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Junior High is pretty dramatic, so its hard to focus but in high school there is barely any drama because we are all focused on our grade. Also over the years Aqsa has gotten very tech savvy, elementary has smart boards, and junior high and highschool finally have laptops given to the students to take home. The teachers have new rules so they dont overwhelm the students, like no more than 2 tests/quiz's a day. Also it is very small classes so we have an intimate, sisterly bond.
I went to Aqsa for all four years of high school. I really enjoyed my time there. By senior year I had felt very confident in reading the Quran and understanding Arabic. I made friends that I am still very close with to this day. Most of my teachers and faculty were very excellent. The only exception was the admin and teachers who they hired who did not want to be there or simply were there for the teaching experience. There were a lot of clubs to choose from and almost everyone was a part of two or more clubs/extracurricular. When I started college, I felt very prepared.
Asqa school has been a positive influence on my life. I can't wait for the next three years in this school. It will be the best high school experience!
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Aqsa School is a place dedicated to helping their students reach their full potential and succeed. My leadership skills have improved immensely due to the fact that my peers and I were so involved in many extracurricular activities and leadership roles on campus.
I have attended Aqsa for the past 12 years, and I honestly do not know who I would be if I had studied elsewhere. This school contains a strong sense of sisterhood, faith, and unity!
Aqsa is a nice school.My kids love it there.But the dress code is a little harsh.My kid was told to wear all black shoes we couldn't find any.But over all it's a amazing school.My kid come home doing her homework quickly and understands it and doesn't need my help.Thank you Aqsa for teaching my child!
School has for the past 13 years had 100% of graduates go on to universities

A success rate not match nybany private or public school.

Graduates have attended Univ. of Chicago, Northwestern, Stanford , Harvard, Loyola ,DePaul, Oxford, England, Illinois Institute of Technolgy.

Graduates have gone on to be Doctors , Dentists. Lawyers. Engineers, Architects, Writers, and a diverse field of various professions
Aqsa is an amazing place to send your daughter to with the hopes that she'll blossom into a strong and intelligent young lady. I went to Aqsa for my full highschool life and I don't rember ever feeling left out or not being given the same opportunities of other schools.
I would like to see more acceptance of ideas and beliefs, rather than only those that are "islamically acceptable". I wish there was more open discussion on controversial issues rather than being taught around the bush. I hope teachers would call out comments that are homophobic, racist, and/or sexist. The lack of diversity is results in less understanding of different cultures and beliefs, and the curriculum does little to educate us on those topics.
I had a great time. I got the same AP and ACT test scores as my twin brother who went to Morgan Park Academy, we end up going to the same top 10 university. The food was always great. Lots of clubs, so there were lots of leadership opportunities for all of us. Very empowering environment for young ladies.
This school is incredible! It encourages its students to reach their full potentials and motivates them to try their best. However, they do lack a few resources.
Academically, this school bas been credited. Very welcoming and safe. Honestly it's a great school, and is growing to always become better. One of my teacher here has won the Golden Apple Award 2016
academically, this school has benn credited. Its very welcoming and safe. with great teachers, staff and students. Honestly the school is just great and is becoming better. One of my teachers, Is a Glden Apple Winner 2016.
Because Aqsa is an Islamic private school located in an area that is heavily populated by Arabs, it's not too ethnically diverse although we do have fellow students who are of other races. Almost every student comes from a Muslim family so that's how we all unite despite our races. We never had students involved in sequel orientation that I know of. All together in regards to school rules, acceptance and kindness is always key but just like every other school bullying does go on and when it is noticed, it is put to an end by a staff member (s).
At Aqsa we have good equipment, excellent gym teachers and coaches who keep us moving at a healthy balance and who encourage us to eat and exercise on our own as well.
All teachers have different methods of teaching and grading. Usually teachers adjust to the students like the students adjust to the teachers and they know their subject well and are open to questions and ideas from students.
My school in the process of becoming a great school. It has been open for 28 years and I'd still improving everyday. Because we have a very strong community, communication between parents and teachers, the principal and vice principal, and the administration is very good. The only reason I ranked my school as just okay is because in terms of our effort, we are beyond great but because Aqsa is still growing, I cannot call it great just yet but I have full confidence that Aqsa will stand as a great school very soon.
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Our lunches are made fresh daily. Usually it consists of veggies, meat or chicken, bread or pasta, a sandwich, salad bar and a variety of juice, milk and water everyday. You can easily hit almost every food group every day. We don't have enough pop or candy machines. We do have the choice of French fries, but when we do they are always baked. Overall, we have a pretty healthy and satisfying lunch combination daily.
Just like any school, it's not perfect. Being an all girls, Islamic private school, I definitely have had experiences there that I wouldn't have had anywhere else because at Aqsa, there is a strong sisterhood bond that makes us one and united although we are a small school. Again because we are a small private school, our resources aren't always the newest but Aqsa supplies us with resources strong enough to take us to the moon. Being at Aqsa taught me that having the newest technologies isn't going to take me anywhere. How I use it and apply myself is how I'll be able to go passed the moon. So if I had a chance to change one thing it would how much more I would apply myself to extra activities and and my motivation, although it has taken me pretty far.
Very rigorous curriculum and strong academics.
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