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Appleton City High School Reviews

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High school is something that makes you who you are. It gives you your base education and helps prepare you for your future. This is my last year at Appleton City High school and there are moments that I have really enjoyed and moments that I didn't so much. I enjoyed most of the classes I took but I wish there would have been more for me to choose from. More language classes, different social studies classes, fine art classes, and other things. My senior year, this year, I was unable to take the classes I truly wanted to because there just wasn't that much available. So I have enjoyed it so far but what has made it the best experience is the teachers and friends. Honestly, administration needs some work but everyone makes mistakes. Thank you.
I liked the small school building, the easy to find classrooms, and the straight cut paths to classes. I did not like the teachers or administration, I would like to see that improve. The teachers and administration were not supportive in any way.
Our school has a fantastic gym. However, our track and football field are fairly poor. At this point in time, there isn't any track at all. The only problem with our facilities is that we have issues with our heating and cooling systems. We are allowed to take dual credit classes, however they are online which can be difficult at times. Overall, our school does its best with the funding we have.
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I have had great experiences at this school. The only downfall is that we do not get the greatest funding for things because we are such a small school.
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