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I have and continue to enjoy my time at ACHS. It is a diverse school with caring staff and community. The only thing is that I wish soccer was more popular among our school spirit...
I can say that out of all my 2 years of being at Appling County High School, it was a okay experience. The education was good, I did have some problems with some teachers, but I had to let it go. I was so happy I was able to get my mind back on track to worry about my education and not others opinions. I'm happy that I've graduated and have now became an alumni from the school.
The staff is great! The teachers are very helpful and strive to do what is best for their students education.
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Some of the teachers were very good, but some just had there favorites and some people were given grades they didn’t earn.
Appling County High School is a great school located in Baxley, Georgia. Everyone around me was nice and friendly. I have great teachers that care about me, and guide me to the right track. During my most depressed time, my friends, teachers, and counselors guide me out of the depression. Appling County High School is a wonderful school that I loves.
The teachers are amazing. They have always went above and beyond to help the students succeed. Failure is not an option for them.
This is m last year at ACHS and I have to say I've enjoyed it. It's a smaller high school, so you pretty much no everybody. I feel like I have a close relationship with the faculty and can come to them with any help I need. Overall, it's a good school, and I'm glad I'm a pirate!
I am a senior at Appling County High School. I have gone to school in the district for as long as I have been in school, so I have a pretty good take on things. Most of the teachers at the high school are excellent teachers that really care about there students. Since the school is so small, the one-on-one experience with the teachers is incredible. There are a few teachers that are unpleasant and rude, but there are teachers like that at every school. Overall it is a fairly decent school as far as small towns go.
There is very little school spirit here, so kids just do not care about anything like grades or sports or keeping it nice or being respectful.
Appling County High School was an awesome experience for the past 4 years. I am really going to miss this school.
I liked that Appling County High School is a relatively small school, meaning there's a good teach to student ratio. I never felt left out or not involved in my classes. The education in the honors classes is rigorous for the most part and the teachers prepare students well for AP exams. I feel that the culture of the school could be better. Teachers show favoritism for students whose families have a higher economic status. The students break themselves up into cliques but that is common in most high schools. Sports are very emphasized at Appling County High School. Students who make good grades are even awarded with a free pass to school games. Football is the most supported sport at the school while other programs fade into the background. Overall I had an okay experience at Appling County High School. I just wish school funds went more towards educational programs and less to the sports programs.
I loved Appling County High School. The administration is amazing. I have never felt unsafe in this environment. The teachers stay involved with the students. The athletic programs support many scholarship opportunities for students.
Appling County was a good school, even though some teachers showing favoritism. As an honors student, the teachers who taught my classes were well prepared for class and cared about the student's success.
Appling County High School is always striving to improve. In recent years, more AP courses and college opportunities have been added. I hope that the school will continue to improve and promote parents and students to be more involved.
I loved Appling County High school. Its in a great community and everyone is so involved.The Academics are wonderful and they definitely prepare you for college.
The school has a wide range of ethnic groups but there are many illegal Mexicans, I have been told by the Mexicans that they are illegal. Not many students participate in groups and those who do are not recognized for any service. The students accept each other but bullying does occur to those who are overweight or are different.
The school does not believe in homework, which is crazy because homework allows the student to take what they have learned and study it again. The teachers are somewhat ok at getting the curriculum across but some do not care. Their are not that many classes but they have dual enrollment options and career related classes that are nice.
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The school tries to keep a safe environment but people do have the opportunity to walk in without being recognized as dangerous. The school is pretty unsanitary because they have a cleaning crew that just wipes real quickly without a care. We have a cop who walks the halls mostly because the school has an issue with violence.
Because I moved here a month into school I havn't been able to engage in extracurricular activities but what I hear and have seen is sad. The school does not take pride in students that are in these activities and they are not recognized for any service they do. They have a limited amount of organizations compared to my previous school.
I moved to this school in the beginning of my senior year, which in its self was difficult. To make the matter worse the school is too lenient on their education and success of their students. I may choose this school again because it has opportunities my previous school didn't have, such as dual enrollment and work related classes, such as health care, but the overall experience has been negative because the students create a very hostile environment and the teachers do not do much to correct that.
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