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I like the big campus at Aptos High School along with the big population, it makes it so there are so many people to meet and be friends with. I think somebody of the systems at our school need to be fixed. There’s always so much trash around. I also don’t like how lunch is a closed campus.
Aptos High School is very great school to attend for its sports and academics. The faculty is great with students!
I really have enjoyed the science department at Aptos High School. The teachers are excellent and they offer a number of different science class options, as well as AP classes. Aptos also has excellent sports programs, with great coaches and equipment. The campus is slowly being updated, as we recently got a new performing arts center. The classroom buildings could use updating, but our sports fields, pool, and gyms are all in great condition.
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I'd like to see much more teacher, student, and parent involvement. Aptos High is not very well connected in any way. I think this would be improved, and also would be beneficial altogether, for Aptos High and the Pajaro Valley School District to raise its wages for all teachers.
My experience of Aptos High for the most part was very positive. Despite the turbulences of the teenage years, I met some incredible people and had several teachers in all departments that were supportive and truly cared about the students. Even though I struggled in math and history classes, those teachers took the time to reach out and help me, as well as recognize the activities and subjects that I was good at, never making me feel like I was inadequate.
Certain departments have better teachers than others. The science teachers were great math teachers not so much. A lot of money and focus goes into activities and sports programs. Especially football, swim, basketball and waterpolo. Overall good school, average education, but great social experience. Another perc is the beautiful campus (south of Santa Cruz )
Aptos High school is a great place for young teens to blossom. Their academics are great and the teachers truly care about the students success. The athletics of Aptos High is something that sets the school apart, for years it has been known as a force to be reckoned in it's athletes.
The teachers are nice, really really really really really really really realy nice. Super super super kind. Other than the limited AP spots and the lack of mainence, everything was nice.
Teachers do not really invest in their students. If they do, it is very rare. Bullying and drugs are very prevalent. I could not wait to get out of this place. The kids were not nice at all.
Teachers at Aptos High School, despite their low pay come to school everyday ready to educate the next generation of our nation. They make the best of what materials available and even pay out of pocket to ensure students recieve the best educational experience.
The overall attitude of Aptos High students is very nice. People are mostly friendly and a lot of people take AP classes. Some people are less pleasant than others, but bullying isn't a huge problem as high schools go.
It is a very good and well rounded school. I have met a lot of people and grown a lot at Aptos high over the four years.
Generally apathetic enviroment, some teachers were nice but most were overworked, underpaid and boring.
I love the big school atmosphere and sports teams! The dances and other school activities are awesome.
Aptos High School is a very safe environment. I feel like they have made it a priority to make students feel welcome, it has emotional counselors that could be visited anytime. This school also offers a variety of AP classes to prepare us for college.
Enjoyed some classes more than others. Glad I transferred here as opposed to the other school I went to. Had a wide range of classes to choose from and explore different interests.
Aptos is a very neutral school in my opinion, there are really good and really bad things in every category. I have trouble with the majority of the administration but our principal is wonderful. Aptos is known for it's incredible sports program, it's well funded and just overall great, whoever as someone who does theatre it's upsetting that none of the art departments get any funding and everything is out of our teachers, and our own pockets.
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Aptos is a great school. We have teachers that really care about student success, and that really makes the school environment.
I liked the clearly committed teachers and also powerful sports program. I'd like to see a change in leadership with the principal, and also a more accepting environment for students who aren't "Perfect". If you don't fit the niche of STEM prodigy, you will have a very hard time
This school has been run by terrible administration who only care about catching people doing something wrong instead of helping troubled kids.
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