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My Freshman and Sophomore year were great. After my Sophomore year it just fell. I would not recommend it in it's current state.
The school is fairly new and can improve with few changes. It is focused on four career "pathways" (health, PALS, CHEF, and ACE) which makes them unique and desirable. However, I feel a lack structure and opportunities that other high schools obtain. For one, they do not have sports or AP classes, which I feel like would help students achieve and accomplish their goals. The school is supposed to be technology and career-focused, however, the student body does not represent it. There are plenty of high achieving students attending, but the majority of students are just like their peers at neighboring schools. My experience here has been wonderful, but perhaps with changes and expansions, could it have been perfect. Nonetheless, if you have passion and drive, ATC is a wonderful environment where you could thrive.
This school helped me develop many necessary social skills and real world skills. This is a project-based-learning school, which means projects are assigned constently. Due to that I had to develop presenting, group,and leadership skills. These skills heped me be better prepared from my college classes and work.
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Amazing way to learn through project-based learning. Teachers really care about their students and are there to help them. This school really does prepare you for college.
The Applied Technology Center high school is a school that has been open for 6 years, and my class is the third graduating class. It certainly is different, because we helped build what it is today, and it still has a long way to go. Besides that, it gives us so many opportunities that we wouldn't get elsewhere. For example events, and work-based learning.
The ATC high school is a really great school. Especially with the four different pathways that the school offers.
My experience at the applied technology has been good. I think that they got me well prepared to move on to college. They offer good programs for their students like ROP and college courses. Some thing that I really enjoyed about the applied technology center is how small our school is.
My experiences at this school have been a prodigious part of the person who I am today. This high school has been a fun experiences with friends, teachers, and education. Throughout the three years I have been here I would say that the enjoyment of having this school has been descent because the only thing missing would be sports which will create a copious amount and will ameliorate the school more.
Great school, helps to prepare kids for college. They also focus on group work and prestenations to help their students grow. They have a variety of clubs to choose from. The teachers there are good and offer assisstance.
At the Applied Technology Center, I enjoyed the Project-Based Learning style where we usually work in groups with other students and work on projects that are based on real jobs.
Applied technology center is a school based on PBL which is project based learning . It helped us speak in public. And offer many great opportunities it only needs sports for more support.
Teachers in the applied technology center ,are very approachable and are willing to help if needed.But some of them are not in time with grading.So i feel like they are very helpful facilitators but they can do better when grading .
There are many clubs at this school that are very very helpful. I think it's great we have such opportunities to kids like us.I like how the teachers that are in the clubs are committed to doing what they need to do and I think we have great support from our administrator's even though there are some teachers that lack it but little by little I think they'll get to it. I think the after school activities are the best. We have also a lot of opportunities to learn new stuff and we have a way to get stuff like sign language and like retail and college classes.
I like this school so far. I think it's great and I would recommend it to other students. What makes this school unique is the way the teacher and facilitators run the school. I would choose this school to do it all over because I would meet my teachers again and hang out in places that I would hang out when I was with my friends. My favorite experience is when in freshman year advisory and the chef advisory would get together every month and celebrate people's birthdays and we'd all have cake.
I think the teachers at my school are hard working and take their own free time to help us in what we need. I really appreciate it.
They do a great job trying to make the school safe as possible.
Teachers take their own time to stay after school and help the students in any way the can.
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This school is unique in different ways, it's not a typical high school.
They do a great job at supporting you all the time.
being a new school there's so much room to grow
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