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Apex High School gave me an amazing four years that I will never forget. My teachers were always so sweet and the majority of them would do anything to help their students.
It was school. Memories were good or bad. Just like any other school I've been to. Each school might be a little different but they are basically all the same.
I enjoyed the history behind Apex High School, but the teaching staff varied from amazing teachers to also teachers who clearly did not like children or were not effective teachers.
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The sense of community at Apex High creates a good environment for teens to grow in whatever their passions might be. Everyone is loved and accepted for whoever they choose to be and whatever they choose to participate in. They encourage you to be creative and make a difference. I can not say enough good things about this school.
Apex High School is a vibrant community of individuals. I enjoyed the blend of personalities within every classroom, as well as how the intense variety of lifestyles were common. The staff is stellar, some teachers take it entirely upon themselves to get invested in you, both academically in personally. While the campus until Fall of 2017 was not exceptional, the Apex High School experience still remains pleasurable.
Apex High School was safe, fun, and populated. It needs to renovations it is receiving. We never won a football championship while I was there, but that doesn't mean the athletic department is sub par. Our women's soccer, lacrosse, and basketball teams were amazing. Our men's basketball team won State championships and made it onto WRAL quite a few times. Our cheerleaders were friendly on and off the courts. The principal, Mr. Wright, was attentive, aware, and around. Sadly, he had been moved to another school, but I've heard nice things about the new principal. There are many clubs on campus and they're very diverse! You will find something you like.
Apex High School made me who I am. I learned so much about myself gained so much resilience because of it. Apex High became a home away from home. I became so close with some of the teachers that I could come to them with school problems and personal problems.
Apex High wasn't a bad school, it was just falling apart. They're lucky to be one of the few schools in the county that still has an orchestra but the orchestra teacher has to constantly fight for that. The principal is fairly new; she's okay but we all miss the old one. You can't be bug shy; there are cockroaches everywhere. Mold is also a big problem. The school overall should get better because they're tearing the whole place down and rebuilding it.
At Apex High School, the teachers put into the students whatever the student is willing to put into the class. If you respect them, they respect you. It's a wonderful school with wonderful staff and amazing teachers. Wouldn't have wanted to go to high school anywhere else.
The other people giving reviews must be Caucasian. As a person of color I can say the school isn't very diverse. It's mainly Caucasian with a sprinkle of African American, Hispanic, and Asian. If you aren't Caucasian or aren't really good at a sport the staff doesn't really pay attention to you or care whether you do well or not. I am aware it is not their job to but I do believe you should help out students if they need it. Not just give special attention to students who are potentially going to a big university to play football. It's also not right to get myself and another person of color mixed up constantly because the staff can't tell two brown females apart. The guidance counselor was a joke and didn't give any real advice on colleges. She kept pushing the expensive schools and never once brought up the idea of an HBCU or even ask what is was I liked to do. She basically looked at me and decided I should go to UNC or High point university.
Apex High School has what I believe the smartest, most diverse, and strongest student body of all schools in wake county. The wide variety and large campus has presented a almost college like experience through the last 4 years. The teachers also have contributed to my good experience. For the most part our staff is well qualified, energetic, and helpful with only a mediocre percentage of teachers who are the polar opposite. I think that if teachers and admin took the education part more seriously it would rub off on the students giving more drive to do well. Overall Apex is far from perfect but I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
Apex high has lots of fun and unique opportunities. Form clubs to sports Apex has it all. As well as a variety of academics and cte classes.
It's a great school, even though it's over seventy years old. I'm really sad they are rebuilding, but I know it's the best for the school because it definetly needs the renovations. The location and teachers are amazing. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
The school has an amazing atmosphere. The school events such as staffsketball and the dodgeball tournament made my senior year memorable. The spirt and passion for Apex High from its students is so fun to be around at sporting events. The teachers are fantastic and help you accomplish what you want.
Academically it was a great school. Teachers and administration were always there to help students. The students were also very friendly. However, the actual school itself could have been maintained better.
I loved the environment and the teachers were amazing. The only bad part was that the facility needed some updating. Luckily they are renovating during the next year! I would highly recommend the school.
Our school has a poor facility, but amazing people. The students who leave our school go on to do great things. We are getting a new facility soon so perhaps that will make the students even better! I love my classes and most of the teachers, and I know that they will genuinely help me succeed.
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My experience at Apex High School was great!! One of the oldest schools in the area. Had lots of history. They are tearing it down soon to rebuild.
The school is very big, but space is usually an issue for classes, as well as the cleanliness of facilities. We get a lot of different people with various backgrounds from all over Apex, so I guess you could say it's a "diversified campus." Sometimes, this isn't necessarily a good thing because some people like to bring weed and smoke it outside during lunch or afterschool (they stopped doing this after the built the elementary school nearby, though). If you get to know the right people, Apex is a really fun environment and everyone is friendly to you. The academics are rigorous, just as much as any other high school. Trying to get from the trailers to the other side of school in a set number of minutes is definitely a challenge at 9 in the morning.
Most of the teachers are nice and fun. The campus is pretty bad, but with the new renovations next year, I bet people will like it a lot better. Oh, and roaches...
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