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I really like Apollo high school because it teaches correctly in many subjects. Something I would like to see change would be to add more classes to prepare students in their career fields.
The thought of starting high school was very never wreaking. I was just introduced to a homeless shelter and had no idea of what I wanted to do. Dealing with problems with family and myself insecurities faced me that I had no sight of how I wanted to tackle the next 4 years of my life. But once arrived on campus I noticed that it was more than I expected. There is so much diversity, opportunities, and amazing people at Apollo. From students to administrators, to your hands on teachers, everyone is there to help and guide you to your most wanted future desires. It doesn’t matter what your past or what state of mind you’re in. There is always someone there to listen and to be on your side. Being at high school for now 4 years, actually making to my last year has taught me so much. Apollo has absolutely taught me so much that I don’t know about myself. Definitely going to miss this one!
I loved my years at Apollo. I would have to say my Junior year was my favorite of all. Many times I have found myself being influenced in a positive way by students and teachers. I learned quite much in my high school years and have meet some friends I will keep for life.
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Apollo is a wonderful school! The students are all so nice! Rarely any drama. Students are accepting of everyone. The teachers are also amazing! Zamar and Biesbrouck are some of my favorite teachers.
I'm a Apollo student and I say its a great school because all the teachers help the students during their time in great necessity.
I absolutely love how when you meet other students, chances are they aren't mean in the slightest. The teachers will help you throughout school and to prepare for college and your future.
Teachers show they care about their student's education and it's noticeable that they want the students to succeed. Apollo high is a friendly environment.
Apollo High school has developed me into the person I am today, the education system at this school is outstanding. Overall, its a good learning environment.
Apollo really focuses on helping you find the career you find most intresting to you. they have this place called the career center to help you walk in your calling.
It was a fun and interesting year. The other students and the faculty members have become like a second family to me. If you need help, they provide assistance. If you have a question, they have answers. There is a certain vibe that dwells on the campus that makes you feel as if you are home. This school has made me appreciate the power and effectiveness of education. Overall I would hands down recommend this school to anyone.
I love Apollo High School. I love all teachers I had and I have. They are very helping and they always do their best for students' success.
Apollo High School is an excellent school. Teachers help students be successful and are available at all times. In addition it is a very clean and nice campus. Students and teachers are great.
Apollo High school is a welcoming environment and has an open and diverse school! Everyone gets along and there is never any bullying around school because everyone is open to anyone. 10/10 love Apollo.
I like that Apollo is so diverse and it accepts anyone and everyone. I also like that there are various clubs that students can join and allow them to develop as young adults. Some of the teachers really care about the students and they put in a lot of work so their students can learn as much as they can. Something i’d like to change would be the amount of AP courses offered. I wish more AP courses were offered.
So far my high school years at Apollo have been amazing. I have made new friends and have friends I've known since middle school. I have gotten to know about new cultures, religions and music through the people. As well as giving back and being nice to others, treating everyone equally. Respecting, and supporting each other. Memories of getting Dutch on late start and going to the first football game. Also the intense game of Apollo versus sunnyslope in basketball.
My overall experience was great, i enjoyed hanging out with friends and all my teachers were nice. I spent 4 years there and it felt like home. there was multiple sports and clubs and everyone was so nice. there was rarely any fights and everyone got along great.
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Apollo is a place where I was able to learn and meet new people. This school is filled with students and teachers who stand up for each other. Apollo is a diverse school having many different people from different cultures. The students at Apollo get along so well. The teachers here truly value their students and work hard to provide quality education. They come in early in the morning and stay until late after school for those students who need that extra push. Apollo has many clubs to offer as extracurricular activities and the students here are so involved in various clubs despite their classes throughout the day. Apollo High school is an amazing school and I'm glad it was part of my four years of education at a high school. I would not have chosen any other high school besides Apollo. Go Hawks!
I enjoyed all the fine arts at this school they really made the school year more fun. I would have to say that the teachers are great aswell. they take time to understand their students.
Apollo High School is a better school than I went to before, and when I need help my teachers help me. That is one thing they do for the students that need help . When I came to the United States I felt like, "what am I going to do?" I came to Apollo High School and they encouraged me to work hard because I want to be something in my future.
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