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My high school experience was awful. I was bullied constantly and when I reported it to higher ups nothing was done. Academics were a joke. I feel so behind in math and upper level science courses because the faculty didn’t care whether we learned or not. We were never allowed to have any fun. Food was disgusting. Really bad experience overall.
Appalachian is a very good school but since we are such a small school we don't have everything that other schools offer. Our sports, clubs, and other after school activities have really made what this school is. We are known mainly for our wins in anything goes, basketball, volleyball, softball and, cheer. We used to be known for our football program but since we had our coach to transfer to a different school some players didn't want to play.
My experience at Appalachian High School has been amazing. I have only been going to this school for about three years and I have a lot of amazing people I talk to and can trust. The teachers are so amazing they work with you when you need help. And the people here respect you so much. And we are a very small school so everybody knows everybody and so its so easy to talk to others. the activities that they allow for the students to attend to are so amazing and so fun. My favorite subject here is math because the teacher he is such a good teacher and he is so amazing he is one of my favorite teachers. The sports here are great all of our students come out to support the games so I think I can say we have a very good support system.
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The campus and overall atmosphere of the surrounding town of Boone is an inclusive environment with lots of opportunities. While the weather can change drastically at times, the average cooler temperatures and possible snow are welcome sights. The difficulty of classes and the work load will depend on the student, the classes they are in, and what the intended major of the student is. Most of the course work is manageable though as there is plenty of time to interact with other students and staff both on and off campus.
Appalachian is a very small 1A rural school, it is wonderful in the fact that everyone knows everyone and there families, teachers treat the students just like their own children. However I do feel like we sometimes lack the readiness of college sometimes it is doing a wonderful new program of college preparedness. My mom also went to the school as well as her brother. My grandmother taught here until her retirement and my grandfather was a principal. It is all combined kindergaten through 12th grade. All students can participate together in some events and somethings for specific classes. It has given me a well education and I am looking forward to graduating in May and pursing a degree in pharmacy. Appalachain has been good to me and I would recommended it to anyone.
I liked that the teachers and administration were good at what they do, but I'd like to see the food and sports and improve.
Appalachian High School is a school where everybody knows everybody. It is located in a tight knit community. Academics are not over the top, but the school makes improvement each and every year. You will be put in a position to succeed.
It is a small school, and has just now started a music program which is great. If only there were an art program it would be great
Appalachian high school is not a very big school.But other than that the teachers are great at teaching they make many things easy to understand. but their is some teachers that are not as great and really don't care and are rude.But I don't regret moving to this school cause apart from all that i had very good friends that always sticked with me in the good and the bad and i wouldn't like to change that.
My experience in Appalachian High School is good because the teachers push you to do the best to have a better future. What I like about Appalachian is that since we are a small school we get to be closer with each other. What I wish to change is have a better team for sports, I know this depends on the team but I'v always wanted to have a winning team.
Better teachers and administration. More focus on academics. Less focus on sports.Because that is the main concern. Especially football.
My experience at Appalachian high school is that it is the best in blount county, we're well educated and we treat others with respect. I would want this school to change the lunch menu, well all blount county schools.
Appalachian is a great local community it’s school. Everyone knows everyone and their families. The school is just not very big. Facilities are not the best but are being upgraded.
My experience at Appalachian was not the best. Some teachers really seemed to care about the students learning, but some teachers just seem like they do not care.
If you really want a good education this is not the place to be. With that said, everyone is really nice (unless you are different than the majority).
It is a very tight knit community, that is very welcoming. They have excellent academics they just need more funding for clubs and athletics.
I moved schools thinking switching was going o be tough, considering i was moving from a 6A school to a 1A k-12 school, but it was the easiest transition i have ever made. They are like family here and welcomed me with open arms into their "family"
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I absoulutly love this school i went here from 7th to 9th and then i left and came back to finish my senior year with my best friend. the school is small so everyone knows everyone i love that about this school. everyone is usually nice and the faculty is very helpful with any problems you have!
My overall experience is overall good. The teachers and students treat each other like family and always helping each other. I would choose this school again because I love most of the teachers and I think it is a good school.
It's not the best in the world but it's a good school
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