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Love the Christian education and college readiness. Having a Bible class has been very benificial and helps us to grow stronger in our faith. Teaches students good skills for life and college. Wish there was more extracurricular activities. Not many elective classes either.
I have always felt safe at my school. This year we have updated our security by getting better locks and a keypad for entry. Adding extra security is a great idea and should be done because it helps protect the students. We have practice drills for tornado and fire safety in case of an emergency. There is a school nurse available, and there are routine lice checks each year. Health is a concern at our school. Any changes to the health or security of our school is welcome but not necessarily needed.
Being such a small school, there are only a few options for extra curricular activities. Every one in the high school is involved in the student council. The main goal in our student council is to serve our school and our community. We serve at many different organizations such as Open Door, Meals on Wheels, and Community Café. Sports and the Drama Club are two other organizations where many people in the school is involved. There is strong commitment to each on of these extra curricular activities. Many teachers and parents are involved in making sure these organizations run smoothly. Without the teachers and parents, these options would not even exist.
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Applewood Christian School is a small school with eight as the biggest class. With such a small class size, my classmates are my best friends and my family. We do everything together including activities in and out of school. Our teachers are able to invest their time and knowledge into us with a small class/teacher ratio. Applewood is open about Christianity as our faith and foundation. We have Bible class in the morning before academic classes being able to learn and grow in our faith. Our student council has allowed me leadership and serving opportunities for the community. My favorite experiences in school surround the spring play and my volleyball career. My volleyball team has played together since 5th grade all the way to senior year. We play as a team, and we never give up. Finishing a game together is one of the best memories I have at Applewood. Everyone involved in sports and extra curricular activities focuses on the task at hand while having a fun time. I have been Applewood Christian School for fourteen years since pre-school to my senior year, and I would not trade it for the world.
The teachers take time to help each individual student either during class or on their free time. A teacher's salary is not enough to live on which shows that our teachers truly teach because they have a heart for the students. Most teachers have a passion for their subject, and it shows in the classroom. The quality of the teaching adequately prepares the students for college. The teachers want the students to learn academics but also leadership skills. The real world requires more than academics, and the faculty at Applewood Christian School helps prepare their students with the knowledge and skills to face the real world.
Every school has it's good and bad areas. On a student level, I wish we didn't have as many rules as we do. Taking a step back and seeing the big picture, I see that those rules are only there to protect us and help us have a better learning experience. The teachers are amazing! They really work on building a relationship with each student to help us learn more. The principal is extremely helpful! This year there was a class that the teacher had quit just a few weeks before school started, and our principal stepped in and is now teaching that class. She is always doing things for the betterment of the school and it's families. At Applewood, bullying is not tolerated, at all! As soon as it has been caught, the parents are called and the student is removed from school for that day, then they have a meeting with the principal, with parents present, and discuss how if it happens again the student will be suspended. If, after the suspension, the student still chooses to bully, they can be expelled.
Some teachers know how to connect with the students better than other teachers, but every teacher really cares about their students.
We don't have a school nurse, but we do have a first aid kit. There is no bullying in school, the moment someone starts saying something that could be taken as bullying they are pulled aside and are talked to by a faculty member.
There is no peer pressure at this school. People are always supportive of activities that are family friendly.
The academics are 100% in a Christian point of view.
We each bring our own lunches.
Extra-Curricular activities include Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Spring Play, and Student Council
One thing I truly appreciate about this school is that it is a Christian school. I can learn more about God and make life long godly friends.
Everyone in the faculty is very involved with the students. They really care about each and every student.
We only have three sports to choose from: volleyball, basketball, and soccer. However, the student participation is excellent!
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