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I really enjoyed the small classes.Also how the teachers care how you are doing. They are willing to help you after school if you are willing to put in the time. I enjoy the diverse classes we have to offer from.
I liked several things about Aplington-Parkersburg when I attended school there, however now that I'm a graduate and have been out of the school system for a few years it is easier to see my education for what it was. It was a very tight knit group of people who truly cared about each other but in terms of education, I don't feel like mine was very special.
They have a well-balanced school system with helpful teachers. High school has a great relationship with local college to allow students to take college courses in high school.
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I love this district. The staff and faculty are very nice and are ready to help students when they can.
My school isn't perfect but I think its pretty great. There is a lot of things students can get involved with such as clubs, sports, and student organizations. However, sometimes I feel that the parents of the students don't really care whether you behave in school or get good grades or not.
This teacher teaches Chemistry and Physics at our high school. She teaches at a college view point which is very helpful when preparing for college. However, she has a lot of mood swings and no body wants to take her classes. It pretty sad, really.
The teachers are very good and supportive, and the school spirit and atmosphere is great!

we offer so many different clubs and activities, and we are welcoming to everyone.
A-P is a close-knit community where the public greatly supports everything.
Small school that offers a lot of opportunities to be involved.
I have said this over and over! We are top notch in this area! Why do you keep repeating the same themes over and over?
Administrators are generally strong, but we are currently having issues with administrators "walking the talk". They always talk about doing the right thing - but cover up issues that are happening at school that should be dealt with rather than covered up.
Strong overall but there have been issues within some of the elective areas.
As mentioned earlier, our offerings are strong for this size school. The facilities are only 6 years old due to a devastating tornado. Everything in the building is new and amazing!
As I've said earlier, our extra-curricular areas are top notch for our size of school - especially within the Fine Arts and Sports.
We have had numerous positive experiences at this school overall! There have been some scheduling issues - and the guidance counselor often does not do his best to support and help all students equally. We have also had a few issues re the personality of some of the male teachers especially there. But - overall, the experience at A-P has been very positive.
We have a mix as do all schools. Many are great - with a few that are not and should be in other lines of work.
Doors are locked around the building, but there should be better security at the front door - including a camera ID system whereby the door is unlocked from within an office upon visual recognition or ID.
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Our school is great. It is safe, and we discourage bullying. We do occasionally see it, but in that case a student or teacher usually steps in and discourages it. We have a good health and safety program.
Our Administration is positive, respected, and quality. They take care of things that need to be taken care of, and encourage positivity among students.
Our teachers care about their students, and do their best to further our education in a positive way. They are amazing.
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