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Our son attends the school and he loves it! He is excited to go to school each day and when we ask about his day he says, “It was amazing!”. We love many things about Applewild: excellent academics, passionate teachers, small class sizes, foreign language, art, drama, shop, and the sense of community. Children are taught to be confident learners and engaged citizens through the school's core competencies (be reflective, communicate, create, persevere, collaborate, and think critically) and core values (being respectful, fair, responsible, compassionate, honest, cooperative, and civic-minded). They're are not just words on the school’s website, they're fully integrated into everything the students do from community service activities (our son will be reading to Head Start students soon) to the day-to-day routines. Applewild reinforces the values we teach at home and helps build his character. We're very happy with our decision to invest in our son's education at Applewild.
I have not seen or heard about another PreK-8 school that develops a better understanding of academics, arts, charter building, creativeness and civic-minded behavior better than Applewild. My children are constantly challenged and have grown into such compassionate, innovative and determined students. We really think of the school as an extension of our family. The staff and teachers truly care for my children and the other parents are just as encouraging and supportive to my children as they are their own.
Please do not just read the reviews- take a look and see the students and teachers in action during the school day. It was my tour during that sold us on this school. Seeing the mutual respect the teachers and students have for each other and their learning space. It was like nothing I ever experienced!
Applewild falls short of its inflated reputation. I paid nearly 25K for my students to practice manners and be exposed to the arts. I should have invested my money in extra-curricular activities instead of enrolling my children. Family-style lunches, play-time, arts/culture are a plus, but many of the core classes lack innovation. The leaders of the school work hard to ingratiate themselves with parents, but their actions range from suspect to devious. They deny that they have a bullying problem despite the clear elitest attitudes of many at the school. As a family, we often felt subtly judged and at times my daughter and I were explicitly ostracized. There is one learning specialist for the entire school and no guidance or adjustment counselor. My son had an unqualified substitute for months. The school confuses volume of work with rigor (there were lots of worksheets, copying notes, and other low-level thinking assignments).
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I came to this school in the 7th grade and immediately was greeted by so many people. It's so hard to find a place where people truly care for you and will go out of their way to help you, but at Applewild, the teachers and staff are always there.

They're ready to help and actually love helping. If you're having trouble with a particular subject, you can go in early to school or stay after school for extra help. There is extra help every day of the week.

The school makes sure to integrate music, sports, and art as part of their curriculum, so it didn't cut into any of my time after school. This was my favorite part about the school. They allowed you to succeed in all areas because they treated each music/chorus lesson, sport, and art class as regular class.

If you're looking for a genuine and warm community with a well-rounded curriculum, this school is for you. The teachers and staff are more than happy to give you a hand and the friends you make at this middle school will last a lifetime.
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