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I loved my experience at this school. Although I started in seventh grade and not in sixth, I was still able to enjoy it very much. The students and staff welcomed me with open arms, as soon as I stepped foot in. I joined a lot of clubs and extra curricular activities such as Literacy Council, National Junior Honor Society, Robotics, PBIS, Advisory Council,etc.I had a great time, it is a great school and it is located in a great community. I am sad that this is my last year, but I am looking forward to attending a high school that is as great as this school!
The teachers are great.They are very involved in their students learning.Students learn a lot form them. The curriculum however is not the best. It doesn't engage the students as much as it should, and it is very boring, but the teachers put in their part to make it work.
We have a very strict Anti-Bullying policy. Our school does not have a lot of bullying thanks to our policies. In case of possible bullying, our school counselors are always there to help us out, as well as our school psychologist. We have security cameras all around the buildings, and we have many school staff that roam the hallways making sure everything is alright. We do monthly fire drills to prepare us in case of a real emergency. We also have yearly lock down practices to make sure our students know how to behave during a real case. Bus evacuations are also practiced at our school for precaution. I think our school is very safe. If there is something going on around the neighborhood, the school is quickly notified and we are put into mild lock down, which means that it is not a severe case, so students continue their normal day, but the school gates are closed and staff are on the lookout. Our school nurse is also available. Students can go if they are not feeling good and she will help them out. We are well equipped for many cases, although parent permission is required to take certain permission. I'd say that overall, our school is very safe.
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Apollo Middle School has some of the best extra curricular activities. There are lot's and lots of clubs that students can join. We have amazing clubs during school as well as after school.These include Students Council, Band, Orchestra, Health and Wellness, Physical Education, Culinary arts,etc. Our culinary arts program is one of the newer ones, and it teaches students how to live healthier lives. We are able to cook healthy meals, and learn how to balance our meals. It is a great success. Literacy Council is also a club during the school day. It is based off in the school library, and hosts some of the best events like the Scholastic Book Fair and The Read-To-Me events. They are in charge of promoting literacy and getting students to read more. Some after school clubs and activities are also very popular at our school. We have a lot to select from. There is the We The People club, SWAT, and Robotics, among many more. Our school is also one of the few in Arizona that get to participate in National Junior Honor Society. It is a club that teaches students leadership skills and prepares them for college. This club however is not open to anyone. The school counselors choose students who have good grades, have done community service, hold at least a 3.5 GPA, and have the potential to be leaders. These student then have to fill out applications and then the counselors decide if they are eligible. We also have after school administration support. Many teacher give up their time to stay after school and help out students who need extra help on their studies. These are for core classes like Math,Science, and Language Arts. There is an endless amount of programs for students to get involved.
Apollo is full of extracurricular activities
It wasn't challenging. Students have no respect.
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