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This was the school I grew up in. I seen this small school expand with better athletics, a better gym, and better academics. I would recommend this school to any new parents who want to put there child in a well educated school. It may be small, but Aquilla has a big heart. The Staff and teachers are very nice and help you with anything you need.
I moved to Aquilla to get a better education and I feel like I have. When I was young I was super shy but Aquilla helped me break out of my shell. I play basketball and i loved that even in 6th grade I could play. Most schools don't let 6th graders play in school sports but at Aquilla they do.
the extracurricular options are except-able for a school this size. we have tennis, football, track, basketball, and now trying to get volleyball. there are so much more we are getting or going to try and get and that's just athletic programs
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the teachers here are beyond acceptable. i have never felt so comfortable to come to teachers about problems on lessons or more domestic problems.
The Aquilla schools administration is by far the best Ive had over my 12 years of schooling. We have many organizations that help the student body become more involved in "school politics". Like the Student Advisory Committee allows a select group of students vote and attempt to change the rules and regulations of the school.
The teachers are well-qualified, the curriculum is fairly easy, scheduling is sometimes a problem (there are little EC options so one might get placed in a class s/he does not like), the workload is light, there are not AP classes offered, but periods are offered for taking online college dual credit classes.
The students at the school are really close and there aren't any major cliques or groups. Several organizations help to connect students to others they may not see or talk to often. There is a lot of student involvement in projects, pep rallies, and organizations. The student body is not very culturally diverse, but we do have a German foreign exchange student.
The school locks down during the day, but sometimes students can yank the doors open anyway. There are security cameras up and a monitor in the principal's room. The school nurse is also the Community Emergency Response Team adviser and is a certified lifeguard; she is pretty well-qualified. There are occasional fire and bomb drill and the escape plans are addressed to the student body the first days of school. I feel generally safe in the school.
The guidance counselor is very helpful and is always working for the student's benefit. The principal is somewhat active. The office staff is friendly and helpful. Attendance is a major policy, and students are offered incentives for perfect attendance. Anti-Bullying is a policy that is growing at school. Dress code is enforced but lenient.
The teachers are hard working, considerate, and for the most part fun. They always offer tutoring time in the mornings and are fairly lenient with homework. They take the time to teach from the textbook and from their own knowledge and experience. There are often projects in which students can showcase their creative abilities, and extra credit is often offered. The teachers are friendly, trustworthy, and highly qualified for their positions.
It is a small school so there isn't much to do, but the opportunities available are fun and open for most people. The students are very close and the school spirit is great. One on one with teachers is attainable and faculty is quick and kind to help with anything a student might need. It is a good school for outgoing people who like to join organizations or start programs.
The school offers football, basketball, and cross country in the fall and basketball, tennis, golf, and track in the spring. The football team is pretty good, and the fans are very supportive (especially the football moms). The cheer team is spirited and hard-working. The basketball teams also do well, and the games are very spirited. Athletics is mostly training for basketball and track, some weightlifting is involved. The basketball team practices every day for 2-3 hours. PE classes are more independent and relaxed. There is plenty of equipment available.
The school offers ECs like Student Council, Student Advisory Committee, CERT, and theater. I am a member of all of these and they are pretty fun. There are many field trips and each comes with a sort of training for the future and in leadership. Some are very simple to join, while with others, a person has to apply and be selected.
Most of the food is fried or covered in fatty sauces. The vegetables are always canned and the fruit is either canned or tastes like it was soaked in sprite. In order for any of it to taste good, you have to put ranch on it. I eat the school's food as rarely as I can; I usually pack a lunch from home
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