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it is a very good school. I wish that our high school science programs were a little better. Most of the teachers are very willing to help you one on one.
It's a good atmosphere. The business classes I took were really helpful as well as a civil law class I took. The fine arts department is pretty nice.
I really enjoyed my time at Aquinas. I loved the faith centered learning atmosphere and the dedication that the teacher have. They not only help us grow in our knowledge, but are great examples of living out our faith in our daily lives.
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My academic and extracurricular experiences with Aquinas Middle and High School have been very good overall. However recently we have gone through some turnover in teaching staff for the middle and high school science and math programs. In my opinion, these are areas that are very important to assuring college-readiness. There has been a strategic planning committee organized in order to address these deficits and it appears their meetings have been fruitful in making changes in overall policy, activities, and academics. As a junior at Aquinas, I do appreciate the opportunities to enroll in several college preparatory classes and still manage sports and club activities. Aquinas is generally a very good school and definitely excels above our neighboring public school entity.
Teachers are friendly and personally know students and want to see them succeed.
Condition of the school is an ongoing project. There have been recent additions and improvements made to the school.
Security system is relatively good and you are tended to when needed for injuries or illness.
Teachers and administers are very involved with students and want to see them succeed.
There is something for everyone. The teams/clubs have great environments.
This school is willing to accept any good-standing student. The tuition is very low compared to other private schools and financial aid is available to those who need it.
I love all the people who go to this school. They are all very respectful of everyone. The teachers also prepare you well for college.
We have a guidance counselor but she doesn't work there all the time so sometimes it's difficult to find time to meet with her.
We don't really have a health and safety policy at this school. We just have to make sure we get a specific shot every year.
I go to a private school but it's not too expensive. It's very affordable.
All of the teachers have different styles of teaching. So there are some teachers that I can relate to better.
We have a lot of sports that we can be a part of. Such as: track, football, softball, basketball, and volleyball.
There is plenty of clubs and things to do at our school. We have band, jazz band, choir, and show choir. We also have Teens for Life and SOUL club.
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The teaching styles are a little old school, but i feel they work a lot better than the newer ones such as: typing out notes. The teachers made us write everything out and it seemed to stick a lot better.
Students got great grades as well as played well. Most students' parents are sticklers about having good grades before their kids can play in sports.
The clubs and teas we had were great. Teams were like family and the best of friends played, always ranked really high compared to rural areas.
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