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I am a senior at Aquinas in the Class of 2018. Aquinas has been wonderful to me. Because of the small environment, I became very good friends with almost all the people in my class. The students there are all very friendly and outgoing, and making friends was not difficult. The academic curriculum is challenging but very rewarding. The teachers are very good at what they do. The teacher come from all over the area and the southern US. The biggest and most unique part of the school is its sense of family. As a religious school, everyone is very close and religion is a focal point ( you take four years of religion-based classes). Many of the staff members went to the school, a nice addition not seen as much in other schools. The school has many clubs and activities. Almost everyone I know is in at least one club or sport and there are no tryouts, so there is no worry that you won't make the team. This school really is a special place.
I really have enjoyed my time at Aquinas High School. It is an amazing school that really prepares you for college.
I love Aquinas, it's a great school. I feel like most of the students are very friendly and the teachers care about their students. We have an amazing lunch program. Over all, Aquinas is an amazing school with lots of opportunities for its students.
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The family atmosphere at this school is unbelievable. I did not attend Aquinas as a high school student, nor did I grow up in Augusta, but this school has a family atmosphere unlike any other school I have experienced as a student, teacher, or parent. Many of the students had parents and grandparents who also attended Aquinas, but that doesn't exclude the 'new' students and parents from feeling a part of the family. I will absolutely choose this school again for each of my children. My college kids both felt like Aquinas more than prepared them for college classes, even saying that their freshman year was easier for them than high school. I love that my kids get to pray in school and sporting events, and that they attend a school that is safe and that has such a positive environment.
The school has added AP classes over the years and now offer one for Freshman which is great. They make it more manageable to be able to take the necessary AP classes that colleges require for admissions.
There are enough clubs and extracurriculars for each student to be involved in. And, the sports programs are strong. Just about every child is involved in clubs and a sport. They stay active in National Honors Society, Student Council, Key Club, SADD, Robotics, Drum Corps, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Rifle, etc...
Aquinas is different from most schools. The kids pray every day together, and are encouraged to live out their faith even if they are not Catholic. Their is a strong family atmosphere and sense of community. The academics are challenging and the school offers plenty of to get involved and to thrive.
Each day, teachers are available to meet with students after school. Tutoring is also available to each student. I do wish there was more communication between the teachers and the parents. Progress reports, meetings with parents mid quarter would be helpful. Or this can take place through emails.
The academics are rigorous at Aquinas. The school offers 17 AP classes, 2 Pre-AP classes, and 13 Honors classes. 63 students took 100 AP exams and had an 85% pass rate.
There are a variety of extracurricular activities at Aquinas. I believe that every student can find something of interest there. Almost every student is involved in a sport, club or organization. These range from football, swimming, baseball, cross country, golf, tennis, Clay Target Sports and more, to Drama, Drum Corps, Yearbook, Campus Ministry, Key Club, Student Council and more.

Whether your child hits baseballs, swims, runs, sings, plays a musical instrument, paints or does photography, he or she will find his or her 'niche' at Aquinas. Aquinas also has students involved in National Honors Society, Robotics, and Model UN. I have been very pleased with the quality of the activities my kids have been involved in at Aquinas.
I think Aquinas is great because it has such a family like environment. Most people are very involved with school activities. If i could go back and choose another school i might have considered that but i am currently happy where i am.
The teachers are all very smart and teach good lessons. Some teachers are not as approachable as others but i know they all mean their best and our very caring to the students.
We only have concern about the weight of testing and the grading formula. Traditional grading would give our son a less stressful experience at Aquinas. We still like the challenge that the school provides in preparing students for college.
Not a lot stands out in this area. The school could use some videos surveillance in areas of concern.
There are plenty of activities for all students.
I would definately chose Aquinas again.
The teachers for the most part are responsive. There are one or two that will not respond to parent inquiries. Namely, my sons physics teacher. This is also the class he struggles in.
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Aquinas doesn't have a school nurse or anything like that. If a student needs to take medicine, they bring it to the office and they keep it up there so it's there when you need it. We don't have any police or anything around the school cause we don't really need it.
We offer a variety of clubs but I think more should be offered for different fields such as medicine or law so that students interested in these fields.
Aquinas is a great school. Since its small everyone knows everyone and all the teachers know everyone. But I think we should offer more AP opportunities and I think we should have more classes to choose from and a medical program type class or club for students interested in going into the medical field. Also I think we should get rid of uniforms cause no one likes them and I think students should be able to express themselves in what they wear and if it's super inappropriate then say something but don't punish everyone for stuff other people do. Also there are days public schools have off that we don't because we're a private school and apparently we have to be better than everyone else and it gets irritating sometimes and I love Aquinas but there are things that could be better.
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