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My education had Aquinas high school was life changing. I come from a middle school that was co-ed to an all girls school and that was something I had to adapt too because I was use to seeing both genders everyday. Aquinas is very disciplined and refined and I like that. The resources that has enabled me to excel has prepared for college and life. I thank Aquinas for everything they have done for me. Go Aquinites!!!
My four years at Aquinas was overall a good experience. Everyone including staff, teachers, principals, were really amazing. My experience was the best, I couldn't have asked for a much better high school to attend. Aquinas has made my high school years memorable and I met lifetime friends. Love everything about Aquinas High School, clubs were also enjoyable. Love lots. #AQUINASALUM2018.
Very good school, 100% graduation rate. Aquinas's education is very good, teachers are hands on with you and behind you to do all your work. The school makes sure you are on the right track and are handling everything that concerns you. The faculty is very sweet and helpful even though their are a few that can be rude. The principle and vice principle are very nice and helpful. Their door is always open and are ready to help in any way. Aquinas's graduation rate is 100% with tons of money in scholarships.
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I transferred to Aquinas High School in junior year, so I compare my old and new school a lot. This school doesn't hold your hand, and sometimes this makes it hard to navigate, especially for a transfer. I was given little help, and it was hard to make friends because there's little to no community throughout the school. It seems that the school gives you hardly any freedom, or provides any activities to bring the community together. People mostly stick with their friends and to what they're used to. But, this school does have many clubs to join, maybe to make up for the lack of community, and this could foster new friendships. This school is also good academically depending on the teacher. Some teachers are very disorganized and bad at explaining or just stick to the textbook pages, and others are very good at handling a classroom setting. Overall, I hope in the future this school will have a better community.
The academic opportunities and college guidance are what I appreciated most at Aquinas. The classes at Aquinas really push you to reach your best potential. The AP classes that I've taken were led by amazing teachers that made me feel well prepared for AP exams. Beyond academics, something that any student would greatly benefit from at Aquinas is the college guidance program. Each student is paired to a guidance counselor that guides them throughout their high school years and, most importantly, offers excellent advice during the college application process. In addition to this, general guidance classes are offered to each grade. However, I think both teachers and students would benefit greatly if there were more teachers because that would mean more scheduling liberties, more personal teacher guidance, and less stress of teachers themselves. Overall, I would recommend Aquinas to any student who seeks an amazing education!
Aquinas prepared me so well for college that I don't feel scared about starting college now .There may have been times that I felt like transferring because of how most teachers got on my nerves and how some students are so dramatic but I'm glad I didn't because it helped shape me for college and as the person I am today.
My experience there was very great. The teachers were dedicated, classes were mentally stimulating and students were great to get along with. Only complaint is with New York State lunches, but our vending machines make up for that.
I love the friends that I met in high school especially in my current high school. There were a few teachers that are very excellent with the material they teach. Some staff especially the guidance counselors are very nice and supportive. I would like to see more involvement with the students and doing more things that would add to your high school experience such as homecoming etc. There is nothing special about the school that would make you want to attend the school other then needing a high school to graduate.
Also I would like the school to hire more teachers ad make sure they are good in teaching their subject instead of just hiring teachers because they are short.
Aquinas High School is a very open and sister bonding school. There is much diversity with much acceptance of each other. Students always help out each other and that's a wonderful feeling in the school. That fact that no one is an outcast.
I really like Aquinas High School. I transferred there not too long and I was very happy about the way they treated me and welcomed me. They made me feel like I am a part of the school. I am on the volleyball varsity team and I am very proud of my team. My team members are very kind and good. The top of though might need a little touch. And it will be great if more sports were added to the school.
Loved how prepared I was for college academics, Aquinas truly made sure we would have no issues adjusting to college life. However, they need to come into the 21st century and learn to embrace technology instead of fight it.
I've been in Aquinas High School all my four years. Before I entered, I didn't think I would enjoy high school to begin with since all you see on television is high school drama or bullying and such. Honestly, I never faced any of that once. All the students are kind, prestigious and anticipate a learning experience that will help them succeed in the future. For the most part, Aquinas High School has brought wisdom to everybody and wants the best for us students. AHS makes me wish that I participated more after school these past years, but it's fine, because now I want to do more once I get to college. I really recommend the school. If I could critique anything, it would be our lack of teachers and guidance counselors, and probably the breakfast food
Aquinas High School prepared me for college. The teachers are all caring and eager to get you into college. Aquinas High School focuses on preparing their students not only for college but also for the real world. I've gained lifetime relationships with classmates and teachers. I had a great high school experience!
Aquinas High School has helped me to grow into the mature young woman that I am now. From supportive teachers and faculty memebers to understanding and caring classmates, Aquinas HS truly lives up to its mission statement.
I really thought I wouldn't like being at a catholic all girl high school. But in the first day of school I met the nicest girls who are my friends until now, the teachers are also very nice, they care about your education and really pressure you to do well which is what I am grateful for.
Aquinas is the first time I attended an all-girls school. It taught me how to build relationships and interact with several types of personalities. It's not all about competing against one another but instead helping each other become a better woman.
Overall, my experience at Aquinas High School was really good. I was encouraged to do my best academically and it was possible for me because all of my teachers helped me in everything I had trouble with. There is tutoring for the main subjects and teachers are always there if you need questions. My guidance counselor helped me greatly during the college process. Aquinas is especially great when preparing you for college because it provides AP classes, honor classes and a great learning environment.
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The teachers care about your learning experience and well being. There is no tolerance for academic failure and bad behavior
At first, I thought that I would hate the school. The more involved I began to be the better my experience was. The work is challenging and you actually learn at this school. Not a lot of exciting activities when I was there but you definitely are prepared for college and life once you leave the school.
Overall was a good school. Gave a lot of work but made me prepared for college. Everyone knows each other and makes you feel like you belong. The activities are fun and the teachers are very helpful.
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