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I really enjoy most of the teachers. They were very willing to help and in most cases; very understanding.
I started Apopka high in 11th grade. My first impression of Apopka high is that I was going to hate it there because I wasn’t happy wit the idea of learning about a new school, the teacher names, student names and the location of classes. It took me awhile for me to accept it and just move on. By he first couple of weeks I made friends l, met wonderful teachers and staff and I adjusted and got use to them because they were so nice and helpful to me in this process. I love that the school has a brand reputation for them self that everyone knew in the area far and new. You could go to a different county and ask what school is the Blue Darter and they will say Apopka High school. But like any other school Apopka High has its flaws, I would love to see the students pay more attention to the teachers and staff not just inside class but also outside because the staff is what keep our school running.
I was very involved during my time at Apopka. I played trumpet in the band and was a part of many clubs. I had great teachers who cared deeply about my future and well being.
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The teachers and administration at Apopka High School cared a lot about your education but as far as discipline went, Apopka was not the best.
The campus is nice and mostly clean, but many of the administrators are unorganized and aren't good at getting information out.
Apopka High School has a very diverse community and is very accepting of all genders, ethnicities, races, and sexualities. It has a strong sense of pride for athletics but also for academics and clubs. I enjoyed my four years here and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.
Apopka High school's tradition and school spirit transcends the norm. From the football games, to the pep rallies is and powder puff games, the atmosphere of the school is one anyone would wish to be apart of.
I love how apopka high school is like a big family. We stand for our school and respect. We support each other in everything. We also acknowledge other schools when credit is due. The teacher there strive for their students greatness and also their well being. It’s just an aswesome school all around with a friendly environment
Apopka High School is an average school, with some extremely good teachers. While not all of the teachers are the best, there is a good selection of teachers that truly care for their students and try their best to teach their material. Other than that I wish the school would offer more services to prepare their students for college, as they are severely lacking in that area.
My experience at Apopka was alright besides the lack of parents. This school is great and i have nothing against it my problems stem from home.
My school has a very strong culture and high sense of spirit. Recently, there has been a greater focus on praising academics now that we're under new administration. However, there are still very prevalent issues in the way classes are standardized, and many students don't enjoy going to class. Unless you're an AP student, it's less likely that you have a teacher that is skillful and dedicated, because over 2/3 of the teachers are new.
I did not like Apopka High School because its antique facilities. The students are very disrespectful and the teachers are average. The best thing about the school is the sports program.
Good school academic wise but lots of fights and people play around too much. Overall it’s alright but it could be doing a lot better.
I would definitely like to see more culture and diversity go out more often and be showed more often
Apopka High allowed me to have a huge advantage at my current college. But it didn't prepare me for my major at all, including the English classes.
The school needs to have better organizational skills when it comes to changing students from classes without having students going up and down a staircase with children falling every which way. The school also needs better college preparation. You go to your guidance counselor and you are quickly rushed to the door with a paper in your hand that means nothing. The school should also improve on sanitation. There is constantly stray trash flying through the wind that has been neglected and left on the ground. The bathrooms only have hand dryers but then we only get 6 minutes in between classes to get to our next class and use the restroom so as not to disturb our teachers during class. I think the whole school just needs to think things through because it is battlefield everyday.
Apopka High School is a great school. Most of the teachers are alright and beautiful campus. There are ups and downs, but its okay. There are barely any clubs though. The resources are barely there. There would be more parent involvement if the school communicates more.
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More communication amongst clubs would be helpful for involved students. The food programs are great but the food itself isn't great. More attention needs to be paid to unmotivated students.
I like how Apopka High is diverse. We actually celebrate different cultures, for example, October is when we celebrate out Latinos. The school would decorate each hall with a Latin American country and put up facts on boards about that country. Also there is a lot of opportunities to join clubs and sports. We even had our very first club rush in the beginning of the year. What could improve is the food and the school spirit. Other than that Apopka is pretty cool.
Apopka is a great community school with so many traditions. The faculty members and teachers are always looking out for the students and truly do have everyone's best interests at heart. Apopka is always introducing innovative ideas and exciting programs, academic and extracurricular, to broaden the scope of education available to students.
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