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My experience at Appo has been great. It is a diverse school, with many courses, people, and sport options.
What I liked about Appoquinimink High School is that there is a lot of teachers there that want to help students succeed in whatever that they want. When you are doing not so well in a class they will stay after with you so that you can do well and pass their class. There are plenty of advantages that they give each student and it is up to the student to either take it or leave it. In this school you are welcomed with open arms and the student will leave with the same arms that was opened up to them.
Appo offered many easily available course options, from CP to AP or graphic design to animal science. The environment was diverse and relatively friendly. The athletic department was well performing. Everyone jokes about hating high school but this is a school to be proud of.
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While Appo was one of the best schools in Delaware, it was definitely not the best school in the world. It had its problems, just like any other school. The teachers were not the best. There was definitely some bullying and harassment. There was also a huge drug problem going on in the school and no one knew about it until someone overdosed and almost died in the building. I feel like what the school says they care about, and what they actually care about, are very disconnected. They said they cared about keeping us safe, but drugs were ravaging the school and they did not even know about it. They say they care about helping students, but the suffering of many would go unnoticed. They say they care about helping students succeed, but all they really wanted was for us to get high scores on our standardized tests. They do not care about us. They care about their image and perception. They care about being the best in numbers, but not in practices, and that needs to change.
I think overall, Appoquinimink High Scool prepared me for college. I had challenging curriculum in most of my courses, the teachers cared about you, and there were many ways to get involved
There are teachers that care and put passion into their work while others are very lazy and should have never been hired. The principal is also lazy, greedy, and very unprofessional.
Appoquininink High School is a very diverse school with so many options for everyone. I am involved in the music department here and it offers me so much learning as well as another home for me. I love our music program along with the rest of the school and teachers. It is such a great environment and prepares students for their next step in life, no matter what it may be!
Appo is ok it’s not the best in my opinion and it’s also not bad. I feel like some of the teachers aren’t great and they don’t really care about students grades as they should. I don’t like the dress code I feel like it’s strict and some things are very Unnecessary.
Both the teachers and students were very welcoming. During the open house that I attended to learn about this school, I learned that they prepare you for a pathway of your choice. One thing I very much disliked was PE class. Not because of physical activity, I love that, but because of the lack of physical activity. We have to walk around the gym for 30-45 minutes for whatever reason, and if we try and do something else, such as run or play with a ball during that time, we get in trouble. We have a block schedule which means we only have certain classes one semester and different ones the next. Which can be troubling because if you have, let's say math, during the first semester one year, then the next year you have it the second semester, that's over a full year without math class. This can very easily lead to students forgetting how to do something they learned the previous year. Otherwise, it's a great school.
The best teachers you will find at a high school. Instructors are dedicated and passionate, and really want to help students succeed! Of course, not all teachers are perfect (and their is a fairly high turnover rate of staff), but some of the best teachers are in the AP program. I have had numerous standout instructors who have worked hard to engage students and assist in any way possible.

Very low bullying rate, which is refreshing. Student climate is generally positive, and harmful acts towards others are rare. When they do occur, they are typically physical and not verbal. Everyone leans on one another, and it’s great to see friends supporting friends through the difficulties of high school, whether they be breakups or bad grades.

Appoquinimink High School is an overall great school. There’s a place for everybody, and with its exciting extracurriculars and interesting academic courses, you’ll rarely be bored.
The classes offered are amazing and provide wonderful opportunities to students. The way things are run though...not so good. The staff can be very sexist and rude, and admin. Is so slow when helping families.
I have two children that are in this school. They have grown and matured with the help of teachers and staff.
If you live in Middletown Delaware, this school is probably one of the best besides Middletown High. There is a vast amount of good academic classes, as well as some cool classes you can't get anywhere else.
This school tried to provide students with very well-balanced academics in sciences, math, english, and "pathways" such as medical, art, childcare, etc... that students got to pick which peaked their interest.
Appoquinimink High is by and large a shining model of quality public education. Teachers are fantastic, support is widespread, and activities are abundant. This school will prduce leaders and has already produced many Ivy League students and students attending Ivy level schools.
Pretty good. Slight problem with having people follow School rules and having it not addressed. Otherwise great school with good teachers and a good working ethic
I am a sophomore at Appoquinimink High School and I am very involved there.
Appo high school is overall great. There are great teachers there and a few teachers there that cannot teach. However, it is one of the better public schools. I would reccommend this high school to anyone living around the middletown delaware area.
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There were times where I do love Appo, but there are times where I don't. It depends on the teacher you get. Some actually really help to improve you while others do not. Choose wisely who you are friends with too. Some people there are full of drama.
Great school with new facilities all around. Has great teachers that know how to challenge gifted students and provide help to those who need it. Athletics is very competitive yet open to many.
The best part about Appo High is the large variety of classes offered. There is something for everyone here and the large selection stretches through AP courses and Dual Enrollment options.
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