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It's a really good school with great learning opportunities. It has many clubs and extracurricular activities for everyone. The CTE classes are good and gives kid a chance to look into careers they never thought about. The teachers are really nice and friendly.
Apollo High School during my four years were very much fair and acceptable. A lot of the faculty members were hit or miss; some were very fair and give constructive criticism on your work while others were completely unaware of what they were doing. They do provide the resources beneficial to our learning as well as implementing school rules.

However, Apollo High School, like all schools, really need to reconsider what is deemed "inappropriate clothing". I have had my friends get dress coded for working straps that were as thick as backpack straps (Jansport brand). Meanwhile, some of the falculty had "favorites", meaning students who they liked more and give a free pass.
I owe a great debt to this school than I could even imagine. Teachers really care for their students, so much that they want us to do great in our grades and tests. They have supported our student-led political movements and have prepared students very well for the next step after high school. I would consider replacing one or two teachers who are really just torturing students with homework assignments. But overall, High school life will be 5x better for your child if the Arizona State Legislature would approve the bill for School funding! The Arizona Supreme Court recently removes this initiative from the Ballot so they are basically telling us that they do not support our children’s education. But anyways this school is way above average. School spirit outclasses the other schools in the District. If your child is Asian, white, black, Iranian, Mexican, Gay, straight, or bisexual, the students and staff will support you equally.
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Most of the teachers were really good at what they did, they helped students who needed assistance with getting ready for college. The advanced teachers really pushed students to help them meet their full potential when it came to their academics. The staff are nice and the students are decent. It's easy to meet new people there, the students are always keeping the school full of spirit and school events are always fun. The athletic programs are good, the coaches insist that students have good grades before going out to practice or playing in a game, they're always saying "you're a student athlete, meaning you're always going to be a student before an athlete so make sure you're staying on top of your grades". The campus is pretty clean, "pick it up Apollo" was the go-to phrase the staff would use to insist every one was cleaning up after themselves. The art and music programs have amazing teachers, they're great educators and have experience of their own to prove it.
I liked how diverse Apollo was and accepting of everyone. The school's cafeteria recently was remodeled, so it is nice to see them making changes to improve the school. I feel as though there is more of an emphasis on sports and not so much for the arts. However, the school's administration does their best with what they have to make Apollo the best it can be. I truly believe the environment Apollo provides is perfect for the students to academically succeed and prosper. Overall I would rate Apollo High School five stars because of everything the administration and staff do for the students.
A nice campus with teachers and staff that will support you. It is exciting that the cafeteria is getting remodeled.
The teachers and students are what really make Apollo, Apollo. The school doesn't look the best, however; the learning environment is very good. Apollo is a great school and give many opportunities to the students to be ready for college.
Apollo High School is an amazing learning environment. The staff are estatic about teaching and are passionate at what they do. Even though it is a large school they encourage students to get involved with after school activities and clubs. I would definitely recommend Apollo to anyone looking for a great school to go to. The only problem I had there was the long lines at lunch which limited your time to eat.
Very good school. small which helps compared to other HS. Teachers are great. If you are an athlete they're is a lot of support.
There is a large emphasis on sports and less emphasis on other clubs and activities that are equally important. Most teachers are kind and love their students and their jobs, though there are some that it is obvious that dislike their career choice. The counsellors are not super helpful in applying for colleges or any other needs, however, the grief counsellor is amazing.
I felt like I was getting a good education and learning a lot. What I don't like, though, are the strict rules. You can't have your phone out at all during the entire duration of the school day, even at lunch. Also, the office won't allow your parents to bring anything to you, whether it is lunch or your backpack. An unexcused absence results in a 2 hour detention, and four unexcused tardies is a one hour detention. I do like that most teachers will stay after school until 3:30 to help students on any school work, and the library is open before and after school. They also let juniors take the ACT for free, and try to prepare seniors for college.
I loved Apollo High School for its spirit. Teachers encourage students to keep the spirit alive by advising students to support their school teams. Even some of the teachers come to the games themselves to support and to show an example.
Apollo is a very strong school when it comes to Academics. The teachers are always ready to provide help and are always available. However, the environment might seem intimidating to new students.
Apollo High School is a good school. They have a Link Crew program that puts freshman in a group of other freshman and juniors and seniors which help to create the transition to high school easier and have that guidance. If I could see anything change it would be to shift more of the spotlight to other clubs and activities as it seems that sports take center stage and the most support from administration.
All four years have been great. I have been involved in many extra curricular activities on top of all my AP and honors classes. And I feel like I have been adequately prepared for post-secondary education.
I enjoy going to Apollo but I often feel I am being limited by my schedule, time, or money. I also wish they brought back more options for lunch.
Apollo High School, although it appears as though it is very united and a solid community, there are some issues with the administration. During the school walk out, there was a very set plan as to what the students were going to be doing, and it was in no way harming society at all. It was a calm gathering that was simply supposed to be the student body walking the track. However, admin thought it best to leave us in the middle of the field unable to preform this activity as they did not want the new reporters just beyond the gate to film us. Also, when we were performing our moment of silence, they rudely interrupted us as it was"urgent" we return at the precise time we said we were going to. It's upsetting to see that they only care for how the school will be viewed rather than the feeling of safety that resides in its students.
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Apollo High School made me realize who I was. It made me realize that I'm not the best, I'm not the smartest, I'm not everything I set myself up to be... BUT that's okay with me. I'm glad I made these realizations in high school. I will never be the best and that's okay. What's not okay is when I don't try my best. As long as I know that i'm putting in the effort, I am learning. Learning the subject and more about myself. What else can I do?
I really like Apollo high school because it teaches correctly in many subjects. Something I would like to see change would be to add more classes to prepare students in their career fields.
The thought of starting high school was very never wreaking. I was just introduced to a homeless shelter and had no idea of what I wanted to do. Dealing with problems with family and myself insecurities faced me that I had no sight of how I wanted to tackle the next 4 years of my life. But once arrived on campus I noticed that it was more than I expected. There is so much diversity, opportunities, and amazing people at Apollo. From students to administrators, to your hands on teachers, everyone is there to help and guide you to your most wanted future desires. It doesn’t matter what your past or what state of mind you’re in. There is always someone there to listen and to be on your side. Being at high school for now 4 years, actually making to my last year has taught me so much. Apollo has absolutely taught me so much that I don’t know about myself. Definitely going to miss this one!
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