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I attended apple valley high school for all 4 years. I am a big believer in being able to make it a good experience wherever you are as long as you have a positive attitude and choose to be involved. Each year I was involved in something different. I did 4 sport teams along with a few clubs. I also did ASB, which made me very involved. The teachers and staff were always nice, making it better.
My time during high school was the enst four years of school that I have had. Some teachers are somewhat hard on work, but that does not mean that some days we do fun activities while we learn. The campus is always full of activity and special events that always fill me and everyone else with Sundevil pride. I may be glad that I am finally done with high school, but I had the best time with all of the friends that I had in my class.
Apple Valley High is the typical high school you would think of. Even though it is in the desert, the school does a good job with the scenery. But the atmosphere and school life is very rough. Firstly, the teachers do not push and make students want to strive to go to college. Not only the staff, but student life here is dull and discomforting, that is the reason why students often find them selves failing or in trouble here. I do have to say the athletics programs is not the worst in the High Desert, but more variety of activities do need to be implemented to get more students involved on campus. Overall, the school does need to be improve upon within the campus among staff and fellow peers.
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When I first started here as a freshmen the school had a very welcoming feeling. The school is also not that hard to navigate. Once you get the hang of the buildings it will be no time before you got it. The students are for the most part friendly with the exception of some but that is High School for you.
Overall I had a very good experience, I made great friends over my four years there, also they have a lot of extra curricular activities that you can do. One of my favorites was the cornhole tournament for the Key Club. One thing I would like to see improved is the student involvement. There was a lot of great ideas and events but there wasn’t a lot of support from the kids.
Apple valley is an amazing school! Everything has been so awesome, and all the has made high school such a memorable experience. The students are maily all very productive, kind, and loving. Also, the environment the staff provides is amazing for the children. It is a great learning environment. The only thing that can be improved is lunch lines and how inefficient it is.
I love apple high I've been going here all of my high school years, I'm now a senior and I'm glad i spent my time here as apposed to another school. Apple has teachers that shape the way students think in a positive way and prepare us for the ever changing world we're about to enter.
I like Apple Valley High School because I get a good education and they help me tremendously with getting ready for college.
My time at Apple has been very easy and fun. The teachers will always try to help and encourage students to do their best on every assignment.
Was a very good school. Everyone was so happy to be there and learn. Teachers will make or break your experience. Overall amazing school.
The faculty and students at Apple Valley High School greatly engage themselves in school pride. Initiative was taken to create a unified school environment by implementing the SPARK program. Assemblies and pep rally’s were held to create a hype that students more than willingly engaged in. There are various programs that comply with a diverse set of interest such as FFA, CAMP, Key Club, Cross Fit, Eco Club, gardening, a fresh deal of sports, and among more. I myself took part in cross country, track, tennis, eco club, and AP/ Honors to integrate , myself in the components that make attending Apple Valley High School an adventurous experience.
My overall experience at Apple Valley high has been great. I love this school and I’m glad I got to be here all four years. My freshman year I joined a program called Avid. Avid has been very helpful and I’ve accomplished so many things with Avid. Avid has helped me chose the right college for me and I know that without it I would be lost. Apple Valley has been very helpful and I love attending Apple Valley High.
I did not enjoy my time at this school. I found it boring and monotonous as they attempt to dumb down the curriculum. I found that the admin were rude and promote a toxic learning environment. In many instances the counselors either lied regarding my available classes, or suggested options that hindered my ability to succeed.

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The school prepares students for their future, whether they plan going to college or not. You will always get the help you need whenever you need it. It also offers so many opportunities for career pathways in film, engineering, and the medical field.
I'd like to start off and say I am very proud of my school and what they have accomplished. I am a sophmore moving on to become a junior in high school and I have made incredible memories at Apple Valley High school. I have so many friends and plenty of activities. If you plan on going to this school I'd like to say, expect to make memories.
Apple Valley high school is honestly a great high school. There are many clubs and activities you can do on campus and never fail to feel involved. The sports are really good, especially football and fun. Their ASB is always putting on great events and the school is always rewarding everyone for their good behavior. Avid is a class that has helped a lot of people get into college including me. If it wasn't for Avid I would not have known anything about college and what it takes to be ready for it.
Going to Apple Valley High school was the best decision I made. I developed a support system around a few teachers who supported me through my five years and mentored me into the person I am today. Without that group of teachers I wouldn’t havw made it. My father passed away my freshman year of high school and I just wanted to quit and drop out. But those teachers went the extra mile put back together the broken pieces. Thanks to them I am succeeding in college and working for a Congressman.
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Apple valley high school is a great school. I love all the entire help there is that I can get. I have been in apple valley high for 4 years and it is really nice! They have really great academics & sports. All the field trips have been great. The dances are really fun. This school is one of the best school I have gone to.
The overall environment lacks consistent encouragement and extended knowledge. The math department is absolutely awful but I received a decent education in literature and psychology.
I really loved the school spirit that was brought from students everyday. I was on the cheer team my senior year and it was a really fun and amazing experience being able to cheer for my friends and show my Sundevil Pride.
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