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What I like about APS Online School is the sense of independence I get when it comes to my work. I have the opportunity to do my work on my own and focus on my assignments. What I also enjoy about APS Online is the flexibility. Having my assignments due at the end of the week is very helpful because it gives me the chance to work diligently in each class so that I turn in my best work. One thing I would change about APS Online is having a lot more activities incorporated in school work and having more activities, in general, will not only help increase my understanding of the subject at hand but also a way to get my eyes away from computer screens and doing a hands on activities.
APS Online School has very good teachers and academics that get students to where they need to be in order to get a high school diploma. The teachers are always there whenever students need them and are very skilled teachers that know what they are teaching.
I really enjoy being in Online School at APS. It has really motivated to go to college and it has helped with my academics. The teachers are wonderful and very helpful when you need them. The schedule is also flexible. It allows you to take your time studying and really allow yourself to put effort on your assignment. A job is a bonus on the side.
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The teachers at this school are very friendly and make you feel welcome not matter what. They push you do do better in your classes so that you can graduate and eventually move onto college. A lot of the teachers encourage students to start taking some college courses before they graduate. Which is very beneficial to the students education.
A lot the students come from the same schools so a lot of students are already friends. So it is very easy to make friends at this school you just have to make the effort to continue the friendship out of school because not every student goes into the lab everyday.
The school staff and administration are very friendly and always willing to help any student that needs it. The vibe is always very joyful and happy and they like to make every student feel comfortable.
The schools it's only offers classes that a student needs to graduate but they allow a student to be enrolled at a traditional high school and the inline high school as long as they can keep up with their grades.
The schools resources are very helpful it's how I found out about Fastweb! They are always giving you different websites for scholarships and grants. They truly care about your education their students becoming successful.
There are a variety of courses you can take at this school, they also allow you to take other classes at a different high school while still attending the online school.
This school gave me a second chance to actually graduate from highs school and have all the perks that a traditional high has. I would recommend this schools to anyone :)
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