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Apollo High School is an excellent school. Teachers help students be successful and are available at all times. In addition it is a very clean and nice campus. Students and teachers are great.
Apollo High school is a welcoming environment and has an open and diverse school! Everyone gets along and there is never any bullying around school because everyone is open to anyone. 10/10 love Apollo.
I like that Apollo is so diverse and it accepts anyone and everyone. I also like that there are various clubs that students can join and allow them to develop as young adults. Some of the teachers really care about the students and they put in a lot of work so their students can learn as much as they can. Something i’d like to change would be the amount of AP courses offered. I wish more AP courses were offered.
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So far my high school years at Apollo have been amazing. I have made new friends and have friends I've known since middle school. I have gotten to know about new cultures, religions and music through the people. As well as giving back and being nice to others, treating everyone equally. Respecting, and supporting each other. Memories of getting Dutch on late start and going to the first football game. Also the intense game of Apollo versus sunnyslope in basketball.
My overall experience was great, i enjoyed hanging out with friends and all my teachers were nice. I spent 4 years there and it felt like home. there was multiple sports and clubs and everyone was so nice. there was rarely any fights and everyone got along great.
Apollo is a place where I was able to learn and meet new people. This school is filled with students and teachers who stand up for each other. Apollo is a diverse school having many different people from different cultures. The students at Apollo get along so well. The teachers here truly value their students and work hard to provide quality education. They come in early in the morning and stay until late after school for those students who need that extra push. Apollo has many clubs to offer as extracurricular activities and the students here are so involved in various clubs despite their classes throughout the day. Apollo High school is an amazing school and I'm glad it was part of my four years of education at a high school. I would not have chosen any other high school besides Apollo. Go Hawks!
I enjoyed all the fine arts at this school they really made the school year more fun. I would have to say that the teachers are great aswell. they take time to understand their students.
Apollo High School is a better school than I went to before, and when I need help my teachers help me. That is one thing they do for the students that need help . When I came to the United States I felt like, "what am I going to do?" I came to Apollo High School and they encouraged me to work hard because I want to be something in my future.
Excellent teachers and staff members. The community is very positive and energetic. Has a well-known safety and maintenance record.
This is my 4th year at Apollo High School, and I would have to say that its been the best four years of my life. Growing up in a bad enviorment, the students and facuilty has gave me encouragement to continue and to follow my dreams when I was stressed and depressed. The diversity and positive vibes gave me motivtion.
Apollo high school is a great school and their staff is great and always there to help you when needed
I am proud to say I graduated from Apollo High School and will always be an Apollo Hawk. Apollo has only the best teachers and I think that is why I have only good things to say about them as a high school. Every teacher I had made an impact on the person I am today. There is even teachers today that I still talk to and ask for their advice. The Advance Placement program that they have is EXCELLENT! If I didn't take the AP courses I did I don't think I would have been as ready for college as I was. While at Apollo I observed the many clubs and extra curricular activity they had to offer. I personally was involved in the photo club and we would have a photo booth out on the quad during special events and competed in different competitions. Overall the faculty at Apollo is amazing.
My experience at Apollo High School was very good. I was able to prepare myself very well for the next step in my education. The teachers were very supported and were always willing to provide you with feedback and help outside of class time.
There are a lot of people who you will connect with, but there will always be those persons who make going to school like hell. However there are many teachers of care a lot about their student and will do anything possible to help you. They strive to help you reach your goals and spend time after school sponsoring a lot of different clubs.
I loved how the teachers actually love to teach, well at least most of them. There was never a teacher I had that made me feel unwelcomed. I loved going to school, I always felt safe at school. I do know that a lot of my friends had a math teacher that didn't really teach, causing them to teach themselves. He was always sick. So that is the only thing I would change.
I like Apollo high school it's fun for me to be here because I'm rapper I'm famous in school everyone knows me because I rap after 2nd of lunch to do freestyle they are sick.
Apollo high school is a great school when trying to find a place where you feel welcome. the amount of diversity in the school makes it easy for everyone to get along. The school is filled with great teachers and opportunities.
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Apollo high school is a very unique school. The school mascot is a hawk. Students are proud to show the school colors, which are blue and gold. Student council really tries to make as many activities as possible so students could be involved. School spirit has always been great. The energy you get from other students and teacher is awesome, because majority of the time it is very positive. Apollo high school is an A school rating. Sports are very popular and the sports teams are the best.
I enjoy going to Apollo because of the diversity of the student body. The students are mostly mature, and kind to one another. The teachers are caring and involved in the students and their future. The classes are really great, there's a variety of electives allowing the students to explore what they love. There's also AP and honors classes to challenge the students and prepare them for college.
Apollo is a great school. The teachers really help you out and encourage you to do better! Everyone is always positive and its a great happy community.
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