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Apollo-Ridge High School Reviews

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I had a great experience at Apollo-Ridge. I created lifelong friends from having such small class sizes. I know that I can reconnect with teachers from high school if needed in the future, and they have prepared me properly for higher education.
As a student of Apollo-Ridge High School, I feel the school prepares you for your future, and all the teachers always are ready to help you. Once in awhile there is conflict betwren students, but all of the staff handle it the best they can. Overall, I really do love my school, and feel it is a very good environment for students, and especially ones that want to improve and look to their futures. Also we do have a really nice theater program, and student envolvement in the school.
Apollo-Ridge is a nice school district, though there a few things that could stand to change. As an alumni of the school district, I know how some students can feel about the school. There isn't an equal opportunity for students to gain knowledge of all subjects. The arts are highly under-appreciated, while the sciences and sports are held above all. I feel as though everything needs to be leveled and more opportunities for students across the board to be represented.
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I really like the small size because it gives a chance for one-on-one work between the teachers and students. Although, I wish there was more diversity in terms of classes.
It has gotten a lot better since the new Principal. There has been a lot of change, but mostly for the better. He is kind and will do his best to make sure the place is safe and educational.
Apollo-Ridge has provided me with a safe place to obtain an education. The school provides you with everything that you need. However, many things could be improved on for the future.
Apollo-ridge is not a great school. They try to act like they do everything for their students when they really don't. All the school does is ruin the students chance of actually going anywhere in life. The teachers are rude and put everything on the students. They act like the students should have already been thought everything when they weren't taught anything.
You get a personal interaction with teachers!
Everybody knows everybody since it is so small.
i wished i still was at hemp field
i eat at 10:20, thats a normal breakfast time for me
no one gets in trouble for selling drugs or using tobacco
they help me quite a lot when I'm struggling with a topic
The arts at the school are pushed to the back, it sucks
I was involved in everything. SGA, musicals, sports, art, history, you name it. They all provided me with the opportunities to become a more cultured person. Many of the clubs were small so leadership opportunities were plenty, but that was only if the club was not run by the teacher with a student figure head.
As a student who really interacted with teachers with a variety of things, I believe that the teachers make A-R what it is. They work their butts off at this little school to make it better than it was before. Students may believe that the teachers don't try to help them, but honestly these teachers are doing a lot of after school prep just to make their lessons a little better. I absolutely love the staff at A-R and hope they continue to show as much pride as the students.
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It has it's cliques, but it doesn't. Everyone is either friends with everyone, or they only have that one group they hang out with. The school is mostly Caucasian, but if someone with a different ethnicity comes in no one really alienates them which is good.
People don't usually agree with the policies made by the admin, but the choices made are usually enforced; at least at the beginning. The dress code is fine, but the male teachers do have trouble enforcing certain parts of it because they could get in trouble because they noticed a young lady was dressed inappropriately. The guidance counselors do council people, but only if they have to. Or schedule. That seems to be their main job.
It's a school. There is only so much you can do to control the heath of the students. The safety is good though. We had mock lock downs and fire drills to prepare us for if anything did happen. Now we have magnetic doors to keep people from entering and exiting the high school during school hours.
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