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My experience at Appalachian was not the best. Some teachers really seemed to care about the students learning, but some teachers just seem like they do not care.
If you really want a good education this is not the place to be. With that said, everyone is really nice (unless you are different than the majority).
It is a very tight knit community, that is very welcoming. They have excellent academics they just need more funding for clubs and athletics.
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I moved schools thinking switching was going o be tough, considering i was moving from a 6A school to a 1A k-12 school, but it was the easiest transition i have ever made. They are like family here and welcomed me with open arms into their "family"
I absoulutly love this school i went here from 7th to 9th and then i left and came back to finish my senior year with my best friend. the school is small so everyone knows everyone i love that about this school. everyone is usually nice and the faculty is very helpful with any problems you have!
My overall experience is overall good. The teachers and students treat each other like family and always helping each other. I would choose this school again because I love most of the teachers and I think it is a good school.
It's not the best in the world but it's a good school
They have a very good stable cafeteria
The administration takes care of the school
Their are a variety of clubs that are very great
As far as involvement of the principal, you will most likely see him at ever sport activity. The guidance counselor helped me a lot with getting into college. Policies such as bullying are some what enforced, most likely all the bully will get is in-school suspension. Dress code is enforced at times. They say leggings or extremely tight clothing are against dress code but they enforce it on certain people. Attendance is highly enforced. If you miss a certain amount of days then you will be afforded a court date.
Most teachers at this school teach some kind of sport so after school you can most likely find them. They're always there to help whenever needed.
There isn't really a "most popular club at our school. There were so many types of personalities there that most clubs were favored the same.
As a volleyball player the only times our "student section" would come out and support us was mainly when we had to beg some friends or if we made it far in a tournament.
They should get more sports equipment for the people who play different sports
Their grading skills are great/
WE need to get on the ball with the bullying problems and the fights.

thats getting way out of control and it needs to be solved and i mean solved quickly
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It could be a bit better.

I would liike it for it to be bigger

the lunches are not that great.

i wish for better lunches.
We are a small school, therefore we do not have the faculty to offer the variety of classes that can be offered at larger schools. However, our students can use the access lab to take classes that we do not offer. Our access lab teacher really cares about the students and wants them to succeed. She stays on top of their assignments and pushes them to try to reach their potential.
Administration is sometimes harder on some kids than others, but this usually involves repeat offenders. In elementary they are often to lax and my children never see them in the classroom like in other schools.
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