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The thing I like most about this school is its academies. They have a computer and tech academy called CAMP. They also have a medical academy called MAHST and/or Hosa which I am proudly a part of.
I absolutely love Apple Valley High School. The academics are amazing and the faculty works really hard to connect with the children on a personal level. It has so many extracurricular activities and clubs that you can join. If you want to go to college, but you don't know how to get there, the school provides the AVID program for that. They also provide a career center for all students with confusion about their future endeavors. The school is also very spirited and everyone supports, loves, and takes care of the school. There is help wherever a student turns. It truly is great.
Overall, I enjoyed going to Apple Valley High School. They gave me the best education to prepare me for college. The sports and overall school environment is very 'family-like' and involves everyone.
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My experience in the CAMP Academy was very positive, however I would have liked to see less emphasis on our sports and more emphasis on the arts and academics.
I currently attend Apple Valley High School and i am enrolled in the MAHST Academy. The MAHST Academy is a medical progam that helps you with college reddiness and helps you get ahead. I myself like this program because i would like to be a trauma nurse in my future. So along with them getting me college ready i learn a lot of new cool stuff before i actually go to college.
I enjoyed Apple Valley High school. I was involved in sports and in clubs. I ran cross country as a freshmen and although I found out distance was not best for me, the coaches always encouraged me to keep going. Additionally, I was a varsity sprinter on the track team my sophomore, junior, and senior year and loved it. The coaches really care about each athlete and works one on one to correct a technique (depending on your event). Each year I saw improvement. Furthermore, I was involved in the program/club MAHST all four years and I loved it! This program gave me an insight of what I really want to do as a future career and the teachers and coordinators brought in multiple guest speakers from various departments in the medical field. They were always willing to work with the students to meet their [students] needs. They worked with me when it was time to apply for colleges and figure out my ultimate career goal.
I only spent my last two years at AVHS, but my overall experience was average. Nothing too extraordinary, or terrible, just high school. I admit I probably would have had way more fun had I attended from freshman year. But in the last 2 years, I was involved with the school newspaper and choir, both amazing teachers that I still check in with from time to time.
The school is good in academics and the teachers at the school motivate you enough for college readiness.
Even though AVHS is a public high school, the truly caring staff, very helpful counselors, excellent teachers, devoted sports coaches, spirited students and the approachable administration contribute to the warm "family feel" of an otherwise large establishment. The academic and extracurricular opportunities are limitless and each student can find his or her own niche easily. I always had ambitious dreams for my children and had planned on giving them an "elite" private school education "down the hill". But what I discovered is that my children can get an equally excellent and more importantly, well-rounded and challenging education right here in the High Desert without an "elitist" price tag . Thank you AVHS for your high quality of support and standards!
It was a decent high school. Not the best, not the worst. They could use better teachers and administrators. One of the best teachers they have there is Mr. Penfold. He is the ag teacher. He is a truly amazing person and made my high school experience 1000x better.
The thing that mostly interested me in Apple Valley high school is how interested people were in the sport events especially football games. The school spirit is was cool.
I have attended Apple Valley High School for four years and can say truthfully it has made me a better all-around student and person in general. The challenging academic courses pushed me to study and desire a higher level of education. The programs and clubs offered, enrich students with college-prep and extracurricular fun. Apple Valley High has a diverse staff and student body which only betters the overall atmosphere of the campus. I have created lasting relationships with many of my teachers who have forever changed my outlook on the future and college. The high school administration provided a safe environment for me to learn in as well as keep all students in line with the rules. Overall my experience at Apple Valley High School has not only influenced my future as a student but it has also given me the tools to become a better individual with the ability to positively influence others.
Great teachers that cared about you and overall a great high school. The students that attend here are nice, good people.
In Apple Valley High School I have learned what college is. Not only that I have great teachers they are helping me on accomplishing my goals in life. Everyone is friendly and you make great friends. The only thing that I would like to change in the school is the food, the food in the school is not the greatest. Everything else is great they do great things, they try their best to help you to become a better person. Sometimes when a teacher can't help you, they call someone else to help you with homework or whatever they need.
One of the best schools in the High Desert. They encourage learning in a safe and fun environment. The kids are mainly good and wholesome with good moral values. AVHS has a great assortment of AP and honors classes to satisfy the hungry learner and has a fabulous assortment of students as well.
The classes are, for the most part, very easy and the teachers are pleasant. However, due to under funding, there is a lack of qualified teachers in the fine arts departments.
This school is great. It's very diverse, so you don't ever feel alone! Also, I feel that the academics here are great. The teachers are really cool as well. Not to forget all the school spirit we have! You'll learn to love the color orange.
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Lots of help like scholarships, after school programs, Tutoring, help us find jobs
Its hard to fit in sometimes depending who is around at the time some problems go on but not much
Lots of extracurricular that get students involved when they can
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