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Appoquinimink High is by and large a shining model of quality public education. Teachers are fantastic, support is widespread, and activities are abundant. This school will prduce leaders and has already produced many Ivy League students and students attending Ivy level schools.
Pretty good. Slight problem with having people follow School rules and having it not addressed. Otherwise great school with good teachers and a good working ethic
I am a sophomore at Appoquinimink High School and I am very involved there.
Appo high school is overall great. There are great teachers there and a few teachers there that cannot teach. However, it is one of the better public schools. I would reccommend this high school to anyone living around the middletown delaware area.
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There were times where I do love Appo, but there are times where I don't. It depends on the teacher you get. Some actually really help to improve you while others do not. Choose wisely who you are friends with too. Some people there are full of drama.
Great school with new facilities all around. Has great teachers that know how to challenge gifted students and provide help to those who need it. Athletics is very competitive yet open to many.
The best part about Appo High is the large variety of classes offered. There is something for everyone here and the large selection stretches through AP courses and Dual Enrollment options.
Appo is definitely a good school, we have quite a few really good teachers, and they make sure that we reach our goals, and are successful in class. However, some teachers either can’t teach, don’t know the subject they’re teaching or just give up on trying to get people who don’t care, to pay attention. Which is distracting to the rest of the class, people try to learn and actually care and the other students don’t care and it messes everyone else up because teachers don’t do anything to help or get them to be quiet. Over all, Appo staff and admin are very nice people and you can always ask them for help.
This is a great school with a lot of school spirit. It offers a safe environment for the students which helps them excel in their academics. School sports are very competitive
The more difficult coursework you take, the better the learning enviorment. Sticking to AP and Honors allowed me to learn from dedicated teachers that would show up at 4am or 6pm to help students. All the upper-level coursework provided me with 21 college credits. The behavior and enviorment however, in CP classes were horrendous; often dangerous activities would ensue- teachers refused to care if their students were CP. Though those students can find good role models in clubs and sports. The school has a great sports program where everyone feels like a family. Performing arts at Appo high reguarly earned gold trophies around the eastern sea board. Leaders from our school have the ability to be supported from around the country for their work.
Even though Appoquinimink High School has a diverse amount of different social groups, the students get along very well. It has a light-hearted atmosphere where no one feels unwelcome. There is a sport or club or activity for almost everyone; it brings the social groups together. The majority of the teachers are very fun and hard-working. They challenge the students but not to a point where everyone is overwhelmed. I only wish there were more time in-between classes to stop at lockers.
As a senior at HS, the teachers were great, the environment is fun and friendly, however some of the classes do not cover much new material and we aren't very prepped for college. The budget also goes towards unnecessary things like TVs in the cafeteria to show the menu instead of fixing the smart boards in the classrooms.
My son attends Appoquinimink High School and he loves it. I was concerned when he started 9th grade. I didn't what to expect from the school or how my son would receive the environment. When people ask if he likes school. He says he does. He takes his education very seriously. I think there should be more monitoring of students in the hall.
I am a soon to be senior at appoquinimink high. I have enjoyed my time taking part in the music program and performing in musicals. If I could see one thing change at appoquinimink high school it would be teachers being more involved in student lives outside of the classroom.
A good school for a good, solid education. I provides you with the necessary tools for success. most teachers are willing to work with you one on one.
It is a great school, all the teacher and staff and ready to help you start the next chapter of your life.
The teachers were not the best, they do not teach. There are a few that do. The academics are not up to par the teachers do not do everything they could do to teach us to prepare us for college.
At Appoquinimink High School, I have had the privilege of working with teachers who all have the common goal of seeing their students succeed. All of my teachers did whatever necessary to make sure I understood the material being taught and provided me with resources to do well in their classes. It is because of their drive and determination, along with my own, that I am now on my way to graduating and getting a college education.
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Appoquinimink High School has such a welcoming atmosphere. The students are nice, and the teachers are very intelligent on their subjects. The school spirit is growing & the sports team are outstanding.
Overall Appoquinimink High has had its own ups and downs but what really has helped me are the teachers. teachers here are willing to go above and beyond here. They will take time during school or after school to help you with anything you are struggling with. Without the teachers, I would not be the person I am today.
The select teachers that made my high school experience worthwhile are the reason I loved this school. I went through so much hardships with administration throughout my senior year so far, I hated how they handled everything and their strict rules for seniors. Those certain teachers, however they go above and beyond with their students and I really admired and respected them for it. Overall it's a pleasant school.
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