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Apollo was such an amazing experience. I was very successful in my classes and took advantage of all the resources that were offered. The teachers were are so helpful and actually cared about their students. They go out of their way to help their students succeed, and offer after school help. It is a small school but surely one of the best.
Apollo is a school that really focuses on the students needs and how they can help them to overcome the obstacles they are facing or had trouble with. Apollo teachers are very caring and are they're if you need help in anything. Not only are the teachers great but the subjects being taught are excellent in which you are able to write and read to a university level such as doing research papers that are mainly requested in universities.
Apollo is a great school in my opinion. Apollo helped me get my credits back and got me right back on track. Back at my old school, I couldn't even get up in the morning, but since Apollo has a late start schedule, I haven't missed more than a day in school. Apollo really does care about you, for example, they won't let you leave to go home without proof of your work being done.
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Apollo had good after school programs like Robotics or Greenhouse to help get credits that are required to graduate.
Kids have to treat it each other with respect because it is expected no one has problems with anyone.
The teachers and principal were on top of us to be on our best behavior. No nonsense whatsoever.
Good overall, think I needed more time to finally be dependent.
My time at Apollo High School was a great experience, learned a lot more than I would have in public school. This school is unique because you have teacher who breathe down your neck to get your work done because they care and know you are more than capable of doing so.
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