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Aptos Junior High School Reviews

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Teachers are awful..and need to retire..They hate teaching and you can tell..Please fire the soccer coach..she is awful and has no idea what she is doing..please also fire her husband the flag football coach.
Overall I had a good experience at Aptos Junior, the faculty were excellent and all of my teachers were really into my education.
Though Aptos Junior High was the only school of its kind that I ever attended, I get the impression that the opportunities available to the seventh and eighth graders there are average -- nothing super special, but not obviously deficient, either.
Sports, similar to the local high school (Aptos), are the main extracurricular. The programs available are very relaxed; participating in junior high sports is a great way for students to figure out their interests before they enter the more rigorous high school programs.
Like the majority of schools, AJHS has a good mix of stellar, poor, and okay teachers. If students are willing to work and study and are curious, they should do just fine.
Lastly, I always felt safe at AJHS. I don't remember any pointed instances of constant bullying.
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Tried three times to make an appt with a counselor and was only talked to on the phone.

Did not resolve problems,
Some are ok

Some are too hard
Was lied to by administrator
Lots of cliques and groups
Math teacher was a PE teacher having to teach math. Terrible..learned nothing. Teacher never even looked at homework papers.
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