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There are many clubs and activates you can be involved with. There is a place for everyone at Apollo. I found some of my best friends in the band and choir program. All though sports are the main focus at Apollo, the arts program does not go unrecognized.
I loved the atmosphere while i attended but this is something that needs to be better preserved. The teachers care about the students and are great with starting conversations for the future.
I was involved in orchestra, Kuna, and Keys Club. Teachers and directors for these programs were wonderful teachers and very involved with their students.
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I attended Apollo High School for the entirety of my high school career. If given the chance to turn back time, to experience those four years again, I would. I think that says something about my experience. I took courses that enriched my mind and was introduced to topics that interest me to this day. I participated in the theatre department, which gave me a joy and confidence I hadn't known prior. I had wonderful friends and excellent teachers and I made memories that will remain with me for the rest of my life. I considered a five-star rating, truly I did, but my experience was not perfect. There were moments of great frustration, moments of anger and sadness, moments I could not wait for graduation day. However, those sorts of moments grow dimmer as the lovely moments grow brighter, with hindsight. There is a community to be found in Apollo High School. It is a community that I miss.
I am a sophomore at Apollo right now and I could not imagine a better school. All the teachers are super nice and helpful. Most students are kind and make you feel welcome when you walk through the doors. When I came in as a freshman, I expected everyone to be mean, but I was proved wrong the moment I set foot in the school. I’m proud to be a part of the Eagle family.
At Apollo High School the teachers try to push you and the staff try to support you. The courses range from can pass in middle school without any trouble to just as hard if not harder than college courses. The food is very restricted because of the Healthy Hungry Free Kids Act but it's still two meals every day Monday through Friday.
My experience at Apollo was a successful one. Most of the staff on hand is very helpful in explaining and tutoring students to ensure they get the highest quality of teaching based on individual strengths and weaknesses. The atmosphere was often positive ad inviting, and the staff was always working to improve the students' experience, whether through splashes of bright colors on the walls or adding interesting extracurricular classes that grabbed students attention. A great deal of the teachers I had left a huge impact on me and prepared me with skills I took over with me to early college. I would certainly recommend Apollo High School to all students who are looking for something greater than just "pushing through" high school. My school offers, not only amazing classes, but years of fun to remember.
I love that the counselors want to see the students succeed (especially Mr. Camron), but I would like to see more diversity and I would also like to see teachers caring about the success of their students.
Overall, Apollo has many opportunities for the students offered by the surrounding community and some faculty. Many teachers are amazing, but there are some that are a force to be reckoned with.
At Apollo, you can truly see that the teachers care for every student in the school, and their amazing personalities make you feel at home. Overall, it's the best school in the Daviess County school system!
Some teachers are amazing with others are complete raciest bigots. Very good agriculture program and math program the duke has a doctorate in math very wonderful person and amazing teacher
My experience at Apollo high school has been great. The faculty and staff are wonderful. There are many clubs and activities that you can be a part of. The sports teams are awesome.
I like the involvement that the watchers have with students and parents. I would like to see more food options. Their food is good but is usually the same thing every week.
Apollo had a wonderful culture that is very friendly and inviting. For a large high school, it still has a very small, hometown feeling. Most teachers are so willing to go above and beyond their normal day duties to help students and the administrators and counselors are top notch!
I loved apollo. I felt very at home and if I ever needed help I knew just the right teachers to go to. I think apollo could use more improvements with bettering students for the future. More real life teachings how to file taxes, learn about credit scores, and start preparing for college earlier.
Great school for the 4 years I was there faculty and staff were always there to help and they do an amazing job getting you college ready.
What I like about Apollo High School is that the teachers are very helpful and really want what is best for you. They are always willing to help you in any way they can for you to succeed. I also like the vast number of options for clubs and activities. However, I would like to see an increase in school spirit from both students and faculty.
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Apollo is in the only school district that i have ever known. i went to Burns Elementary and middle school. and now i am a senior at Apollo. although i never went to any other school, i am glad this is the school i grew up in. i believe it is the best high school in the district.
Enjoyed going to school here. The staff helped alot getting me ready for college. So glad I had the opportunity to get college credits in high school!
My experience at Apollo high school has been amazing. As a middle schooler, I had the choice to pick between two high schools in town. I picked Apollo and till this day I have no doubt that I made the right choice. Apollo has some of the nicest teachers and teachers that are dedicated to make sure everyone passes all their classes and our futures are in safe hands. There is really nothing Apollo needs to change in my opinion. Well except for their food but I guess everyone complain about that no matter what school they attend. Apollo is a great school and I'm proud to say I'm going to be a Apollo alumni.
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