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Aquin Catholic Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I liked the small class sizes and the closeness. I didn't like that there were not many class variations.
The small size makes for a tight knit group and you are definitely a part of a family when you attend Aquin. The teacher to student ratio is nice and the teachers care about the students' development. Another great aspect is that everyone has the opportunity to play sports and in fact, the majority of students at Aquin play at least one sport. Even if you are not interested in sports, Aquin offers a lot of student groups that focus on different causes and charities. A unique part of Aquin is their nationally recognized prom draw. For prom draw the boys draw their dates' names randomly out of a container. After all the names were drawn the boys are put into groups and perform unique skits in front of all the girls and ask their selected dates to prom. The news station and all the parents attend the skits. It is a very unique event to Aquin and it assures that everyone that goes to prom has a date. One of the drawbacks to Aquin is that although classes are supposed to be advanced-level college prep, they are not considered AP courses. If Aquin had a greater course selection and offered AP credited courses that would be nice, but that is one of the drawbacks of having a very small school.
While I grumbled about many things at Aquin and there are many issues, I would still attend this school given a do-over.
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While many teachers are very knowledgeable, a few have a lot of growing up to do.
If it's not related to athletics, you get no attention or funding. College guidance is laughable.
Security measures are up to par
I am very lucky that my parents chose this school for me, and I have enjoyed my time here. There is a family-like atmosphere that is not found in most schools, and I think that truly makes it unique.
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