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Apopka High School is a unique place. If you get the right teachers you will have an amazing time. The best thing to do is be involved, go to football games, go to plays, join a club.
In school I was apart of the apopka chorus, nhs, tri-m,and more. Although there were definitely times where I didn t like school.( because its high school) but I have to admit that it was pretty fun in the end.
AHS is a great school is you care about your academics. They offer a wide range of clubs and classes to choose from so you will never be bored. The athletics is also diverse and important in this school too.
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my experience at a apopka high school was an eye opening yet eventful experience.I made many memories and the only thing i would change is that i would be more involved in sports than i actually was but, i would also could of excelled more academically like maybe a higher GPA such as 4.0 and above and i also could've taken more AP classes so i would already of received those credits for college.
Apopka is very diverse. Regardless of being diverse it is an amazing school to get an education. I always felt like the teachers wanted my to succeed and were helping with my future.
I like Apopka High School due to the fact that majority of the teachers will go beyond to help you with anything you need as long as you show them your willing to put in the work. They won't give up on you as long as you don't give up on them and to me thats very important when it comes to learning for me.
The art teachers are amazing. The students and staff have a lot of school spirit. Most teachers are willing to work with you on your grades if you actually talk to them. I recommend any art class with Mr. Houvouras, Digital Photography with Chabot, any class with Lieffers, and Ceramics with Ellington. Also AP Lit with Mr. Trumpeter is enlightening.
I just moved here and it is great. I love the energy people have and how they have great hospitality.
Apopka High School overall is a good school. It know for its football team and its school spirit. The teachers I've had have been great.
Apopka has a many different people from different places. It’s a very diverse school and that’s what makes it fun. We also have a lot of activities during the school year, which is good.
I loved going to AHS. My favorite thing was the football games on Fridays. It has great faculty and staff there that you could bond with.
Apopka gives a lot of amazing opportunities to its students! It is great to have the advanced engineering and medical magnets. One thing that can be fixed is the organization and management that the faculty provides.
It wasn't till my Junior year that I saw Apopka for what it was. Apopka inspires kids to learn and grow into what THEY want to be, not what the world or parents want us to be! I didn't really have interactions with teachers when it came to creating that open communication. I found that actually my Administrators and Guidance Counselor were more involved with my life than people I had to see every weekday from 8-3:30pm. The clubs, spirit days, sports activities, and study groups were the places to be because Apopka made it their business to create an enjoyable time no matter what time of day. Apopka is very diverse in itself but no matter what, you will walk down the halls and be surprised to see everyone lollygagging because they know their day has been made. The only thing that I would want to change at Apopka High School is the food! No one liked school food but other than the food I don't have any complaints!
Friday's are the best, love how the band and cheerleaders play in the courtyard. I love the atmosphere and school spirit everyone has.
What I like most about Apopka High School are the opportunities it gave me. For example, I was in chorus and band and I was able to make friends my freshmen and sophomore year. I was also able to obtain my associates degree through the dual enrollment program at Valencia College. The classes were okay, the teachers I had were professional most of the time, very kind and approachable. The school offers many extra curricular activities for the students to be involved in. A.H.S is also known for the football who has won state championship 4 times. I actually went to state championship my freshmen with the marching band and it was probably the best memory I have from high school. Speaking of performances, I also performed at Disney's Epcot annual candlelight processional with the darter choir. We were invited as the honor choir for 4 nights and each student was awarded 2 free Disney tickets each time we performed. It was another memorable experience I had at Apopka High School.
I like Apopka because it is largely diverse and there are many different class options for students to apply to. There are also many different clubs, sports and extra curricular activities that students can be in based on their interests. There are many rules that permit students to do certain things, however administrators rarely emphasize them so some issues continue to happen. For example, you're not allowed to use your phone in class, yet many teachers allow students to continue to use them.
Overall i don't think Apopka is different from any high school. It has its pros and cons but overall a pretty decent school. I wish that sports were less of a focus though because it seems other programs like the arts are overlooks because of the deep seeded emphasis on sports at Apopka.
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Overall good experience
Had a great counselor very caring. Some of the teachers were not concerned with educating students.
I had a great experience my freshman year. I feel that the classes that I took is getting me ready for the next level of education. The teachers are phenomenal.
Great school, with great school spirit! All staff is always ready and willing to help you out. It's always fun to get involved in extra activities, clubs and sports. Everyone is like family
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