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Nice people, Good Teachers, Good Campus. Luckily receiving a new principal. Very good educational programs. Good sense of student academic competition.
Apex High School is where I met my life long best friends, learned from the most thoughtful teachers and had the most amazing high school experience.
The teachers and academic are very good. I am looking forward to getting back to our original location.
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I liked the temporary new school building. It was clean and well organized. In a year they will move into the permanent new school in Apex. The teachers are involved and they look like they really enjoy teaching.
I've enjoyed my 4 years at Apex High School. We are currently transplanted to a new high school for 2 years while they build the NEW Apex High School. It's a really good school with lots of enthusiasm!

The fine arts and chorus programs are award-winning and feel more like being part of a family. Mrs. Copley alone is worth joining Chorus -- she has changed my life!
I love the atmosphere at Apex High School. Most of my teachers genuinely cared about whether or not I actually learned something, and made me feel like my health was valued. I enjoyed my classes, and while it has been stressful, it's the time to show what you've got. I hope to see change in the future in regards to the student body accepting one another fully and without any inhibition. I hope this is something future Apex Cougars get to see and experience.
I wish more courses were offered at the time. The school was very old and some teachers weren't motivating. I know the school is getting renovated now
Apex High School has some amazing teachers that not only are passionate about what they are teaching, but also genuinely care for their students. This is where I made wonderful memories and grew to the person I am today, and the teachers a big part of that.
My time at Apex was definitely one for the books (no pun intended.) The diversity shared throughout the school was unmatched, giving students the freedom to each be unique.
The administrators care more about keeping the school clean than the kids mental, emotional, or physical health. Unless you are an extremely bad kid or an extremely good kid you're just another number to the admins.
I liked the teachers and classes that were offered here. One thing I was like to see be changed is having more AP reviews.
I believe my past four years at Apex High School have overall been fun, educational, and memorable. I have had many teachers who have helped me explore my own interests, preform well in their classes, and become excited about learning. That being said, there are a few teachers who do the opposite. The facility itself was old but is currently being renovated so future students should expect a new and clean learning environment.
I loved Apex High school because it provided me with so much of a support system, family, and college readiness. I wouldn't have wanted to go to any other high school! My favorite part about the school was the administration and faculty. I wouldn't be studying Elementary Education if I hadn't been impacted by my teachers in the ways that I was.
Superb! Really nice and safe. Diversity is okay. Facilities are all new and clean even if some bathrooms are not operable. College readiness is slightly worrying because I was taught very little about college and how to prepare for it and how to apply.
I really enjoyed my time at Apex High School. Most of my teachers were great and helped me, but I hate the earlier start time due to the move to Green Level. I am suer grateful to the basketball program for making these 4 years at Apex great
Brand new building and equipment a lot of opportunities . Need more electives options to kids .small population as new school so no juniors and seniors .very good arts and drama program beutiful media rooms.
Apex High School had a unique character. It was desperately in need of physical renovations, which thankfully it is finally getting, so hopefully future students will not have to deal with such a substantial cockroach problem. I took several AP classes at Apex, and as a second-year university student, I can confidently say that they did not prepare me for college-level learning. Frankly, some of them were a joke that we used as a GPA booster. We were never taught how to write beyond the framework of the "5 Paragraph Essay," which is almost never useful in college. Despite its many flaws, Apex offered enough classes with passionate, kind teachers that I was able to succeed in my first year of university.
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My time at Apex High School has been very beneficial. Apex high offers a variety of programs that are not offered other places. I got to be apart of the AOIT program and many other societies, which I believe helped me get accepted into colleges. Every year I was challenged and got to meet new and incredible mentors and teachers. The people were easy to work with and I never ran into any big problems. There were times when I believed my classes really prepared me for college; specifically the AP ones. The administrators are always looking out for our best interest and our dedicated to making us successful in our years after high school. My favorite moments in high school were often by the side of those administrators and teachers. I think Apex does a great job at improving their statistics and campus every year. I'd hope that in the years to come the school remains dedicated to their morals and ideals that make it such a great place to be.
Facility is great, teachers care, but students have a wild way of not caring. All of the staff work very hard to ensure all the students are doing the right things (educationally and behaviorally).
I loved how many traditions Apex had that made it feel like home. From painting the rock, to the seniority that we had take place to help younger students become mature and ready for the rest of the world, to the themes we had every year for all our sports games, and so on. These were incredible opportunities to feel a part of a family here at Apex. Having great teachers in the electives I took and not only just for my core classes made a massive impact on my decisions for my future as well. For example, taking a business class seemed boring at first when my counselor added it to my schedule, but thanks to the awesome learning experience I had from my teacher I now want to major in Marketing! The best part about Apex was that no matter where you were put, there was light at the end of the tunnel and many people to support you in your journey to reach the top.
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