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I would like to see more security for the school. My sister is coming to this school and I want her to be safe. I think teachers should be more well trained to treat all different kinds of situations.
The teachers are really helpful and try thier best to help thier students succeed. Teaching meathods applied there are ok and seem to work well enough to learn from.
I would like to see the atmosphere change. the students here are very judgmental. the administration is very bad, they have told me in the past that it was okay for a teacher to be rude to students because the teacher was from an inner city school
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I am going to miss the teachers at ACHS. They have done a lot for me and without their support, I wouldn't be where I am today. I really liked what I learned and honestly, I'm sad to leave. There are a couple of things I'd change, but other than that, the school is awesome. I hope the rising middle school students will have a positive time like I did. I'm excited to continue my journey, but, I'm sure to make a return visit to the place that built my love for school.
Smaller school with teachers who know you and care about your academic progress. Overall, the school is diverse and most everyone gets along; our football coach really rallied the whole town with his "Power of One" theme for the football team. The school and town were energized with this theme after several tragedies in our community.
I’ve had an amazing time at Appomattox County High over the past four years. All of the teachers work hard to make sure that students get everything they need to graduate. Sports are also a thing that I have enjoyed, all of the coaches are dedicated to helping their players excell.
I would like for there to be more teachers that actually know the material they are teaching I like how diverse all the students are I also love some of the teachers that really care about the students
Appomattox High School is a very strong place. We have been through so much, but we always stay together. This school has given me so many wonderful memories.
I like the overall atmosphere at Appomattox County Public High School, however, the bathrooms are disgusting, the food even more disgusting, and the library leaves something to be desired. There is no place for dual enrollment students to go if they need school resources.
My experience here is okay, nothing special.
Only a couple teachers stand out to me, the rest are just normal.
There are alot of different clubs that people can join, but they aren't promoted that well so alot of people don't realize we have as many clubs as we do.
My experience her has been pleasing. I have not had any problems with administration of the school system, it is well organized and effecient. This school is unique because it actually feels like a second home and a safe enviroment that I trust to stay in for 8 or more hours. I would choose to come back to this school because my overal experience has been great and I would recommend others to attend as well.
The teachers are for the most part very respectable and are willing to do anything they can to see their students not just pass, but understand and know the teachings. They communicate with majority of the students well and they try to make the teachings easy to understand and relatable to everyday life.
Overall, the school offers a very good atmosphere and although there is not much diversity in the people who are in clubs and organizations, they are offered for involvement. Extracurricular activities including sports are all very involved and tend to all be good programs. The academic environment is okay, but it would be better if more AP courses were offered, however, other options are available to accommodate for this.
Teaching is more focused on passing the SOLs than it is about truly teaching and allowing the students to learn. Most teachers do what is needed and teach what is needed so that the students can pass these standardized tests, not enough focus on letting the students actually understand and comprehend the information.
Our school, needs help with something's, the hallways are crowded and hard to move through when the bell rings.
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Appomattox County High School has not given me a reason to dislike it. Most of the teachers are very friendly and accessible outside of class. The course work is hard, but not impossible. ACHS offers a lot of different sports, however, they support some sports more than the others. One of my favorite memories at ACHS is when my science teacher would let the class go out on the nature trail and observe the wild life. He made the class fun and unique. I would definitely choose to attend this school again because of the amazing teachers and counselors offered.
I had a great time when I was at the school. And enjoyed my whole time there with everything that was offered.
This school is a great school however, there are certain things that should be changed about this school. They have great pr0grams for everyone.
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