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Both of our children are getting a first class public school education with the attention and creativity of a private school!
Fake rating from this real estate website.

Highest taxes and lowest results in the district and among surrounding schools.
Excuses and blame the children are all we hear from the leadership.
But they give themselves an a A+.

The teachers give out perfect grades but kids are still failing, they are not prepared for high school. Do parents know they are being cheated? Their children are being hurt by poor performance of the leadership and teachers at AVS.

Tax payers & parents need to look at facts- not fake news. All they want is more money for more failure for our kids.

When is enough enough Appleton?
Small school success story. Small class sizes and k-8 in one building allows the teachers to think outside the box. The teaching staff is great and the leadership at the school is the best it has been in a long time.
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Great small school! Outstanding veteran staff provides multiple opportunities for students to succeed. Staff goes above and beyond to provide opportunities for students. Veterans Day community celebration is excellent, Stories project with the Farnsworth Art museum a great opportunity for 4th and 7th graders. On site ropes course provides team building opportunities for all students. Student compete on an even playing field when going on to High School. Math and ELA score at or above the state average. They manage to make this work with significantly less resources than surrounding towns. Wildcat Ambassadors parent group have been a significant benefit to the school.
The school has some strong small-school programs, such as having older students mentor younger ones, which gives all students a feeling of belonging and responsibility. The school board and teachers are dedicated and hard-working. The school board works to balance fiscal responsibility with commitment to a sound educational program.
Out of the 15 students of the 8th grade class of 2009, there are recent graduates of Smith, Bard, Syracuse, University of Maine, Maine Maritime Academy, among others, and several students who entered the workforce.
The school integrates the community into activities, including Veteran's Day programs, Seniors to Lunch, community concerts, and more.
Kids failed state math test and got average on reading. Teachers inflate grades to get raises and keep tax payers dumb. "Oh those tests don't mean anything" they say to parents. Until ther kid can hardly do high school math. The high school puts the smart kids in regular math because they are no inline with what they should be teaching. Oh that poor teacher makes $31 bucks an hr nine months a year. So sad!
No accountability and high taxes.
Can't rate it a zero, too bad.
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