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It is a very good and well rounded school. I have met a lot of people and grown a lot at Aptos high over the four years.
Generally apathetic enviroment, some teachers were nice but most were overworked, underpaid and boring.
I love the big school atmosphere and sports teams! The dances and other school activities are awesome.
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Aptos High School is a very safe environment. I feel like they have made it a priority to make students feel welcome, it has emotional counselors that could be visited anytime. This school also offers a variety of AP classes to prepare us for college.
Enjoyed some classes more than others. Glad I transferred here as opposed to the other school I went to. Had a wide range of classes to choose from and explore different interests.
Aptos is a very neutral school in my opinion, there are really good and really bad things in every category. I have trouble with the majority of the administration but our principal is wonderful. Aptos is known for it's incredible sports program, it's well funded and just overall great, whoever as someone who does theatre it's upsetting that none of the art departments get any funding and everything is out of our teachers, and our own pockets.
Aptos is a great school. We have teachers that really care about student success, and that really makes the school environment.
I liked the clearly committed teachers and also powerful sports program. I'd like to see a change in leadership with the principal, and also a more accepting environment for students who aren't "Perfect". If you don't fit the niche of STEM prodigy, you will have a very hard time
This school has been run by terrible administration who only care about catching people doing something wrong instead of helping troubled kids.
Great sports and Monte vista has bad ones. Mariners beat mustangs. boys varsity is the best and I heard class of 2022 freshman are gonna be really stacked next year!!!
The people are all cool for the most part, and the teachers all seem dedicated. The bathrooms aren't that great, and there's a lot of trash on campus, but other than that it's a great school.
Aptos High School provided an average American high school experience. There were some excellent, inspiring and hard working teachers as well as some who were unkind, impatient and harsh. They have a great sports program that thrives and creates community among students, however most of the money goes to athletics- creating a lack of funding for facilities and other school events. Aptos High provided a good education and tried to create a positive student life but often struggled.
I spent the entirety of my high school career here. I did well and overall would call my high school experience good. I had some incredibly inspiring teachers as well as average ones. It's a small school, so everyone mostly knows everyone else and it's easy to get to know your instructors and classmates. Not the best high school ever, but not the worst. Good science programs as well as arts programs. Too much money spent on sports, but that's hard to avoid honestly.
Aptos High is an amazing school. It offers a variety of great AP classes. The teachers here are also very involved and work well with their students. The environment is nice and refreshing. There is plenty of clubs and sports to take part in. One thing that could be improved would be good. The food isn't necessarily mediocre but it could be a lot better. Overall a great school though.
If you are willing to put in a decent to considerable amount of effort to learn, many teachers will be very helpful. That said, class sizes are large (30-35 people usually), and students do have to take matters into their own hands to pursue even very important subjects further.
Also, there are not as many AP course offerings (no Psychology or World History, only one Physics course).
Extracurricular activities other than sports, Mock Trial, and Drama are underdeveloped.
My experience at Aptos High School was great, although my freshman year was one of the hardest for me. I came from a K-8th grade school, so this meant that I had to change my friends and everything at Aptos was harder for me. I think that making friends was hard and trying to come out of my comfort zone! What I loved from Aptos High was the way the teachers treated you, they are super helpful and made me feel safe. I got to open myself and become a completely different person than I was at my middle school. Now I'm a much more confident person and I think that Aptos High is a very good school that helps you develop more skills!
If you don't fall through the cracks, Aptos can be a great HS experience. AP classes are offered. Some of the teachers don't actually teach so you need to learn the material on your own. Althetics are good.
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I attended Aptos High School for 3 years. I was very depressed at the time but the school was overall great. The faculty was kind and caring, they pushed students to do their best in every aspect possible.
I like this school, but I do not think it is exceptional. The AP courses available are extremely limited and often inflexible in terms of scheduling. This is due to the small number of people signing up for AP classes. I think to make students college-ready, they should offer AP courses subjects such as Chemistry, Philosophy, Psychology, etc, that are not currently available.
Overall, Aptos Hugh School was okay. Teachers are pretty good and seem to be knowledgeable about what they are teaching. The administration staff however is not very helpful. I have had a few mishaps regarding my classes and issues with my transcripts.
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