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Very good school, teachers are disciplined with students. I am currently a senior and would encourage any middle schoolers who are unsure of where they want to go, to attend Aquinas High School. Along with the outstanding academics, the athletics and atmosphere at this school are above any I have ever heard of anywhere else.
It is a very good college prep school and is a safe place to learn about the catholic religion. There is a very low diversity rate. Many of the students are white although there are also many exchange students from China. The sport teams often go to state due to our overall fantastic coaches. There are many clubs teens can join too. The middle school is within the high school so many students have been together since 7th grade. The science and technology areas of the school are lacking. The math department is only slightly better. Not many classes are offered.
Small class sizes in all of the classes, teachers care about the students and get to know them as individuals.
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Aquinas offers an excellent education and encourages service to those in need. It has helped me develop a deep religious belief.
Aquinas High School has been a positive part of my life. I have enjoyed my high school experience at Aquinas. The school truly prepares you for college with the work load and responsibility you have to learn. There are many classes to take that challenge you including AP and Honors classes. The athletics and extracurricular activities at Aquinas make the experience of attending this school a fun one. There are so many opportunities to be involved and make a difference. The environment of Aquinas makes it a one of a kind place to be. The Catholic community makes all students feel welcome. When attending Aquinas and even after graduation, you truly feel like part of the Aquinas family.
Different teachers vary in their efforts in engagin students, but overall, the teachers do a good job at involving everyone and providing various opportunities that are similar to those in college.
Generally felt pretty safe. Didn't have a cop assigned there at all, had a few drug searches with dogs
Most of the money gets channeled into sports, especially basketball and football
Felt like a big family, had lots of fun goofing around and participating in sports
Some of them are too strict, but mostly they're pretty laid back and ok with whatever
I feel very safe at school, it is locked during school hours and you can only get buzzed in. We do not have a nurse on staff but the entire staff seems to be aware of everything going on. It's nice when all the teachers know your name. I have been bullied a little but that was a few years ago already.
I think for a small school there is a lot offered. I was in Robotics which is only in it's 5th year. Many students play 3 sports in a year. There are charitable organizations and other basic clubs. The teachers seem to really enjoy the club they help in.
I think the good things outweigh the bad. I have enjoyed being able to be in music and robotics. I think because it's a small school it makes everyone feel comfortable doing more than just one thing. So you aren't as labeled as jock, or nerd. There is more crossover of everything at our school.
It's so hard to put them all in the same picture. Like everywhere some are really great and others are just not as good of teachers. I think at our school there are a lot more good teachers than bad.
I have never felt physically threatened in all my time at this school. This school has no problems with physical violence. However, the police have been called several times to search lockers for drugs (but most times students themselves had learned of the search prior, or never keep illegal substances in the school).

There is no school nurse, and the guidance counselors are sometimes busy. There is first aid equipment available. The athletic trainer after school is fantastic.
There is a wide variety of clubs and other extracurriculars offered here, and the school is great with allowing more clubs. Almost everyone is involved in several clubs. However, all clubs and club media must fit with Catholic teachings. There is no LGBTQ+ representation or mention in any club, and organized and publicized discussion on politics or Church teachings is frowned upon.
Because of our school's small size, most students are involved in several clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. The student body, while it does have it's individual cliques, is very flexible with friendships because everyone pretty much knows everyone from another club. Likewise, bullying is rare; some people or groups have negative rumors associated with them, but they are not serious and violence would probably never happen. There have been some instances of cyber bulling stemmed from sexuality, and in my three years here so far there has been one instance of physical violence.
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All the teachers have a passion for the class they teach. They are not afraid to adjust minor school rules (such as eating in the classroom, adding a minute break before class, leniency in dress code, conditional extensions on homework or cellphone usage) if it benefits the class.
Some people were easier to deal with than others
Some teachers care more than others
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