lost or behind because of the attention you were able to receive. The administration really cares and it shows both in the classroom and on the field. I would not trade my high school experience for the world.
I have been attending Aquinas High School since my junior year, it has been such a good experience. Aquinas is very diverse, there are students from China, Germany, Brazil, etc. Everyone is involved in the school, there's so much school spirit it is amazing how everyone gets involved as a school community. The teachers care for their students and motivate them to do their best.
I’m a student, and personally I quite enjoy my time here! as an ap student, it’s quite wonderful to have teachers to form connections with. it’s a very personal school, where the teachers know your strengths and weaknesses and will always try to help you improve! having classes with all of my friends all the time is an added plus. I really wish they’d improve their fine arts program, as it is very weak, and does not allow for any student led contribution.
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