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Overall i don't think Apopka is different from any high school. It has its pros and cons but overall a pretty decent school. I wish that sports were less of a focus though because it seems other programs like the arts are overlooks because of the deep seeded emphasis on sports at Apopka.
Overall good experience
Had a great counselor very caring. Some of the teachers were not concerned with educating students.
I had a great experience my freshman year. I feel that the classes that I took is getting me ready for the next level of education. The teachers are phenomenal.
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Great school, with great school spirit! All staff is always ready and willing to help you out. It's always fun to get involved in extra activities, clubs and sports. Everyone is like family
bad school, teachers never put in grades, foods nasty, sports are average. what we learned in class did not help me succeed on my final exams.
Apopka High School has many opportunities to offer that many others school don't. At Apopka High School you are able to apply for many programs to guide you to the career path you desire to choose, listing from the Engineering and Biomedical Science Magnets to the variety of individual courses that every student has an equal opportunity of taking. One thing that I would like to see change at Apopka High School is the attitude of teachers and their involvement in the lives of students. I would like to see more teachers care about their students welfare, personally and academically. This would allow for a better and brighter path for many students of Apopka High School.
I would like to see the school offer more opportunities for college bound students who are right on the cusp of scoring an acceptable score on the SAT or ACT. They offer reading help for SAT and ACT but do not offer anything for students in the area of math.
The one things I love about my school is that we have very school spirit, whether it has to do with football, baseball, softball, and track we all support each other. The people their really care, if it's about your grades, or your having personal issues, they'll help you and give you good advice if you need it.
I have been going to Apopka for 4 years now and in my 4 years there I have had many good and bad experiences, the staff is not very great at their job, the students are a mixture of good and bad. The teachers are there to make money and not really take the time out a teach the students
i dont like it as a school but i like the teachers they are helpful ,nice,and will try to focus on each student
I like the family here at Apopka High School. Every one is together most of the time and there are positive feelings everywhere. There are plenty of activites from sports games to spirit nights to senior breakfast.
Apopka high is a very welcoming place where you’re encouraging to learn and to get involved. Studying there is like being part of a big family. The faculty cares about you and is there if you need them.
Apopka High School is your ideal school if you are looking for a good education. The staff offers many opportunities for you to improve upon various subjects. From Saturday school to clubs, they offer it all (in terms of assistance). AHS also has a vast variety in their extra curricular activities. Every student could find at least one club that seems interesting. Overall, Apopka High School is a great school!
I love the computers and I love some of the teachers.Things they need to get right though is food, safety and the admin. Ya'll needa straighten up.
This is my first year at Apopka High School and it has been a great experience. Coming from a smaller school, I have been pleasantly surprise at how kind and welcoming everyone has been. I have fostered wonderful relationships with knowledgeable teachers and made amazing new peer connections. There are good and bad groups of students, but that happens at every school and it is easily to find the path you want to follow. I am so glad I made the decision to come here and sad that I only have one year left.
I’d like to see more college prep for students and more diversity (but the area isn’t so diverse so I guess therein lies that problem)
The guidance officials need to be more available but other than that i feel that the school itself is ok being that it's only my second year here the change wasn't that bad and you meet a lot of new people also my teachers are really nice and they try hard for you to get the lessons needed to be learned and give help if you need it
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Like most schools Apopka had it's faults. With as much diversity as the school had there were drawbacks to such things. There was an unnecessary amount of pressure placed on the students to take AP classes, when in-fact FREE dual enrollment classes could and would guarantee the credit. On top of that, within my four years I had to experience the change of a principle.
As I'm still a current student, I still have one more year to go. However, the years i've experienced, they haven't been too bad. This school provides a lot of variety for the different students who attend this school. I'd also say that a lot of the teachers are very hard-working. They definitely provide an environment for students to learn efficiently.
My experience is through the AP program. College readiness and teachers were superb because of this. I cannot speak much for honors or regular classes. I love many of my teachers and overall enjoy my experience. Arnold is a good principle
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