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The buildings are great; there are two main structures, the schol and the gymnasium/auditorium.
This school was an okay experience as far as schools go. There was really nothing that would make this school stand out as far as academic pursuits or activities. The social life was okay, however there was a fine line to balance of making good grades and having friends. The staff at the school was okay, however some of the best ones were let go due to "budget cuts".
There really was not a need for security measures when I attended. The schools health policy was okay, there was not a nurses station, whenever you were not feeling well, you just called you parents.
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There was only one really notable teacher there from my experience. Miss. Allbritton had great skills concerning the way that she taught and interacted with the kids. I attended the school since Kindergarten and due to teacher rotation I had mostly all of the teachers there. All in all, Miss. Allbritton was the best.
There are many rules enforced and too many enforcers.
Not many extra curricular activities were offered utside of classes required to graduate.
Our school in my opinion is the safest school in the area. Ten times safer than our local public high school

The food at our school was not very great, however it was sometimes kid- friendly and on those days everybody ate.

Apostolic academy is a overall great school. It is a church affiliated academy. All of the textbooks are written in Christian perspective. I would it all over again if I could.
Apostolic Academy is a great school. Because of it being a private school, our curriculum is more advanced. The instructors definitely prepared me for the real world. My post graduation have so far been awesome!!
The teachers really care about the students!
School is great, but could improve with technology
Our A-Beka program is an awesome curriculum.
The boys have a nice P.E. class, but not the girls
Student Senate is a major club at our school.
Has many different races and religions
No major threats- if there is, doors are locked
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Long sleeves, high neck lines, and pant/skirts
A good school with a safe environment.
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