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I liked the activities I was able to participate in and all the fun memories I was able to make. I enjoyed participating in sports and also cheering all the teams on. I was able to gain some college credit throughout my years here. I also had many teachers that I loved and that made my schooling much more fun.
Apollo does a decent job at being a high school, but has a lot of room for improvement. Apollo has a high diversity rate, but fails to integrate students of different backgrounds together which creates a divided school. It offers a large selection of AP, S2S, and other college prep classes which if taken advantage of can prove to be helpful.
I really enjoy going to Apollo! The teachers are very kind and helpful, and the lunches are pretty good. Extracurriculars and school-hosted activities are well-planned and fun. Overall, a really good atmosphere.
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Apollo had so many opportunities for me as a student to challenge myself academically, and get involved in extracurricular activities.
Lots of different classes to take their. Loads of AP classes available for students to take. Clubs and activities are shadowed by the emphases on sports in the school. Not enough funding goes into other activities in my opinion.
I graduated from Apollo in 2009- then it was a standard public high school. Then we were on a "modular" schedule so we would have classes only on certain days of the week which simulated a college schedule. If taken advantage of appropriately, it helped with college preparedness. Teachers were average- cared about their students but still, average public school teachers. Very diverse population. Plenty of opportunity for activities and sports though the sports teams were well below average in performance.
Apollo offers several different Advanced Placement classes, which is really nice for people who want a more challenging, college-level course. I'd like to see more variety of these classes offered at Apollo.
Apollo is a good school over all. The teachers are nice and some students are to. Things that could change can be homeroom. Like not having it at all or not having it be such a big deal. Also the temperature. Its always freezing, there needs to be more heat. Other than that it's a pretty good school.
At Apollo the school staff and students are a welcoming community that is caring kind and respectful. The teachers really genuinely care how you're doing in their class. They have your best interest at heart and are willing to make sacrifices to keep you interested and focused in class. Their material for each class is mainly generalized but occasionally will get more in depth on certain assignments and chapters. The students are not separated into little groups like; the popular girls, jocks, and nerds. Everyone is inclusive to others and has no predetermined judgement toward others. The students also are quite behaved in class, they pay attention and are hard working. My favorite part was the group projects because everyone did equal amounts of work and cared about their grade.
I really love how everybody here at Apollo cares about each other although I very much dislike having such a small school for such a large student body.
Apollo High School is a very diverse and accepting school which is very unique because not a lot of schools possess these qualities. Apollo however does lack on the way they initiate the school policies, and I would like to see us become a more organized and sustainable school.
I like how diverse Apollo is because it helps for us students to learn about different colleges. If I could change one thing it would probably be the lunches because some days they are really filling and some days it feels like you didn't even eat.
Apollo help me explore the STEM areas, including engineering. This helped me decide what college I wanted to attend.
There are lots of opportunities for athletic students, but not as many for queer, artistic, or computer students
The teachers provide help when you need and actually care about your education.
Special ed kids can get violent.
Everybody that enters and leaves the school has to sign in.
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There are many different after school activities and clubs to join, so there should be one for everyone.
Overall, the experience has been pretty good. The teachers and administrators have cracked down on the rules a lot the past years, and that wasn't too pleasant. Irrelevant rules were made that just ended up annoying everybody and not helping.
The teachers do their job and teach, but some seem like they do not know what they are talking about. Some teachers teach really well and students understand and grasp the concept, while others fail to get their point across.
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