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it was a fantastic experience and I would totally go back if I could.
the teachers are very engaging and make school a place that students want to be for the most part.
the tech school is amazing and has everything to offer.
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they served decent food and it has definitely gotten better
the teachers want you to succeed and will go out of their way to help you get there.
this school is very safe and I don't remember anything to big happening that would make it unsafe.
sports teams at this school are very competitive and it's something the whole school gets into.
the teachers in this academy teach students what they want to know and what they are interested in.
the school has a great sense and appreciation for diversity.
it's a career academy. it pushes you and shows you what to expect in real job situations.
the school is very structured and they have a great staff to enforce everything
There are quite a bit of class options to take at Appleton North High School and there are multiple AP courses available. We do have online classes available but they are lacking educational-wise. At my charter school, Appleton Career Academy, the class options are magnificent. We have so many more options than ANHS students ever would.
There are a few students from other countries and there are a few from other nationalities, but most of the students come from an extremely wealthy neighborhood that is predominantly white.

The school is very cliquey and it is impossible to climb the social ladder.
When it comes to school counselors, there is nothing amazing about them. There are too many students that they are assigned to so they really are unable to meet the unique needs of each student.
There is a good variety of extracurricular but nothing that I would consider extraordinary. Really the only MAIN extracurricular is the drama team and I hate drama so I could really care less.
Health-wise, the school could be doing better to accommodate medically fragile students. I have to go to the nurses office quite a bit and I am constantly ridiculed by the office staff. They claim I am skipping class and they are rather insensitive. My father has had to speak with them due to this issue and they have still continued.
The food is absolutely horrific. Though the school food service (Aramark) claims it is offering nutritious foods, if you look at the nutrition information I am surprised they have the nerve to say that! The food is laden with sodium and unhealthy chemical additives. The salad bar they have has vegetables that look like they have been left to rot. It is just absolutely disgusting.

I have to be on a strict gluten-free diet due to my celiac disease. They make no effort to help me find options in their cafeteria that are gluten-free and it is very upsetting.
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Most of the teachers at Appleton North High School are good, though there are a few who put in a lackluster effort. I attend Appleton Career Academy in the afternoon and I get a much more individualized learning approach then what I would ever get at ANHS. This is probably due to the charter school's small size.
The administrative policies at my school are quite strict, especially when it comes to absences. I have multiple medical problems making attending school rather difficult some days. I have been accused of skipping by the school and have had to have my father come in to "talk" (more like yell) to the administrators for their lack of empathy and understanding.
I am fortunate enough to attend a charter school in the afternoon which provides me with a more experiential education experience. I think if I were just to attend Appleton North High School, I would find a way for my parents to home-school me. ANHS focuses mostly on only the talent student athletes and neglects budding intellectuals like myself.
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