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I feel as though Apponequet offered a very productive small class environment that allowed for more one-on-one time with teachers for the students.
Apponequet comes with a lot of good things, they have an amazing staff. They do their best to help us with everything we need while at the same time not holding our hand whenever an obstacle comes up. They are very lenient with the things that we do and they make coming to school worth it everyday by doing fun and different things. The teachers are also very easy to talk to and treat like we are their own kids and make sure we all have good connections with them. They also go out of their way to make sure everyone feels welcome.
A small town, community school. You know everyone and everyone knows you. Teachers are majorly helpful and friendly; students are kind and motivated . Apponequet is a level one school, scoring extremely well on the MCAS. There are many after school extra curricular opportunities.
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Apponequet is a great public high school. Education is clearly more about understanding than only memorizing facts. The student body is spirited and quite kind. However, there is something to be said about the minimal amount of extracurricular activities beyond the basics and sports. There is nothing, say, for example, like a Model Un. It is also not very diverse at all.
I greatly enjoyed my time at Apponequet as a student and while doing sports. The teachers are great and eager to help, however do to budgeting, many are being let go this year.
The academics and teaching skills are very strong at this school. I would like to see the administration work on dealing with students better although.
When I was a student there, there was a change in Administration almost every year, but at least it kept getting better with every change. By the time I left as a senior, the school's overall experience had changed drastically from when I was a freshman. As an honor and AP student, the classes were challenging and intense, and I was definitely ready to face college courses. The diversity is okay, but it's in a very white, christian majority area, so it does okay for where it is, I suppose. The teachers are mostly very helpful. As a student who is now in a college for art, I found that my experience with their growing art programs definitely prepared me for where I am today.
Great school with a lot of great teachers. The teachers really know what they are talking about and most of them love teaching. For example my AP Bio teacher would love to have more time with us each day and always repeats that to the class.

-Connor Lepage
Before going to this school, I've never experienced such a family like community within a school. Everyone is very supportive of all types of groups and organizations
A lot of my teachers these four years have given me the support in not only my educational endeavors, but in my dreams and aspirations. I couldn't ask for a better group of staff and faculty
Teachers are supportive. They are engaging and helpful
There is a large variety of clubs, from drama to rainbow alliance to tech club and so on. There is something for every student that allows the student base to get involved beyond academics. What prevents me from rating it as "the best" is the quality of some clubs. Ones such as math team are of acceptable quality but do not match up to many other schools.
The experience of attending Apponequet is generally favorable. The moments that would not be considered favorable or even undesirable usually are not due to the fault of the school. My favorite experiences of the school usually are the after-school groups or the administration giving the students an opportunity to build a new club or organization from the ground-up, such as Tech Club (which I helped start-up).

Senior privileges can appear to be skimped out on and costs, (such as prom tickets, parking, etc.) can be very costly. There are also certain courses that are not offered directly that could benefit many student.

However, the greatest experience of Apponequet comes from the ability of the students to build relationships with some of the teachers there and create and have enjoyable experiences and relationships that would not be possible at other schools.
The teachers at Apponequet vary greatly in quality and in teaching styles, but overall tend to perform well in their duties as a teacher. Most are willing to put in extra effort to help struggling students and are able to build bonds with students to make them more comfortable and more willing to learn in the classroom. Experiments and labs are utilized to give students real-life examples and experience within varied fields, and constant practice is given in AP classes to help perform for exams. While teachers may give work occasionally that is not well taught or prepared for, generally the teachers at Apponequet perform above expectations.
Apponequet does not have a very diverse student body and most students tend to not be very accepting towards those that do not conform.
I was very lucky to have fantastic teachers during my time at Apponequet. They all made the classroom a fun environment and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.
I really enjoyed my time at Apponequet. I made some great friends there and had wonderful teachers that positively impacted my education.
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I enjoyed it not a lot to offer though
Apponequet is home to some spectacular teachers, going above and beyond to help students learn in the best way possible...well some of them! The majority of the teachers are great but some do not help prepare for the future in an aspect. The sports and clubs at the school are great, too! Administration changes mostly every year, leaving for no familiarity in the principal, vice-principal, etc..
There is no shortage of sports that are offered through the high school. Coach involvement is excellent which helps team spirit.
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